My new assistant. I can eat in peace not in a rush choking spilling food on myself….I’m so thankful.


The Best

I have to say I have the best clientele. They stick with me from shop to shop through thick and thin…through my ups and downs. We laugh and laugh, eat snacks, talk about everything from Kanye to volcanos …from split ends to tequila. I’m so blessed and thankful have them😍

Platinum Blond

I just finished doing this about a couple of hours ago. My fingers hurt. I don’t like to wear gloves sometimes and the #bleach cuts my fingers. Here is the same bleach job on my highschool friend. The picture on the left of was taken with the flash on and the picture on the right is with no flash. It’s important to know this. You may want a certain hair color that you see in a picture….but you don’t know what kind of lighting it’s under. Her natural hair is black…she started to turn real gray and decided to go platinum so her grays could blend with the platinum and not look so obvious when it’s growing out…this did not happen over nite. It takes patience and time. Deep condition your hair inbetween bleaching sessions. Don’t use heat tools every single day and leave a little bit of the hair conditioner in your hair. Drink lots of water…take your hair vitamins and keep up with your hair trims. I’m sooooo tired. I don’t know what I just typed πŸ˜†….