The Best

You may not be where you want to be but it doesnt mean that you cant do what you need to do. Take the word try out of your vocabulary and just do what you can in your circumstances. No one is going to rescue you. You are responsible for your life.  You are the captain of your ship. Be the best that you can be and all else will follow. 
It’s 4am. I think I better go to bed now. I’ll talk you to all later..nite nite..😴😴😴 

Crazy people

A couple of weeks ago my client told me a crazy story..she laughed and said Evy dont blog this ..I wasn’t going to but heck I’m not saying any names😂..we were sharing  dating stories. She told me she dated a guy a long time ago who asked her to him run over him with her car. Say what! He went to visit her..some how they ended up in the garage talking. He laid on the floor and asked her to roll over him with her car. He had a fantasy about having tires roll over his body.  I’ve never heard of such a thing. I told her you better not ever contact him again!!  She showed me his picture, cute but nuttier than a bag of trail mix. What is wrong with people. ..its scary out there. Take your time getting to know someone you dont know how messed up they are. You dont want to end up in prison for the rest of your life for hurting someone in their sick fantasies.


I’m thinking of getting rid of a client. It takes a lot for me to get rid of clients. I’ve only done it like three times in 30 years. I had one show up 8 min late the other day…I didnt see her waiting for me in the lobby area. She comes to the door at 12:15 and lets me know she’s been waiting I said ok. My client that was in the studio with me was venting about about some family drama. She was crying  and upset. I tried to kindly get her to finish her story as I knew the  one that was waiting was going to have a hernia. Sure enough I went looking for her all over the place. I texted het twice and called her three times apologizing. She wouldn’t take any of my calls. This is the same person who told one of my new clients off one time who came to  ask me a question about hair. She ripped her head off and told her if she had any questions to book  appointment. I’m running a buisness I’m  not here to cater to people’s emotional neediness. I do the best that I can.  I’m in new location. I want new positive experiences. It’s not going to be perfect every single day but I have the right to refuse service to rude people. The rude client  doesn’t understand why she’s not married. I understand why. This is the same person who dropped her friend because her friend never asked about her dog. Seriously.  I thought  I had issues but homegirl took the icing on the cake.

Tales Of The Chair 

If there is one thing I learned this last month  is not to depend on people and not everyone you put on a pedestal are  what you think. 1 ) My assistant/adopted daughter hasnt been to work in a while. This happens when she meets a  new boy. Ok I understand we dont like to be lonely but that doesnt mean you throw your life away for a person who hasn’t put a ring on it. I decided to give her a another chance. She was suppposed to be at work at 10 but showed  up late because she was rescuing  a baby possum. Seriously? I had to sit her down and give a tough love lip service. I told her this is the real world.  You would of gotten fired long ago. Your excuses in life are getting too.  Honestly I dont know how this new generation are going to be in their 30s. It’s  a lazy generation. Folks feel like life  owes them something. I’m  not throwing her under the bus as she is very well aware that when it comes to laziness I dont play and she’s very vocal about her mistakes. She’s human. She comes from a laxed family who have no ambitions or goals. They allow her to do whatever she wants. I dont know if its a culteral thing. There is no way in the world my mother was going to let any of us not graduate highschool and be bumbs. She would embarrasse the life out of me..chasing me looking for me. Yelling screaming  acting nuts for me to go to school and get  it together. I wouldn’t say she  encouraged me the right way but it definitely got the job done. We are products of our environment but if someone is willing to stick their neck out to help you dont  just sit there. Meet them half way. Those are  blessings that may not come around again. 

 I’m back

Sorry I’v been neglecting my blog.I got caught trying to catch up with life and trying to take care of my health. I have extreme fatigue. This past week I’ve been falling asleep in my car when I’m off work and I dont wake up till 2 or 3 in the morning. I dont know if I’m burnt out from all that car drama I had going on and switching shops. On the positive side I went on my first real date.My first proper date…I had the best week of my life. I was running away from this person he had been trying for the longest time to get me to get to know him. Funny how women are (me) I didnt notice him until I saw a picture of him on his facebook wall with a lady friend..LOL..all of a sudden he became interesting.We met for mexican food. I had to wait an hour for him to get there..he was stuck in traffic visiting from Hawaii. I had prayed the nite before and same day we met that the man for me would buy me flowers, as I sat there eating chips and salsa I looked up and he’s walking in with a bouquet of flowers!! I got up from the table and ran to him like a bachelorette contestant. We hugged like we knew each other for many years. We talked and talked and ate and talk. I will tell you more about it later. I’m taking a facebook break. I am on a project of disciplining my emotions. I dont want to start blowing up his cell with text or calls. I want my experience with him to marinate and go with the flow…to be continued….


I’m so excited and thankful my cousin  is making a webiste for me for my new shop. She asked me if I wanted a blog. I said no. I want to keep blogging here. You guys have been listening to me since before I got my lil salon. I’m  not going to leave and blog somwhere’ve been with me through my journey since day one. I owe it to my wordpress followers 💕🖤💕

Boss Babe

Chase your dreams. Learn to have faith in yourself, trust your intuition, limit your association with haters who are envious and jealous of you, count your blessings, pray, write down your goals, give without the intention to recieve, force yourself to forgive someone who has caused you deep pain, stay focussed, whatever you do do your best at doing it.  One day you will reach your took me 30 years  to have something to show for all my hard work as a hairstylist but I finally did it. I have my own Sola Salon Studio. This is one of the best things that could of ever happened to me. My work performance has gone up, I dont have to deal with gossipy coworkers in my buisness..I can work until whenever I want. I can color my gray hairs in privacy, listen to my choice of music, charge what I want. My dream doesnt end here. I still have to take the time to meet celebrity hairstylist Nick Chavez. We’ve been wanting to meet but we have busy life schedules. I thank all the instagram famous hairstylists like Larrisa Love, Nick Chavez, Guy Tang, Bescene and many more for inspiring me to leave the former salon I worked at. I still have to perfect taking hair pictures #thestruggleisreal. Its not easy taking hair pictures its harder than doing hair…but I’m improving. Thank you WordPress followers for reading my blog. Thank you for liking my pictures. Thank you for popping up in my modifications…because of you you’ve helped me to become a Boss Babe😉🖤