Before and after

I used the fanola shampoo to control the brassiness then toned it. I like the fanola shampoo it doesn’t make the hair feel hard like the shimmerlites shampoo.


Metalic Blond

Before and after on my loyal client that drives all the way from Vegas to get her hair colored by me. She’s good for my self esteem. I’m so flattered!

Platinum Blond

I just finished doing this about a couple of hours ago. My fingers hurt. I don’t like to wear gloves sometimes and the #bleach cuts my fingers. Here is the same bleach job on my highschool friend. The picture on the left of was taken with the flash on and the picture on the right is with no flash. It’s important to know this. You may want a certain hair color that you see in a picture….but you don’t know what kind of lighting it’s under. Her natural hair is black…she started to turn real gray and decided to go platinum so her grays could blend with the platinum and not look so obvious when it’s growing out…this did not happen over nite. It takes patience and time. Deep condition your hair inbetween bleaching sessions. Don’t use heat tools every single day and leave a little bit of the hair conditioner in your hair. Drink lots of water…take your hair vitamins and keep up with your hair trims. I’m sooooo tired. I don’t know what I just typed ๐Ÿ˜†….

Before and after

Just did Susan’s lowlights. The picture doesn’t do justice. I had to finish her hair today since we had a power outage yesterday. She’s the nicest person…she cleans the shop while her hair is processing and she feeds me…I’m stuffed right now..she got me some good Mexican food..yum!

No lights

We had a power outage at work today (Torrance) and you know what we did we just kept on…some of the girls finished their haircuts outside…we made the best out of the client used her cell phone light so that I could do her highlites…it was a funny adventure. I’m so happy to be part of the Sola Salons crew…we all get along so well drama… just a bunch of sweet loving girls. We all support and help each other….I finally found a salon where I can call home sweet home โคโค