Justice system 

My client on the left Susan Mellen🖤❤💙


Creepy Guys Harvey Weinstein

Something I want to address. I always hear blame on the victims for not reporting creepy guys asap. Unless you’ve been a victim of harassment you don’t know what you’re talking about. 
1) Victims talk when they are ready. Som1tines you block it deep down your subconscious mind and out of the blues something will trigger vivid memories.
2) Who’s going to believe you over a powerful person.
3) Many of these Creepy Guys are married. Most of the their wives don’t believe their husbands are capable of such creepy crimes.

4) If you tell you risk everyone turning against you.

5) It’s too embarrassing to talk. When you do your body cringes.
6) Creepy Harvey Weinstein is a powetful man in Hollywood.  It’s like an ant trying to stop a train.
7) I have the right to speak on it because it’s happened to me..my friend’s father and my aunt’s boyfriend both touched and rubbed me innaproprietly..when I was a young teen.  I told,  nothing was done. I figured why talk about it ..it wasn’t until years later I started to feel sick when I would get flash backs. 

8) Creepy men come in all walks of life color, religion, money statues etc.

9) The first time my friend’s dad stuck his hand in my groin  under my pajamas I got up and ran to another room. That is why I don’t believe in kids slumber parties keep your kids in your own home!! I have many more stories I can share but it’s not necessary to go in the gory details;  you get the point.
10) I hope Creepy Harvey is banned from Hollywood and he never finds work again. He’s a  disgusting pork.
11) Stop defending and sticking by these men. Just because you were NOT in the room it doesn’t mean the Creeps didn’t do it. You think they are stupid enough to do it in front of others?

12) If you stay in relationships with these types ofpeople and you know their bad habits you are just as guilty as them.

Angled Bob haircut

This is Julie. I had  to recut her hair on Saturday. I left it choppy a few days before..I was running behind and rushed her. I could feel the piercing glances through the mirror from my next client who was waiting in the lobby area. Energy speaks louder than words. Funny Julie was playing on her cell and she too could feel the negative vibrations.  You can’t squeeze every in..some clients want ALL your attention and get jealous if you spend to much time on someone else. 
I colored and cut Julie’s hair…her hair is resistant and pulls a lot of red. I’ve been controlling her red tones by doing low lights. I use a level 7 ash and do bleach highlites as well. And here you have the finish look tada!

So inspired 

This is Phillip he’s a famous Instagram hairstylist who does models and actresses. My dream was to have the chance to work with him two years ago when I met him at the supply store. My dreams came true. I even got to cut his hair twice and he loved it. He tells me that I’m a good hairstylist.  He was kind enough to teach me some hair tricks and share his secret formulas with me. I mean who does that!!..Some hairstylist can be so petty. Not him. He inspired me to raise my prices, what I charge he charges tripple..Ive been selling myself short for so many years. The girls at Solas Salons work half the time that I do and they are driving in name brand baller cars taking vacations while I’m over here overworked burned out killing my body. One painful lesson I’m learning is that charging cheap prices because you feel sorry for people when they tell you pitiful stories of how broke they are does not guarantee loyalty. They will drop kick you and leave you for someone else in a hot minute. I’ve been doing hair for 30 years I think its time I start spoiling myself with vacation, houses and diamonds.  Not only are we hairstylists we are straight up counselors, therapists and everything else. My studio has become a congressional.  As soon as I tell people that my glass slidding doors are sound proof  I get dumped on😂….
Be careful how you speak the choice in words you use about yourself. You can sabotage your dreams by lacking self worth. Force yourself to think positive don’t be a envious hater be good to others and forgive..then you will see life bring good vibrations in your life. Phillip left Solas and opened his own salon, his last day was Saturday. I was so sad. He’s so amazingly humble and adorable. He left me with the fire to better myself to think highly and to not settle for less than I deserve.

Before and after hair color

It took 3 hours to get it like this.  It’s a lot of work. This is $200 job but she gave me $140..I.told her  $150 but she was short on cash. I’m following my first gut instinct to charge what the job is worth instead of charging cheap and then walking around all resentful. Charge your worth. At the end of the day if you are late to an appointment they will drop kick you and go somewhere else.


I just did this before and after makeover on my friend..I’ve always wanted to do more makeup but it’s so expensive and tedious…the reward is worth it when you see the big smile on the client’s face.😍

 The Best

You may not be where you want to be but it doesnt mean that you cant do what you need to do. Take the word try out of your vocabulary and just do what you can in your circumstances. No one is going to rescue you. You are responsible for your life.  You are the captain of your ship. Be the best that you can be and all else will follow. 
It’s 4am. I think I better go to bed now. I’ll talk you to all later..nite nite..😴😴😴