Hair extensions by Da’ena..and hair extensions by me. Today we were hanging out in her room laughing and talking , another Sola member walks by and tells us to lower it and shuts Dae’nas Da’ena’s client was offended so was I. First of all the hair salon is not a mortuary or a library. It seems like this one particular person can’t stand to see us laughing singing or having fun. She’s like 5 doors down and didnt have a client at the time that we were talking. We weren’t that loud. That is the only issue we have here is that the older ones think this is a convalescent hospital. No, its hair studios. People talk, the hair dryer is on and clients talk to us. If you want dead silence you’re in the wrong buisness. Go trim flowers in a closet.



Changing my thought pattern one hour at a time

Survivors Guide to prison

Here are a few cast members in the documentary. It’s about falsely accused victim who are thrown in prison and how to survive. My client Susan Mellen is in the documentary. Google her story. Unbelievable how flawed this system is. We need God’s kingdom to run this world. In the meantime we must pray for our peace of mind and our sanity in this jungle out here. Pay attention to the people you hang out with. Bad association spoils good habits.

Survivors guide to prison

Today I did my friend’s Susan Mellen’s hair..getting her ready for her red carpet event. Susan Surandon Patrica Arquete and others came together to do a documentary on how to survive the prison life. Ice T, Quincy Jones, Danny Trejo, are in the documentary as well. Susan sent me a preview clip and I saw her in a scene. She was falsely accused of murder and did 17 years in prison. You have heard me mention her many times. I was hoping to actually do something special and cute on her hair like a french twist or something but she prefers to wear it down and look as real as possible 😍 at the special red carpet event. I’m so excited that movies and documentaries are being done about her and other victims who lost their precious time in the prison system. She told me today that she met Pearl Fernandez (the satanic mother who tortured her lil boy to death because her and her boyfriend thought lil Gabriel was gay in jail. The boyfriend killed him but she was actually in on it. She was trying to convince Susan that she knew nothing about the abuse. Ummm yeah right! She’s getting threats and bullied by the other prisoners. As far as the boyfriend he’s in protective custody because he got the death sentence. That means he gets special care and attention and isn’t placed with the regular polulation. Can you believe that?! He’s in protective care with our tax money? Who was protecting lil Gabriel 😐….anyways. The previews for the documentary look chilling…I don’t think I can watch it. I just want to see if there are more scenes with Susan’s hair…I’m curious to see how she styled it. I wish I could go with her to these events so that I could make sure her hair looks fabulous ❤😎

Today I did base color haircut along with high and low lites❤💜

Recycled hair

I have a friend that spends like $300 on a package of GOOD hair extensions she can use them for about 6 momths or more..if she takes good care of them. She always gives me her expensive hair and tells me to use it on me when she’s wearing them. Well I’m picky about who does my extension number one and number two I want my full head done. I dont have the funds for that at this moment. My coworker in the suite next to me was feeling down and she too doesn’t have the money at this point to go buy new hair. So guess what bright idea I had!! I told her I would do her hair but all she had to do was color them herself. I hate coloring hair extensions it’s a waste of product and you never know how it will take. It took me 3 days to finish her hair because I was working her between clients. Ta da!! This is the finished look.

Thank You

I want to take the time to thank each and every single one of you followers on wordpress. Between trying to get back on my feet and trying to hustle on social media, working long hours plus trying to care for my health can be a bit much. I’ve never had a real vacation. The one and only time I did was 29 years ago. Life has turned me into a workaholic. I did research and discovered that being a workaholic is as sign of PTS. Unlike the Japanese where their culture is to work themselves to death in Japan..I work as an escape. It’s not my culture. It’s caused me lots of health issues alopecia, anxiety..etc….I do notice I’m not so jittery since I stopped drinking killer kidney energy drinks Red Bulls and Monster drinks..alkaline is good for me right now.

.gotta go can’t be late to my eyebrow appointment..will keep you they turn out.

Alkaline water good for dry hair.

It’s been about 10 days since I started drinking Core hydration water. I noticed they dont sale cases and I just haven’t had the time to go and purchase gallons of water from a alkaline water store. I decided to go a cheaper route and bought the Trader Joe’s brand. Their bottle says its ph is 9.5.  Well that’s a lie. I just did research on it I read an article that says Trader Joe’s water has been tested and it failed the 9.5 ph balance in fact its below 7. Why do companies lie so much? The truth always  comes out . I guess they figured who’s going to stay up until 2:53 am and do research on  water? Well me!! I stay up sometimes fixated on whetever caught my interest that week.
I’m bumb out because I bought a case of the water and was going to share it with my mom.  It sucks. I’m just going to share my water with my co-workers and go back to drinking Core hydration water until I find a good water store…..I’m..getting sleepy and delirious and so I’m going to keep this short until I blog again.  I’ve been doing surveys with clients asking them what has been their experience with alkaline water. I got 3 responses this week.  I will share them.  I’m going to do a survey for 2 months and will keep you posted on the feed back. 
1) Marla says she drank alkaline water from the alkaline store Kenga..I believe that’s the name and she says she drank it for years and that it made her skin smooth and that her hair felt much better it wasnt as dry and it felt smoother.
2) Buzz told me that he’s heard nothing but great things about alkaline water and that it charges you like a battery. Get it? Alkaline battery 🤣🤣…he also told me not to drink it at night will keep me up all night from the energy. Thats true. It’s 3:05 am and I’m blogging😂😂
3) I asked Dae’na my coworker how did she loose all her weight…she told me alkaline water..she did not diet. I think she was buying the good kind.
I’ve read articles that it makes a difference for the better for dry hair.
Ok..I can’t keep my eyes open..I have a super long day at work tomorrow..I will come back later. ZZZZZzzzzZzzzzzz.