Beauty and the Beasts

This is my new client Daniela…I worked on her for 6 hours I did not finish her hair until 1:30 am last nite. She died her hair black with a box dye color. Box colors are the worse to get out of the hair. I understand why they have the box color memes….This was her first blonding session…I had to rebleach it 3 times…the black and red color she had did not want to come out. Please do not bleach your hair at home. You have to know what you are doing. I heard 6 hours of horror stories of Daniel’s life while I did her hair. I wish I would of recorded it. Her life has been a nightmare. She gave me the rights to blog about it and told me to share it here. I will try and keep it short ..Her mother is from Romania. I had no idea Romania was considered a third world country. Her mother was very poor they were lucky to sleep on pillows…Daniela’s father was a Mormon missionary the parents fell in love and he got Daniela’s mother pregnant…they move to the states and had 5 kids. The mother gets into a car accident killing two of her little ones. The father could never forgive her the mother and dumps her, the mother becomes a alcoholic and starts to verbally abuse Daniela (verbal abuse is more damaging than physical) Fast foward Daniela gets a scholarship and moves to California at 18 years of age from Washington but looses it all. When Daniela moved to California she was a beautiful blue yed barbie. She had no friends and innocently got involved with two new friends who introduced her to meth. She figured she could try it once and go on with her life. Nope. She got addicted and her life turned into darkness one of the friends turned nuts and rape her…she called her mother for help and her mother turned ice cold and told her she didn’t want to be bothered with her. Daniela was homeless at 18 living in cars getting beat by evil gangsters had her teeth knocked out..lost a baby from the beatings, she’s been jumped 4 times by fake female friends, she’s been in jail and sexually harassed by cops, she’s had her ribs broken. She told me she’s witnessed one gansgster possesed by demons after he shot up heroin. I believe it. She’s been spit on stabbed, choked, hit with guns. She’s only 29 but her face looks like shes 25 years older. You can see the hardness in her looks. She refused for me to show her face for this picture because of her missing teeth. She told me I was the first person in her life she’s ever told her life story to because people don’t listen. There is so much to her story but its too graphic for me to post. I don’t know when I will see her again. She can’t keep appointments she stood me up the first time and yesterday she showed up hours late. She is humble, generous, and witty. She’s a Beauty in a world of Beasts. I asked her what has she learned from her life experiences she said that evil exists, there is no loyalty and you have to learn to be little selfish because the more you give the more people will take advantage and use you. She’s not bitter she’s confident but she’s defitnely in a world of evil association. She’s driving around in a range rover. Her boyfriend pays for her rent even though he’s locked up somewhere in another state. I can only hope that one day she’s able to break the chain and leave the dirty women beater cholos behind. Any man that breaks a lady’s ribs is not a man but a demon possesed BEAST. A sissy if you ask me. Life is a journey from the choices we make….we all have the free will to make right and wrong choices…but if you get hooked on drugs it’s almost impossible to make a right choice. Out of everything she told me the most hurtful thing she told me how her parents disowned her at 18. They never looked for her, never cared that she was homeless, They even changed their phone numbers so she couldn’t contact them. You know what’s crazy about all of this Daniela’s mother owns her own hair salon in Ohio now with her new boyfriend. She abandoned all of the rest of her living kids when they turned 18 one of them being handicapped. Hairstylists are known for caring for people. How can you sit there and be kind and loving to your clients and treat your children so bad???? Don’t get me started on Daniela’s father he’s a longshoreman, her parents are getting paid boo hoo bucks $$$ why can’t they set her up take her to rehab?..Where is the natural affection? Where is the love? How can her mother call herself a human? Or a hairstylist? I’m glad she lives in Ohio that’s a woman I never want to meet. She abandoned her 18 year old handicap son to live alone in his car? What is wrong with people??!!! I don’t understand

women or men who throw away their kids for a new lover…

Ps) Daniela dyed her beautiful blond hair black because all her boyfriends cheated on her with black hair girls.😐

Tales of the chair stories. People confess more to me than they do their therapists or preachers…this is why I’m up till 3am…I’m a preacher a therapist and the coolest stylists your ever meet😉❤…..Hope she comes back I still need to finish my platinun blonding sessions on her.


Tales of the chair

My heart just jumped out of my blouse. My coworker had to bring her father with dementia to work today. She had no one to care for him today. Earlier in the day I went to the employee’s kitchen where we also do our laundry..I noticed her father eating chicken near the looked like he was trying to place the chicken in the dryer. He thought it was a microwave. I ran out the employee room, my client showed up and I went about my routine coloring hair. I forgot about him eating chicken looking lost near the dryers. I went to Bible class came back to the shop to come get my towels out the dryer to fold them. As I start taking the towels out I see pieces of meat coming out the dryer as I pulled the towels out. My heart sunk..I pulled out a leg…I thought it was a fetus a baby or something..the more I pulled out the towels the more I heard sharp noises in the dryer…I got so scared!!! Then it dawned on me it was the chicken my coworker’s father was eating earlier….I have to wash the towels again…the thought of dried cooked chicken on my towels is freaking me out 😆😆🤣….this is the stuff that goes on behind the scenes at the salon🖤

Lava honey 

I have one more week left before I’m done taking my antibiotic  and numbing medication for my esophagus burn. Remember I almost died last Monday for chugging hot melted honey in a tea cup with cinammon and a little bit of water.  I did not realize how hot it was and the water had spilled and evaporated in the microwave. I learned that you are not supposed to heat honey in the microwave.  You are supposed to pour the honey after the water has been heated. I still feel sore and it still hurts to eat or drink. I hope I look like a super model when I’m done with all this food and pain drama. The only way I can describe my freak accident is that it felt like hot lava was going down my throat😭😭

Hot tea

You won’t believe what happened to me this past Monday. I heated water with lots of honey and cinnamon in the microwave. I forgot that I had already reheated it…I took the cup out the microwave and cleaned up some of the water that spilled out the cup..I was rushing to go off to work and took a big chug of the cup. I wasnt paying attention and did not realise how hot the honey was. As soon as I swallowed the big gulp of honey tea I felt like lava was melting my insides. I started coughing and screaming and crying for dear life. I threw myself on the  bed crying in agony. I barfed and was in pain the rest of the day. Tuesday the next day I sleeped in bed all day in misery. It hurts to eat or drink, it feels like a torch turns on every time I place food in my mouth. The next day which was Wednesday I come to work in pain and tell my client what happened. She encourages me to go the doctors and so I did after I was done with her hair.  I went to see my doctor he sent me to Urgent care. I had to get two shots on my buttocks, antibiotics and a numbing medication.  I am on my way to pick up the antibiotics when I’m done typing this. I was placed on a liquid diet and can only eat baby food, soups or gello for the next couple of weeks.  I can’t laugh I can’t sleep..everything I do hurts my esophagus and stomach.  This was by far the worse pain even worse than my surgery last year. I don’t wish this on anyone. The only good thing that will come of this is weight loss. This experience taught me to slow down, take it easy, go to bed early and don’t rush. You can loose your life by not paying attention. I don’t know that I could ever drink teas or coffee again. I have to go back to the doctors in two days. It’s affecting my work performance. I can’t move freely. I’m  tired and exhausted. There is no time to give up now.  I have to many clients this weekened and bills to pay and hair extensions to buy😂
Slow down take your time and do it right. Until next time…talk to you later🖑

She told me I could 

I was at the shop till 3 am doing hair listening to tales last night. After I’m done with a client I have to clean up count my money whine down before I take the long trip home. This is Ashley I’ve known her since she was 11 years old. I haven’t seen her since and she hasn’t let anyone touch her hair either.  She told me that I could blog about her drug addiction experience and her stripper days. It all started with pain killer addiction which led her to go as far as injecting other drugs. She was homeless for three years sleeping in alleys, cars or sleeping on people’s sofas. She did three months in jail and was making six hundred dollars a nite as a stripper. She taught me how they are trained not to wear too much perfume, glitter or makeup so that it doesn’t get on the client’s clothes. Most of them are married and the club dont  want drama with their wives. I asked her if good looking men go to the clubs. She said the finer and more handsome they are the more twisted in the head they are. She’s been sober for five years is suffering depression but finally got out that dark lifestyle.  One part of her story that stood out to me was how she was drugged by other strippers the first or second nite she showed up for work. She reminded me how vicious women can be when it comes to competing for money and men. The story goes on but I must go rinse my client now her color is done. 

I made Ashley my new hair model , she’s going to let me try different colors and cuts. I’m so happy she’s alive and well. She’s not bitter or angry at her past, she found love and is happy with a good man that saved her from herself……how does her hair look.  To be continued.  Gotta go!!


The talk at the shop this week is Usher.  People are coming up 5 years later after being with him that he gave them herpes. One of the girls suing says she tested negative. I was believing the girl’s story first until I got fixated watching the TMZ videos.  I did research on herpes and it says it takes up to 20 after you’ve been infected to get an outbreak. How can you sue someone 5 years later? I’m sure she’s been with more people since then. This is when I thank God that I’m not famous. I can’t imagine what he’s going through.  People will sale their soul to Satan just to be able to sue someone for money.  


Let me tell you remember last year when I disappeared and I didn’t blog. Well I was in survivor mode. I was homeless in my car for two months. Steve Jobs, Harvey and Carmen Electra were homeless too at one time in their lives.  I don’t feel like a victim I feel  humbled and very greatful for ALL that I have. I won’t go into details on how I ended in the’s too long of a twisted story. At the time I was sick..I had cancer in the lining of my uterus but I still managed to come to work make my clients laugh and smiled like I always do. I didn’t miss my Christian meetings I missed 3 times the most. I did my makeup, payed bills etc. Some people knew others didn’t. Sometimes I would sneak a load of laundry in the back room at work and my coworkers would find a missing sock and ask me if it was mine ..LOL.  I would just smile and say “Oh! And  grab the sock and stick it in my purse. I would take showers at the gym, do my makeup at Sephora or mac. I was very tired from the lack of sleep. It’s not comfortable sleeping in a small Ford Focus…I knew Jehovah wasn’t going to leave me in the streets forever..I prayed, I cried, I was angry..but at the end he came through for me like he always does.. my childhood friend took me in and left me her apartment fully  furnished, clean, good hot water,comfortable bed. I can’t ask for anything more. I tell my story now because I survived the storm. I look at how pretty Carmen Electra is, how funny and successful Steve Harvey is and all that Jobs accomplished and I’m in awe. You see its not what happens to us but how thankful we are when our circumstances change. Are we going to make the best of it and keep pushing forward towards our dream or are we going to give up? The choice is yours. Be be very thankful for ALL that you have you never know when your coworkers are going to find your socks in the lunchroom 😊😇🤗

Scooba Doo


Some random lil  girl came into the shop this past Saturday  and told me she found  this wig and gave gave it to me. She told me I could use it on my bald clients. I busted out laughing. .and took it…it reminded me of Shaggy’s hair from Scooby Doo. ..she was very  persistent  and told me to keep it. The other kids that came with her were all laughing and spinning the wig on their  hands like a top…..I can’t use that wig on anyone. .who knows where it’s been.  For all I know this wig might of been used on some crime scene..haha…

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Tales of the chair


It’s been a loooooooong  time. Sorry I haven’t been posting I’ve been  venting to my friends instead. I like how we end up laughing our heads off at by the end of the conversation. Client is sitting  with her color. We were just discussing Sonia  Risken. She was a hairstylist  who had two of her husbands killedfor insurance  money. She had a shop in the next city over named Lomita. Google her. This is the stuff that movies  are made of. One of my coworkers use to work in her salon.  First of all killing your spouse  for five thousand  dollars is ludicrous. Number two are you nuts!! There is not enough to money in the world to be going around killing people. Heck if you were short on money open a instagram account  and hustle and network there.  Anyhoo..Sonia ended getting shot by her nephew. I take it she owed him money for the hit he did on her last hubby. So  sad indeed. Suffering is worse than death. She caused a lot of pain to her ex in laws who have to mourn for rest of their lives. ….

I colored my hair a black violet color today. It was time to change my whole attitude.  Behind every dramatic color change or hair cut there is an emotional  change or growth. Not for everyone  but for some of us.
I went through one of the craziest, saddest unexpected change this month. Thank goodness  today this month is over. I don’t want to remember it or relive it. Well time is up! I gotta rinse my client’s hair color now. Chao!

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