I’m thinking of getting rid of a client. It takes a lot for me to get rid of clients. I’ve only done it like three times in 30 years. I had one show up 8 min late the other day…I didnt see her waiting for me in the lobby area. She comes to the door at 12:15 and lets me know she’s been waiting I said ok. My client that was in the studio with me was venting about about some family drama. She was crying  and upset. I tried to kindly get her to finish her story as I knew the  one that was waiting was going to have a hernia. Sure enough I went looking for her all over the place. I texted het twice and called her three times apologizing. She wouldn’t take any of my calls. This is the same person who told one of my new clients off one time who came to  ask me a question about hair. She ripped her head off and told her if she had any questions to book  appointment. I’m running a buisness I’m  not here to cater to people’s emotional neediness. I do the best that I can.  I’m in new location. I want new positive experiences. It’s not going to be perfect every single day but I have the right to refuse service to rude people. The rude client  doesn’t understand why she’s not married. I understand why. This is the same person who dropped her friend because her friend never asked about her dog. Seriously.  I thought  I had issues but homegirl took the icing on the cake.

Men’s fade cut

I just got done doing this fade clipper cut on a new client.  I must blog to keep from going nuts. This past 2 weeks have been insane. I’m in the middle of moving shops..someone did fraud on my checking account and stole $1,124 dollars on top of that my car was stolen and it was involved in a hit and run accident and got towed away. I cannot get a hold of the detective handling the case ..I’ve called numerous times I get no feed back no response. In the meantime I’m going to get booked for each day that my car is at the towing place. …I don’t ever catch a break ever,  it’s always one demonic trial after another. I cried yes to my mom yesterday  but I can’t cry today. I have no choice but to suck it up and endure this trial. All the stress and anxiety is not going to bring my car back and so I must just sit back and let this trial take it’s course. 


This new client found me on Yelp the other day. I don’t do Yelp. My doctor has the worse reviews ever and she’s the best doctor I’ve ever had. I have good reviews but when some new clients come in the shop they make strange faces. The salon I work in is pretty old..the decor is old fashion ..they turn up their noses make a a rude comment and don’t come back. That’s fine with me. I can do your hair in the alley, homeless shelter or a Beverly Hills Penthouse. It’s not the location it’s my skills. Don’t judge people by the appearance of where they work. Judge them by the service they provide. 

Guy Tang

Funny I took this picture with Guy Tang it’s a poster at the beauty supply store but my followers think it’s really him. Guy Tang is a famous hairstylist who blew up on social media and now he has his own color line. Amazing isn’t it. The bottom of the poster says to take a selfie with the poster and to hashtag #mydentity on Instagram. Why? Do I get a free class? Free products?  He acknowledged that I tagged him on my picture and he blew me a kiss. That’s it? LOL…I’m thankful that he blew me a kiss considering how many followers he has. I don’t think he would of ever acknowledged me had I not taken this picture with the poster. I do feel like a star though..Thank  you Guy Tang.. Thank you. This  was a good incentive to be more creative and to challenge myself more😍

So me

I’ve always had many female friends but I feel like fish out of water when I spend too much time with women. I’m not prissy but not manly. I cry but I’m not week. I feel just like that little upside down girl, only people that really know me get my humor..everyone else gets offended or take what I say too heart and too serious.  I’m so misunderstood🤗😍😄😍

Kat Von D

I am wearing the Kat Von D lipstick called Exorcism. I like the lipstick but why in the world would she name it that..LOL. ..I applied it in the car this morning on my way to work. I did not apply a lip liner I just did it in a rush like I do everything else 😁..I hope to be able to blog more about makeup one day and do reviews..but the way my life is set up I’m so busy I have to make appointments to take a shower. I honestly have no idea how single mothers do it. I respect all the single mothers in the world who are raising kids on their own and still find time to fix themselves up…I like the lipstick but it comes off just like the other ones. I thought it was long lasting wear but it’s more like it stays on until I take a sip from my coffee ☕


Let me tell you remember last year when I disappeared and I didn’t blog. Well I was in survivor mode. I was homeless in my car for two months. Steve Jobs, Harvey and Carmen Electra were homeless too at one time in their lives.  I don’t feel like a victim I feel  humbled and very greatful for ALL that I have. I won’t go into details on how I ended in the’s too long of a twisted story. At the time I was sick..I had cancer in the lining of my uterus but I still managed to come to work make my clients laugh and smiled like I always do. I didn’t miss my Christian meetings I missed 3 times the most. I did my makeup, payed bills etc. Some people knew others didn’t. Sometimes I would sneak a load of laundry in the back room at work and my coworkers would find a missing sock and ask me if it was mine ..LOL.  I would just smile and say “Oh! And  grab the sock and stick it in my purse. I would take showers at the gym, do my makeup at Sephora or mac. I was very tired from the lack of sleep. It’s not comfortable sleeping in a small Ford Focus…I knew Jehovah wasn’t going to leave me in the streets forever..I prayed, I cried, I was angry..but at the end he came through for me like he always does.. my childhood friend took me in and left me her apartment fully  furnished, clean, good hot water,comfortable bed. I can’t ask for anything more. I tell my story now because I survived the storm. I look at how pretty Carmen Electra is, how funny and successful Steve Harvey is and all that Jobs accomplished and I’m in awe. You see its not what happens to us but how thankful we are when our circumstances change. Are we going to make the best of it and keep pushing forward towards our dream or are we going to give up? The choice is yours. Be be very thankful for ALL that you have you never know when your coworkers are going to find your socks in the lunchroom 😊😇🤗