About last nite

Midnite stars. Evy’s hairstyles in Torrance. 😊



You are not materialistic if you splurge on a bag. You deserve it. If you’re going to be going charging stuff make it  worth your money. Sad but in California you are judged by wear you live, drive, purse, car. That is what people from out of state tell me. I notice it too from time to time. I think it’s funny. I can shop at Ross the same way I could Nordstrom. I don’t stick to labels I stick to what mood I’m in that day..LOL..

What you see

It’s it so true. Two people can be looking at a same problem or situation and come out looking at it completely different. Some people can hold on to envy and jealousy when you succeed. Others cheer you on. It’s rare that someone will actually tell you “I’m jealous of you. It happened to me once. I had a friend who confessed that she was jealous of me after a few glasses of wine. It explained her relentless jabs at me. What’s crazy is this woman has her own buisness, she doesn’t have money problems and she lives in a nice neighborhood.  Steparents  are jealous of their step kids.  Step kids don’t like the step parent. Coworkers rat and stabbed each other in the back then smile at you when you walk in. The list goes on. .two people are raised in the same dysfunctional environment.  One succeeds the other is stuck in his room dwelling on how his father spanked him when he was 8 years old. I mean seriously if you are pushing 50 don’t you think it’s time to let the pain go. How you view things comes from how you think. If you think life is unfair and everyone is out to get you then guess what. You will create situations to feed your fears. Take one hour day and week at a time. Make it a habit to see the good even in the most painful experiences. Did you learn something? Did you grow? How will the experience help you in the future? Age is only a number if your not growing. It’s wasted years.  Make each day and year count for the better.


This is a before and after I did on my client yesterday.  I just went into work for her.  I’m still battling this flu. She’s in town from Tahiti she travels the world to teach tahitian dancing. She lived in Paris for many years. Funny she is super nice and sweet  Most stories I hear about the French is how rude and mean they are to Americans. I don’t understand why..isn’t that draining? It takes way too much energy to be mean. We talked about Marlon Brandon, positive vibes and traving. She was a true gem. Her hair looked much better in person. I’ve been observing positive people.  They seem much more happy, some seem off balanced. I tend to be a realist ..I’m shooting for the optimistic way of looking at things lately. What do I have to loose. It was a pleasant experience doing Adelina’s hair. My cell phone did not do justice on her hair color..I’m think I’m done with  May Hair salon…It served it’s purpose..it’s  time to find a private studio.

Ps) I forgot to mention what I did with her ..😄…I toned down her tangerine hair color.  The picture on the far left is the before pictures.


Sorry I haven’t been able to respond to comments I got a new cell. My last one broke and I was having a hard time typing. I noticed my cell phone breaks just in time when I’m due for an upgrade. It’s not coincidence that  my cell starts to malfunction like clock work right when that time is up.

True Blue

I managed to do four clients even though I am sick with the flu. I must say my clients must love me..I wasn’t looking  right. I looked discombobulated, watery eyes, messy station.. I tried as much as I could. I could of done better had I had a mask to wear. You would think they sale masks at the supply stores but they don’t.  At least not the stores I shop. I bleached her hair then added the cobalt blue by joico intensity and placed her under the dryer for 30 min. She was happy, I was happy …that is the best way to end a Saturday night.

The struggle is real

My client  got physically sick from smelling the incents that the owner of the shop burns.  I respect her beliefs of giving her Buddha chicken, oranges sandwiches and such,  he eats better than me. My client is Chinese  so no its not a prejudice thing. I’ve lost clients because of the burning incents.  Is there a way to serve your God without causing  allergies.  Thank goodness my client booked her next appointment before she left.  I had to speak up after 10 years of smelling this powerful smell that burns the hairs in my nostrils. I told the owner that my client got sick, she humbly apologized and tried to comfort my client with the purple towel on her face. Maybe that is why my chest hurts sometimes all the perm fumes, incents. Hair color etc. This is a reminder that I must get masks from the supply store tomorrow and protect myself.  In the beginning it reminded of Venice Beach. Now it’s affecting people’s  health. Not bueno.