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Just awful

We just never know what internal demons someone is battling behind their smile. Critical times hard to deal with days are getting worse. I feel bad for her daughter and rest of her family. May we strive to be as kind as possible to others, we don’t want to be the one that breaks their back.

Fitness model

My cousin’s wife is a fitness model. She’s from Romania. I’m proud to say that my family is so diversed from Puerto Ricans to Columbians Mexicans, Italians…I can’t wait to be in paradise where race and skin color will be a thing of the pass..where we can all sit together in Unity with out unsults and prejudice..that is why I love my faith so much, we welcome ALL colors…while the world is killing each other over race we are hugging and kissing each other in the kingdom hall..we everything from Africans to Philippinos, to Croatians. We have it all😍😍…

My cousin’s wife looks amazing!..As I ponder what kind of doughnut I want todayπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Client just walked in and just asked “Is that a wig?” It was no hello how are you today, then she dumps on me. I’m good at listening and playing therapist 90% of the time but today is not the day. I’m tired hungry and want to go to sleep. Before you ask personal questions at least ask how the person is doing. Ok..I better go check up on her color….gotta go.