See Jane Go….

I finally got my car back..its been a month since it got stolen. I’ve spent at least minimum $500 on UBER and LYFT. It served it’s purpose but it’s not something I choose to spend my money on. I got home safe and to my other destinations. I’ve met amazing Uber drivers and some shaddy looking ones.Here’s the thing.  One day you will take Uber and it will cost you $7 and the next day you take a Uber to the same location and hey will charge you $21. How in the world does the price jump so hi!! They say you have to pay more if its during the time that its busy. Umm shouldn’t it be cheaper?? If ten people want to ride Uber at a certain time why are they jacking up the prices? I didnt miss any work days. Most of my clients had no idea I was carless. I wanted them to focuss on the new shop and not hear any of my Debbie Downer stories.  That is why I blog instead..LOL!!
I was introduced to See Jane Go car rides by my last Uber driver this past Sunday. Its different thab Uber. It’s all female drivers picking females only. If a male wants a  ride he must come along with a lady..girlfriend, mom etc…I love this concept. The Uber driver told me crazy stories of drunk women getting raped by UBER male drivers. 1) How dumb can you be you are going to jail. 2) Why are you rapping helpless drunk women? If you want to have sex I’m sure you will gladly find someone to go home with you at a Happy Hour bar. I dont understand people..I was just about to buy maze or pepper spray for my nex Uber ride. Im sure strong firm hair spray in the eyes will get the job done as well. Thank goodness I got my car back. I get to see some of the money  I make from now on. A few times my clients drove me back home after getting their hair done. I’m blessed with an amazing clientele! They are loyal and ready to jump to help me whenever I need them. 
Strive to be good to others. Whatever you put out you will get back. Stay humble and be thankful. Life has a funny way of reaping  what you sow. Im glad this car nitemare is almost over…

Boss Babe

Chase your dreams. Learn to have faith in yourself, trust your intuition, limit your association with haters who are envious and jealous of you, count your blessings, pray, write down your goals, give without the intention to recieve, force yourself to forgive someone who has caused you deep pain, stay focussed, whatever you do do your best at doing it.  One day you will reach your took me 30 years  to have something to show for all my hard work as a hairstylist but I finally did it. I have my own Sola Salon Studio. This is one of the best things that could of ever happened to me. My work performance has gone up, I dont have to deal with gossipy coworkers in my buisness..I can work until whenever I want. I can color my gray hairs in privacy, listen to my choice of music, charge what I want. My dream doesnt end here. I still have to take the time to meet celebrity hairstylist Nick Chavez. We’ve been wanting to meet but we have busy life schedules. I thank all the instagram famous hairstylists like Larrisa Love, Nick Chavez, Guy Tang, Bescene and many more for inspiring me to leave the former salon I worked at. I still have to perfect taking hair pictures #thestruggleisreal. Its not easy taking hair pictures its harder than doing hair…but I’m improving. Thank you WordPress followers for reading my blog. Thank you for liking my pictures. Thank you for popping up in my modifications…because of you you’ve helped me to become a Boss BabeūüėČūüĖ§

Only you

I decided to blog  and post pictures after my mother called and just woke me up from much needed sleep. I’m livid. I’m trying to apply Christian principles about controlling the temper. One of my clients texted me and cancelled her appointment today. She told me that her back was hurting…I asked her if she was stressed. My back too has been hurting the past month with all the car, bank and moving  to a new shop drama. She went to tell me that living with a mentally ill person is draining.  Her long time boyfriend is bipolar. I feel her pain!!! You all know my mother is not only bipolar she is schizophrenic too. Thank goodness for medication! …Even with the medication she gets neurotic at times.  She will call or text me relentlessly about a matter stressed out.  Her stress rubs off on me. I tell you you have to have God in your life to cope and deal with these types of people or the stress will kill you. Mentally ill people cause their loved ones an early death. If you can avoid living with them save yourself your sanity. Keep in touch visit them but limit your association. I’m so glad my mother cant drive anymore and she doesn’t know where my new salon location is. I dont have that monkey on my back worried that she is going to show up unexpectedly and do something embarrassing in front of my clients. Those days are over, hallelujah!! Instead of picking up an alcoholic drink to ease the tension or flipping out I have decided to blog. You and only you can decide how you are going to handle dissapontments in life. You cannot pick and choose your parents but you can choose how to cope and deal with the negative vibes of mental illness You are the only person that can rescue yourself. No one is going to rescue you from your anger, hurt, and the scars from embarrassing situations, once you reaize that you and only you is in control of your happiness you will be able to endure your sick loved one. No husband, wife or friend is going to understand the damaging effects the  disturbing effects of mental illness unles they have been a victim of it. I’m not blogging to get sympathy or to make you dislike my mother.  I’m blogging about it so that if you are dealing with this issue you take comfort in knowing that you are NOT alone.  I understand you, trust me I do. It’s better to blog than to keep talking about the same matter to people that dont have a clue about how you feel..sometimes the negative feed back you get from humans is worse than the actual problem. I’m now wide awake I cant sleep now. I’m going to get up take a shower pray and clean up until who knows when…ughūüėź


I decided to add a watermark to my pictures…I have so much to blog about but I’m so busy getting adjusted to the new shop. I did this hair color two daus ago

 I love my Sola Salons studio..everyone is so genuinely nice!!! This is the best thing ever.