Charles Manson

I think its so crazy that folks are going around saying “Oh let’s forgive Charles Manson he did his time!” Like seriously!!! Forgive Charles Manson?!! This guy had me traumatized as a kid when I was about four or five years old and I lived back east. His face would come on tv and I would cringe in fear. He was so diabolical.  I mean his followers carved a baby out of woman while she cried out for dear life. These forgiving folks are so fake to me. If you forgive Satan then you should be able to forgive your mean mother in law, the ones who owe you money, the kids who bullied you in school, your husband for cheating on you, crazy Isis and so on. His name alone makes me angry and sick to my stomach. Stop with your fakeness it’s disturbing!


Hot tea

You won’t believe what happened to me this past Monday. I heated water with lots of honey and cinnamon in the microwave. I forgot that I had already reheated it…I took the cup out the microwave and cleaned up some of the water that spilled out the cup..I was rushing to go off to work and took a big chug of the cup. I wasnt paying attention and did not realise how hot the honey was. As soon as I swallowed the big gulp of honey tea I felt like lava was melting my insides. I started coughing and screaming and crying for dear life. I threw myself on the  bed crying in agony. I barfed and was in pain the rest of the day. Tuesday the next day I sleeped in bed all day in misery. It hurts to eat or drink, it feels like a torch turns on every time I place food in my mouth. The next day which was Wednesday I come to work in pain and tell my client what happened. She encourages me to go the doctors and so I did after I was done with her hair.  I went to see my doctor he sent me to Urgent care. I had to get two shots on my buttocks, antibiotics and a numbing medication.  I am on my way to pick up the antibiotics when I’m done typing this. I was placed on a liquid diet and can only eat baby food, soups or gello for the next couple of weeks.  I can’t laugh I can’t sleep..everything I do hurts my esophagus and stomach.  This was by far the worse pain even worse than my surgery last year. I don’t wish this on anyone. The only good thing that will come of this is weight loss. This experience taught me to slow down, take it easy, go to bed early and don’t rush. You can loose your life by not paying attention. I don’t know that I could ever drink teas or coffee again. I have to go back to the doctors in two days. It’s affecting my work performance. I can’t move freely. I’m  tired and exhausted. There is no time to give up now.  I have to many clients this weekened and bills to pay and hair extensions to buyūüėā
Slow down take your time and do it right. Until next time…talk to you laterūüĖĎ

Cotton candy

This is yesterday’s filter no flash. My new model Ashley. I was about to tell you more about her stories she shared yesterday but I can’t concentrate. I’m still annoyed with my last client I had tonight. …ugh….
I better clean up now..I hope to blog later when the steam cools off my ears ūüėā

The audacity 

Things are slowly changing for me as far as my codependent attitude of charging low prices. Folks want to come up in here like it’s the 70s and pay cheap prices. I quoted a regular client  $50 for her color roots, mind you color roots go anywhere from  $65-$100. I color her roots then she decides she wants me to cut her hair which I end up doing. Once I’m done coloring, cutting and styling I tell her it’s  $85…she blurted out “Oh! I thought you quoted me  $50!! …Do you honestly think you are going to pimp me again and not catch on that I just gave you hair cut!!…I walk her to the front door and notice her brand new Mercedes Benz!! She lives at home and doesn’t pay rent.  I’m livid at myself for letting folks get by with murder. I’m doing  $300 jobs for  $85?  No more.  I’m NOT only going to raise her prices I’m going stop making appointments for her. The welfare department is out of buisness starting 2018.

Thank you 

I want to thank each and everyone of my followers. I’m a little annoyed I just posted a long paragraph and just like that poof!! It disappeared!! I can’t even find it in my drafts.  That is the one thing that bothers me about posting here… Ugh. ..anyhoo..again thank you..I want to type more but who knows if my post is going to disappear like Houdini.

Creepy Guys Harvey Weinstein

Something I want to address. I always hear blame on the victims for not reporting creepy guys asap. Unless you’ve been a victim of harassment you don’t know what you’re talking about. 
1) Victims talk when they are ready. Som1tines you block it deep down your subconscious mind and out of the blues something will trigger vivid memories.
2) Who’s going to believe you over a powerful person.
3) Many of these Creepy Guys are married. Most of the their wives don’t believe their husbands are capable of such creepy crimes.

4) If you tell you risk everyone turning against you.

5) It’s too embarrassing to talk. When you do your body cringes.
6) Creepy Harvey Weinstein is a powetful man in Hollywood.  It’s like an ant trying to stop a train.
7) I have the right to speak on it because it’s happened to friend’s father and my aunt’s boyfriend both touched and rubbed me innaproprietly..when I was a young teen.  I told,  nothing was done. I figured why talk about it wasn’t until years later I started to feel sick when I would get flash backs. 

8) Creepy men come in all walks of life color, religion, money statues etc.

9) The first time my friend’s dad stuck his hand in my groin  under my pajamas I got up and ran to another room. That is why I don’t believe in kids slumber parties keep your kids in your own home!! I have many more stories I can share but it’s not necessary to go in the gory details;  you get the point.
10) I hope Creepy Harvey is banned from Hollywood and he never finds work again. He’s a  disgusting pork.
11) Stop defending and sticking by these men. Just because you were NOT in the room it doesn’t mean the Creeps didn’t do it. You think they are stupid enough to do it in front of others?

12) If you stay in relationships with these types ofpeople and you know their bad habits you are just as guilty as them.


The talk at the shop this week is Usher.  People are coming up 5 years later after being with him that he gave them herpes. One of the girls suing says she tested negative. I was believing the girl’s story first until I got fixated watching the TMZ videos.  I did research on herpes and it says it takes up to 20 after you’ve been infected to get an outbreak. How can you sue someone 5 years later? I’m sure she’s been with more people since then. This is when I thank God that I’m not famous. I can’t imagine what he’s going through.  People will sale their soul to Satan just to be able to sue someone for money.  


I’m thinking of getting rid of a client. It takes a lot for me to get rid of clients. I’ve only done it like three times in 30 years. I had one show up 8 min late the other day…I didnt see her waiting for me in the lobby area. She comes to the door at 12:15 and lets me know she’s been waiting I said ok. My client that was in the studio with me was venting about about some family drama. She was crying  and upset. I tried to kindly get her to finish her story as I knew the  one that was waiting was going to have a hernia. Sure enough I went looking for her all over the place. I texted het twice and called her three times apologizing. She wouldn’t take any of my calls. This is the same person who told one of my new clients off one time who came to  ask me a question about hair. She ripped her head off and told her if she had any questions to book  appointment. I’m running a buisness I’m  not here to cater to people’s emotional neediness. I do the best that I can.  I’m in new location. I want new positive experiences. It’s not going to be perfect every single day but I have the right to refuse service to rude people. The rude client  doesn’t understand why she’s not married. I understand why. This is the same person who dropped her friend because her friend never asked about her dog. Seriously.  I thought  I had issues but homegirl took the icing on the cake.