Only you

I decided to blog  and post pictures after my mother called and just woke me up from much needed sleep. I’m livid. I’m trying to apply Christian principles about controlling the temper. One of my clients texted me and cancelled her appointment today. She told me that her back was hurting…I asked her if she was stressed. My back too has been hurting the past month with all the car, bank and moving  to a new shop drama. She went to tell me that living with a mentally ill person is draining.  Her long time boyfriend is bipolar. I feel her pain!!! You all know my mother is not only bipolar she is schizophrenic too. Thank goodness for medication! …Even with the medication she gets neurotic at times.  She will call or text me relentlessly about a matter stressed out.  Her stress rubs off on me. I tell you you have to have God in your life to cope and deal with these types of people or the stress will kill you. Mentally ill people cause their loved ones an early death. If you can avoid living with them save yourself your sanity. Keep in touch visit them but limit your association. I’m so glad my mother cant drive anymore and she doesn’t know where my new salon location is. I dont have that monkey on my back worried that she is going to show up unexpectedly and do something embarrassing in front of my clients. Those days are over, hallelujah!! Instead of picking up an alcoholic drink to ease the tension or flipping out I have decided to blog. You and only you can decide how you are going to handle dissapontments in life. You cannot pick and choose your parents but you can choose how to cope and deal with the negative vibes of mental illness You are the only person that can rescue yourself. No one is going to rescue you from your anger, hurt, and the scars from embarrassing situations, once you reaize that you and only you is in control of your happiness you will be able to endure your sick loved one. No husband, wife or friend is going to understand the damaging effects the  disturbing effects of mental illness unles they have been a victim of it. I’m not blogging to get sympathy or to make you dislike my mother.  I’m blogging about it so that if you are dealing with this issue you take comfort in knowing that you are NOT alone.  I understand you, trust me I do. It’s better to blog than to keep talking about the same matter to people that dont have a clue about how you feel..sometimes the negative feed back you get from humans is worse than the actual problem. I’m now wide awake I cant sleep now. I’m going to get up take a shower pray and clean up until who knows when…ugh😐

Good morning

Good morning everyone. It’s ok to get down a little depressed here and there but if possible try your hardest to get up. Do whatever it takes. Time waits for no one. I still don’t  have a car..Uber is cheap but  depending on the time of the day it can get really expensive.  I spent at least  $60 bucks between work, going to my mother’s and the laundry mat yesterday  Yes it hurts my heart I want to cry but What to do? I must keep pressing foward. Like my mother told me. “Al  mal tiempo  cara buena..or something like that. I have to fix myself up more make sure my makeup is on point my teeth are white and I look cute. It’s not a good idea to go through trials looking like a bag lady. You’ll feel worse. Keep your  chin up and press forward.

City of Bellflower 

Here is what my crashed car looks like. It was stolen and crashed into a pole. I had to pay  $631 dollars to get it out the towing place. According to the deputy he says there is no indication or proof that it was stolen. 
1) Why  would I have a breakdown in the street when I couldn’t find my car.

2) Why would I report the Bellflower police station crying that my car was stolen.

3) My client’s boyfriend told me that he’s heard of people shaving keys down to fit into cars. 

4)  During my drama I was told by a neighborhood that where I park across from the TRAVEL INN  HOTEL theres is nothing but tweekers aka meth addicts. I did notice a lot of guys staying in that hotel. I never see them in the day time just at night. It makes sense why the cops are alway there.

5) Lesson learned never park near hotels or motels. Don’t park your car in the city of Bellflower on Lakewood Blvd. In fact Bellflower is the so called city that Suge Knight made his transactions to put the hit on Biggie Small. I learned that in a documentary… This world is getting more corrupt by the your back.


So many colors to choose from for the Studio suite. You can pick one or two colors, you can mix and match them. I picked two colors that I will be showing you later on. I just want to blog about my day for now. I did not get far with Chase bank as far as getting my money back from the fraudulent check that was stolen from me. Chase insists that they are not going to give me my money because I shouldn’t have had my checks in my purse. I hardly ever use my business checking account checks…I keep them home or in my purse once in a while. I haven’t had time to scope out a different bank since I’ve been on Uber the last 2 days. Life is very difficult in California when you don’t have a car. The bus rides are terrifying!! Honestly I’m more afraid to go on a bus ride than I do walking in front of  gangsters.  Stay away from Crenshaw and Slauson route…the riders are dangerous. I’ve seen some  crazy things. 
Thank goodness for my amazing clients Marla and Steve for taking me to the new shop to help me move some of my stuff  in. It saved me a lot time and Uber expense. I may have 99 problems but good friends isn’t one of them. I’ve always been blessed with good people in my corner. They live complete opposite of me yet took the time to give me a ride home as well. I havent had the time or the guts to tell the owner of the shop where I work that tomorrow is my last day. Between trying to figure out what I’m doing to do with my totaled car and stolen money from the bank it’s enough to have a heart attack. Good grief! Don’t know if I told you the thieve that stole my car crashed into a pole. There is never a good time to have your car stolen but it’s not nice when they steal it in the middle of you switching shops.😓

Forensic Files

I’ve seen way too many Forensic Files episodes in the past to recognize fraud. Chase bank alerted me last week that someone wrote a fraudulent check on my account. They waited  two weeks to send me the notification. Normally when there is suspicious fraud activities you get a text alert the same day or the next. Hummm I wonder why they waited so long to tell me?🤔
1) Two different bankers at different chase banks showed me the checks and they both said that it is obvious that it is not my handwriting. The top check is the fake check.
2) My last name is Carrillo you can tell in my signature at the bottom right hand of the check that the last letter I wrote is a O.
3) Pay attention to the top check’s signature. It’s looks like the last name is Chavez something close to it  Do you notice the difference in signature?
4) Now pay attention to both copies of the checks my check at the bottom has lines going across it and the top check is clear.
5) Look at the way Luis the scammer wrote the letter E in the second line when he wrote the word Eleven in comparison as to how I write my E in my signature at the bottom check on the right. I can go on and on and on and on finding discrepancies in the fraud check. It is obvious that I did not write Luis the wicked a check for $1,124 dollars.
Chase bank claims it’s my fault that my check was stolen because I shouldn’t keep my checks in my purse. I’ve never heard of such a ludicrous thing in my life. They also claim that they did a investigation and that both of my name  signatures match perfect. Do both signatures match perfect to you? I am going tell everyone and their momma my story with Chase bank so that no one has to endure this stressful painful experience. I will file a police report even though they cannot do much, but at least Luis the wicked will be in the system.  Everything is so much harder when you don’t have a car. I’d rather blog about my situation here than to talk about this drama to my clients at the new shop. I don’t want to bring negativity to the new salon. I cannot even enjoy my new life endeavor of having my own studio..with this message going on.
#thestruggleisreal #thestrugglecontinues 

Uber experience

Today was my first day ever getting a ride with Uber. I think I used 4 different drivers. The first driver had snacks in the back for his passengers. He had chips, mints,  candies and water. They were very punctual and super nice. I told them about put my stolen car and how someone wrote a fraudulent check of $1,124 dollars..Chase bank is NOT going to give me my money because they said it’s my fault for keeping my checks in my purse. Ummm what?? I’ve never heard of such a ludicrous thing in my life. First of all they were the ones who alerted me and told me that someone did fraud on my account. I went last week in person to file a claim and now they are washing their hands clean..and don’t want to pay up. Even the banker noticed that it wasn’t my handwriting. We live a corrupt system.  It’s a jungle out here. Only the strong survive. On top of that I have to go and meet with the manager of the Sola Salon suites to pick out the color that I want for the studio tomorrow .  I haven’t told the owner of the shop where I work that on leaving.  I start my new location on Monday. Let’s hope and pray I get my car back by then. I don’t know how long I will be ridding Uber but for now it’s ok. I’d rather pay my fee…and not make anyone feel weird for helping me and I get to cry in the back seat of the Uber cars  as much as I want. And how was your day? 

Men’s fade cut

I just got done doing this fade clipper cut on a new client.  I must blog to keep from going nuts. This past 2 weeks have been insane. I’m in the middle of moving shops..someone did fraud on my checking account and stole $1,124 dollars on top of that my car was stolen and it was involved in a hit and run accident and got towed away. I cannot get a hold of the detective handling the case ..I’ve called numerous times I get no feed back no response. In the meantime I’m going to get booked for each day that my car is at the towing place. …I don’t ever catch a break ever,  it’s always one demonic trial after another. I cried yes to my mom yesterday  but I can’t cry today. I have no choice but to suck it up and endure this trial. All the stress and anxiety is not going to bring my car back and so I must just sit back and let this trial take it’s course. 


Save a child,  report suspicious activities.  If you see an adult with a dirty unkept child or the child looks like they have zero self esteem and the adult does not allow the child or teen to speak for themselves these are warning red flags. Mind you there could  easily reason why the kid is dirty maybe he was playing at the park. We don’t want to start accusing innocent people but you want to learn what stands out as abnormal. Use your discernment and discretion. If something doesn’t feel look right it probably isnt.