Creepy Guys Harvey Weinstein

Something I want to address. I always hear blame on the victims for not reporting creepy guys asap. Unless you’ve been a victim of harassment you don’t know what you’re talking about. 
1) Victims talk when they are ready. Som1tines you block it deep down your subconscious mind and out of the blues something will trigger vivid memories.
2) Who’s going to believe you over a powerful person.
3) Many of these Creepy Guys are married. Most of the their wives don’t believe their husbands are capable of such creepy crimes.

4) If you tell you risk everyone turning against you.

5) It’s too embarrassing to talk. When you do your body cringes.
6) Creepy Harvey Weinstein is a powetful man in Hollywood.  It’s like an ant trying to stop a train.
7) I have the right to speak on it because it’s happened to friend’s father and my aunt’s boyfriend both touched and rubbed me innaproprietly..when I was a young teen.  I told,  nothing was done. I figured why talk about it wasn’t until years later I started to feel sick when I would get flash backs. 

8) Creepy men come in all walks of life color, religion, money statues etc.

9) The first time my friend’s dad stuck his hand in my groin  under my pajamas I got up and ran to another room. That is why I don’t believe in kids slumber parties keep your kids in your own home!! I have many more stories I can share but it’s not necessary to go in the gory details;  you get the point.
10) I hope Creepy Harvey is banned from Hollywood and he never finds work again. He’s a  disgusting pork.
11) Stop defending and sticking by these men. Just because you were NOT in the room it doesn’t mean the Creeps didn’t do it. You think they are stupid enough to do it in front of others?

12) If you stay in relationships with these types ofpeople and you know their bad habits you are just as guilty as them.



The talk at the shop this week is Usher.  People are coming up 5 years later after being with him that he gave them herpes. One of the girls suing says she tested negative. I was believing the girl’s story first until I got fixated watching the TMZ videos.  I did research on herpes and it says it takes up to 20 after you’ve been infected to get an outbreak. How can you sue someone 5 years later? I’m sure she’s been with more people since then. This is when I thank God that I’m not famous. I can’t imagine what he’s going through.  People will sale their soul to Satan just to be able to sue someone for money.  


I’m thinking of getting rid of a client. It takes a lot for me to get rid of clients. I’ve only done it like three times in 30 years. I had one show up 8 min late the other day…I didnt see her waiting for me in the lobby area. She comes to the door at 12:15 and lets me know she’s been waiting I said ok. My client that was in the studio with me was venting about about some family drama. She was crying  and upset. I tried to kindly get her to finish her story as I knew the  one that was waiting was going to have a hernia. Sure enough I went looking for her all over the place. I texted het twice and called her three times apologizing. She wouldn’t take any of my calls. This is the same person who told one of my new clients off one time who came to  ask me a question about hair. She ripped her head off and told her if she had any questions to book  appointment. I’m running a buisness I’m  not here to cater to people’s emotional neediness. I do the best that I can.  I’m in new location. I want new positive experiences. It’s not going to be perfect every single day but I have the right to refuse service to rude people. The rude client  doesn’t understand why she’s not married. I understand why. This is the same person who dropped her friend because her friend never asked about her dog. Seriously.  I thought  I had issues but homegirl took the icing on the cake.

Tales Of The Chair 

If there is one thing I learned this last month  is not to depend on people and not everyone you put on a pedestal are  what you think. 1 ) My assistant/adopted daughter hasnt been to work in a while. This happens when she meets a  new boy. Ok I understand we dont like to be lonely but that doesnt mean you throw your life away for a person who hasn’t put a ring on it. I decided to give her a another chance. She was suppposed to be at work at 10 but showed  up late because she was rescuing  a baby possum. Seriously? I had to sit her down and give a tough love lip service. I told her this is the real world.  You would of gotten fired long ago. Your excuses in life are getting too.  Honestly I dont know how this new generation are going to be in their 30s. It’s  a lazy generation. Folks feel like life  owes them something. I’m  not throwing her under the bus as she is very well aware that when it comes to laziness I dont play and she’s very vocal about her mistakes. She’s human. She comes from a laxed family who have no ambitions or goals. They allow her to do whatever she wants. I dont know if its a culteral thing. There is no way in the world my mother was going to let any of us not graduate highschool and be bumbs. She would embarrasse the life out of me..chasing me looking for me. Yelling screaming  acting nuts for me to go to school and get  it together. I wouldn’t say she  encouraged me the right way but it definitely got the job done. We are products of our environment but if someone is willing to stick their neck out to help you dont  just sit there. Meet them half way. Those are  blessings that may not come around again. 

Only you

I decided to blog  and post pictures after my mother called and just woke me up from much needed sleep. I’m livid. I’m trying to apply Christian principles about controlling the temper. One of my clients texted me and cancelled her appointment today. She told me that her back was hurting…I asked her if she was stressed. My back too has been hurting the past month with all the car, bank and moving  to a new shop drama. She went to tell me that living with a mentally ill person is draining.  Her long time boyfriend is bipolar. I feel her pain!!! You all know my mother is not only bipolar she is schizophrenic too. Thank goodness for medication! …Even with the medication she gets neurotic at times.  She will call or text me relentlessly about a matter stressed out.  Her stress rubs off on me. I tell you you have to have God in your life to cope and deal with these types of people or the stress will kill you. Mentally ill people cause their loved ones an early death. If you can avoid living with them save yourself your sanity. Keep in touch visit them but limit your association. I’m so glad my mother cant drive anymore and she doesn’t know where my new salon location is. I dont have that monkey on my back worried that she is going to show up unexpectedly and do something embarrassing in front of my clients. Those days are over, hallelujah!! Instead of picking up an alcoholic drink to ease the tension or flipping out I have decided to blog. You and only you can decide how you are going to handle dissapontments in life. You cannot pick and choose your parents but you can choose how to cope and deal with the negative vibes of mental illness You are the only person that can rescue yourself. No one is going to rescue you from your anger, hurt, and the scars from embarrassing situations, once you reaize that you and only you is in control of your happiness you will be able to endure your sick loved one. No husband, wife or friend is going to understand the damaging effects the  disturbing effects of mental illness unles they have been a victim of it. I’m not blogging to get sympathy or to make you dislike my mother.  I’m blogging about it so that if you are dealing with this issue you take comfort in knowing that you are NOT alone.  I understand you, trust me I do. It’s better to blog than to keep talking about the same matter to people that dont have a clue about how you feel..sometimes the negative feed back you get from humans is worse than the actual problem. I’m now wide awake I cant sleep now. I’m going to get up take a shower pray and clean up until who knows when…ugh😐

Good morning

Good morning everyone. It’s ok to get down a little depressed here and there but if possible try your hardest to get up. Do whatever it takes. Time waits for no one. I still don’t  have a car..Uber is cheap but  depending on the time of the day it can get really expensive.  I spent at least  $60 bucks between work, going to my mother’s and the laundry mat yesterday  Yes it hurts my heart I want to cry but What to do? I must keep pressing foward. Like my mother told me. “Al  mal tiempo  cara buena..or something like that. I have to fix myself up more make sure my makeup is on point my teeth are white and I look cute. It’s not a good idea to go through trials looking like a bag lady. You’ll feel worse. Keep your  chin up and press forward.

City of Bellflower 

Here is what my crashed car looks like. It was stolen and crashed into a pole. I had to pay  $631 dollars to get it out the towing place. According to the deputy he says there is no indication or proof that it was stolen. 
1) Why  would I have a breakdown in the street when I couldn’t find my car.

2) Why would I report the Bellflower police station crying that my car was stolen.

3) My client’s boyfriend told me that he’s heard of people shaving keys down to fit into cars. 

4)  During my drama I was told by a neighborhood that where I park across from the TRAVEL INN  HOTEL theres is nothing but tweekers aka meth addicts. I did notice a lot of guys staying in that hotel. I never see them in the day time just at night. It makes sense why the cops are alway there.

5) Lesson learned never park near hotels or motels. Don’t park your car in the city of Bellflower on Lakewood Blvd. In fact Bellflower is the so called city that Suge Knight made his transactions to put the hit on Biggie Small. I learned that in a documentary… This world is getting more corrupt by the your back.


So many colors to choose from for the Studio suite. You can pick one or two colors, you can mix and match them. I picked two colors that I will be showing you later on. I just want to blog about my day for now. I did not get far with Chase bank as far as getting my money back from the fraudulent check that was stolen from me. Chase insists that they are not going to give me my money because I shouldn’t have had my checks in my purse. I hardly ever use my business checking account checks…I keep them home or in my purse once in a while. I haven’t had time to scope out a different bank since I’ve been on Uber the last 2 days. Life is very difficult in California when you don’t have a car. The bus rides are terrifying!! Honestly I’m more afraid to go on a bus ride than I do walking in front of  gangsters.  Stay away from Crenshaw and Slauson route…the riders are dangerous. I’ve seen some  crazy things. 
Thank goodness for my amazing clients Marla and Steve for taking me to the new shop to help me move some of my stuff  in. It saved me a lot time and Uber expense. I may have 99 problems but good friends isn’t one of them. I’ve always been blessed with good people in my corner. They live complete opposite of me yet took the time to give me a ride home as well. I havent had the time or the guts to tell the owner of the shop where I work that tomorrow is my last day. Between trying to figure out what I’m doing to do with my totaled car and stolen money from the bank it’s enough to have a heart attack. Good grief! Don’t know if I told you the thieve that stole my car crashed into a pole. There is never a good time to have your car stolen but it’s not nice when they steal it in the middle of you switching shops.😓