Deep thoughts tonight

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Hair extensions by Da’ena..and hair extensions by me. Today we were hanging out in her room laughing and talking , another Sola member walks by and tells us to lower it and shuts Dae’nas Da’ena’s client was offended so was I. First of all the hair salon is not a mortuary or a library. It seems like this one particular person can’t stand to see us laughing singing or having fun. She’s like 5 doors down and didnt have a client at the time that we were talking. We weren’t that loud. That is the only issue we have here is that the older ones think this is a convalescent hospital. No, its hair studios. People talk, the hair dryer is on and clients talk to us. If you want dead silence you’re in the wrong buisness. Go trim flowers in a closet.

Survivors Guide to prison

Here are a few cast members in the documentary. It’s about falsely accused victim who are thrown in prison and how to survive. My client Susan Mellen is in the documentary. Google her story. Unbelievable how flawed this system is. We need God’s kingdom to run this world. In the meantime we must pray for our peace of mind and our sanity in this jungle out here. Pay attention to the people you hang out with. Bad association spoils good habits.

Survivors guide to prison

Today I did my friend’s Susan Mellen’s hair..getting her ready for her red carpet event. Susan Surandon Patrica Arquete and others came together to do a documentary on how to survive the prison life. Ice T, Quincy Jones, Danny Trejo, are in the documentary as well. Susan sent me a preview clip and I saw her in a scene. She was falsely accused of murder and did 17 years in prison. You have heard me mention her many times. I was hoping to actually do something special and cute on her hair like a french twist or something but she prefers to wear it down and look as real as possible 😍 at the special red carpet event. I’m so excited that movies and documentaries are being done about her and other victims who lost their precious time in the prison system. She told me today that she met Pearl Fernandez (the satanic mother who tortured her lil boy to death because her and her boyfriend thought lil Gabriel was gay in jail. The boyfriend killed him but she was actually in on it. She was trying to convince Susan that she knew nothing about the abuse. Ummm yeah right! She’s getting threats and bullied by the other prisoners. As far as the boyfriend he’s in protective custody because he got the death sentence. That means he gets special care and attention and isn’t placed with the regular polulation. Can you believe that?! He’s in protective care with our tax money? Who was protecting lil Gabriel 😐….anyways. The previews for the documentary look chilling…I don’t think I can watch it. I just want to see if there are more scenes with Susan’s hair…I’m curious to see how she styled it. I wish I could go with her to these events so that I could make sure her hair looks fabulous ❤😎

Today I did base color haircut along with high and low lites❤💜


I normally don’t blog about this stuff..but this story has disturbed me in a bad way. These low life scums tortured and killed lil Gabriel because they said he was gay. His own mother and her boyfriend did the most heinous things to this child..people say there is no devil looking at these two is like looking at Satan himself..the social workers failed this baby..there were 66 calls or more made to social sevices and the police department..I don’t understand why the neighbors did not bang on the door when the beatings would take place? What about his siblings why didnt they tell their teachers? They peppered sprayed him, made him eat cat litter, shot him with bb guns, knocked his teeth out all in a 8 month period. His last day alive he got the worse beatings, the mother’s boyfriend broke his skull..I cried all the way home and got fixated on Gabriel…it made me more aware to pay attention to lil kids. We don’t know who will be the next Gabriel. Pearl’s trial begins again at the end of this month. I saw new pictures of her and she’s gained weight, she looks healthy as a bull. Here I am paying high taxes to support Satan while she sleeps and eats in prison probably playing cards and watching Dr. PHIL on tv..this system is beyond flawed. His social workers should be thrown in prison as well. The police officers were appalled themselves when they showed up to the crime scene. I won’t go into more detelails as to what Pearl and Isauro did to this Angel but its enough to give me a migraine. Keep your eyes…don’t turn a blind eye to demons like this. There has to be justice for Gabriel. There has to be. The only good thing about this story is that Gabriel is no longer suffering. He died in the hands of these two. I wish I was rich so I could house and care for ones like him. I must rush to work now with my migraine….thank you wordpress for allowing to ven.😐😢😢😢

Charles Manson

I think its so crazy that folks are going around saying “Oh let’s forgive Charles Manson he did his time!” Like seriously!!! Forgive Charles Manson?!! This guy had me traumatized as a kid when I was about four or five years old and I lived back east. His face would come on tv and I would cringe in fear. He was so diabolical.  I mean his followers carved a baby out of woman while she cried out for dear life. These forgiving folks are so fake to me. If you forgive Satan then you should be able to forgive your mean mother in law, the ones who owe you money, the kids who bullied you in school, your husband for cheating on you, crazy Isis and so on. His name alone makes me angry and sick to my stomach. Stop with your fakeness it’s disturbing!

Hot tea

You won’t believe what happened to me this past Monday. I heated water with lots of honey and cinnamon in the microwave. I forgot that I had already reheated it…I took the cup out the microwave and cleaned up some of the water that spilled out the cup..I was rushing to go off to work and took a big chug of the cup. I wasnt paying attention and did not realise how hot the honey was. As soon as I swallowed the big gulp of honey tea I felt like lava was melting my insides. I started coughing and screaming and crying for dear life. I threw myself on the  bed crying in agony. I barfed and was in pain the rest of the day. Tuesday the next day I sleeped in bed all day in misery. It hurts to eat or drink, it feels like a torch turns on every time I place food in my mouth. The next day which was Wednesday I come to work in pain and tell my client what happened. She encourages me to go the doctors and so I did after I was done with her hair.  I went to see my doctor he sent me to Urgent care. I had to get two shots on my buttocks, antibiotics and a numbing medication.  I am on my way to pick up the antibiotics when I’m done typing this. I was placed on a liquid diet and can only eat baby food, soups or gello for the next couple of weeks.  I can’t laugh I can’t sleep..everything I do hurts my esophagus and stomach.  This was by far the worse pain even worse than my surgery last year. I don’t wish this on anyone. The only good thing that will come of this is weight loss. This experience taught me to slow down, take it easy, go to bed early and don’t rush. You can loose your life by not paying attention. I don’t know that I could ever drink teas or coffee again. I have to go back to the doctors in two days. It’s affecting my work performance. I can’t move freely. I’m  tired and exhausted. There is no time to give up now.  I have to many clients this weekened and bills to pay and hair extensions to buy😂
Slow down take your time and do it right. Until next time…talk to you later🖑

Cotton candy

This is yesterday’s filter no flash. My new model Ashley. I was about to tell you more about her stories she shared yesterday but I can’t concentrate. I’m still annoyed with my last client I had tonight. …ugh….
I better clean up now..I hope to blog later when the steam cools off my ears 😂

The audacity 

Things are slowly changing for me as far as my codependent attitude of charging low prices. Folks want to come up in here like it’s the 70s and pay cheap prices. I quoted a regular client  $50 for her color roots, mind you color roots go anywhere from  $65-$100. I color her roots then she decides she wants me to cut her hair which I end up doing. Once I’m done coloring, cutting and styling I tell her it’s  $85…she blurted out “Oh! I thought you quoted me  $50!! …Do you honestly think you are going to pimp me again and not catch on that I just gave you hair cut!!…I walk her to the front door and notice her brand new Mercedes Benz!! She lives at home and doesn’t pay rent.  I’m livid at myself for letting folks get by with murder. I’m doing  $300 jobs for  $85?  No more.  I’m NOT only going to raise her prices I’m going stop making appointments for her. The welfare department is out of buisness starting 2018.