You know what I love about being a stylist is that everyday I learn something new from my clients. I’ve been on a alkaline water and spinach kick for a month. I lost 4 pounds, my new adorable Persian doctor told me to loose weight and date younger guys. She said it’s good for my health 😅😅….anyways today I learned one secret for avoiding the flu. I learned that staying hydrated is good for avoiding the flu. I must say I did not get the flu this year winter since I switched to alkaline water. I also learned that eating too much vegatables in a unbalanced manner can cause you to get sick from all the metal in the ground. I learned that from my last client of the day today Maggie. We were having a conversation about Steve Jobs and She told me how he was a picky eater and only liked to eat salads….she believes he didn’t balanced meals and all that metal on the vegatables could of caused him to get cancer. That makes sense to me. But then sickness is caused from imperfection and so many other factors. For example stress. I’m sure he wad stressed with the whole McIntosh Appple drama he went through. Bottom line, live a balanced life with lots of laugh in the middle of each episode.😇🤗

Today’s lunch at work. My spinach salad creation. 💓💓💓


My sister is life

One thing I can say my family is the funniest ever. I did a makeover yesterday, I was all proud of my work. I texted my sister to get feed back and this is her response. 🤣🤣🤣

Thank You

I want to take the time to thank each and every single one of you followers on wordpress. Between trying to get back on my feet and trying to hustle on social media, working long hours plus trying to care for my health can be a bit much. I’ve never had a real vacation. The one and only time I did was 29 years ago. Life has turned me into a workaholic. I did research and discovered that being a workaholic is as sign of PTS. Unlike the Japanese where their culture is to work themselves to death in Japan..I work as an escape. It’s not my culture. It’s caused me lots of health issues alopecia, anxiety..etc….I do notice I’m not so jittery since I stopped drinking killer kidney energy drinks Red Bulls and Monster drinks..alkaline is good for me right now.

.gotta go can’t be late to my eyebrow appointment..will keep you they turn out.

Going  crazy

I never understood why grown adults are hanging out where the teenagers are at on Snapchat. I get it!! It’s the filters!! It’s free botox, colored contacts…you feel like a kid. Like Peterpan😂😂

Before and After 

Three hours later before and after tonight. I need to get a chandelier with natural lights. I’m still having the same problem here with the  flourescent lights.  You can’t see the true color. Oh well.



Before and after 

Ladies please do not color your hair black then decide you want it light a few months later. Black is difficult to get out..this was the first session..its going to take me a couple of times to get the color the client and I both want.