Angled layered Bob

Color and cut. Today’s work.


Before and after hair color

It took 3 hours to get it like this.  It’s a lot of work. This is $200 job but she gave me $140..I.told her  $150 but she was short on cash. I’m following my first gut instinct to charge what the job is worth instead of charging cheap and then walking around all resentful. Charge your worth. At the end of the day if you are late to an appointment they will drop kick you and go somewhere else.

Its a 10 product review.

I’m slowly building up my back bar to sale products. It’s a 10 conditioner is amazing I  dont recommend it if you have oily hair, don’t spray it at the roots.  Concentrate mostly on the bottom part or your hair the crispy dry potato  chip part of your hair….LOL..only spray the root area if its dry. This product is also good for colored bleached over process hair….come get your bottle today!!

It’s all about the hair.

This is Michael and Giselle they are the ones who sold me hair extensions a couple of months ago. Remember I told you about Michael.  This is his girlfriend Giselle.  I love these too, they really take pride in their products  (hair extensions) and sales. They were so happy to see me. I told them about my new move to my own suite  they were  genuinely excited for me. I told Michael I needed more hair to make it look thicker as I want to start my new buisness adventure looking my best. I told him that more hair was going to make me feel good and that it would help me at the studio to attract more new clients . He stopped me and said “No!! Feeling good about yourself has nothing to do with hair it’s how you feel in the inside!! I agreed…and still do. I reasoned that if I get new hair I will look better and looking better will make me feel better on the inside. He agreed. See we agreed with each other’s views on feeling good. 😍

Michael told me he had the highest sales ever today. I  asked Michael if sales were higher today because Giselle is wearing hair extensions, they both agreed yes. Sales were SUPER high.  I told him it was the hair extensions  Giselle is wearing ..LOL …we laughed and agreed. It’s all about the hair.

They gave me a slice of pizza and told me that I was their favorite customer..that made my night💕💕 they are supporting my move to salon studio and even offered to both go and help me clip the hair on. My heart melted. These are good people.  They also told me that they noticed my hair is looking thicker since from the first time they met me. I told them I’ve been taking my potassium 😊…I forgot to mention I started taking the biotin my friend from my congregation gave me. She’s on chemo pills and she’s convinced that biotin shampoo and biotin vitamins are making her hair thicker. I can’t argue with that. Biotin works!!

I’m getting sleepy and delirious…but I want to keep blogging I want to tell you more stuff.

Before and After

Fade cut on my young friend. I call him Debarge, he reminds me of the 80s family singing group. Who remembers the song  All This Love💕…this is his first ever fade cut. His mother has been cutting his hair since he was little..he went to a another barber but the barber isn’t familiar with his type of hair.  It took me about and hour or longer to cut his hair due to good wholesome spiritual encouraging conversations. I don’t have much left to say except that I’m beat..looong day…ZzzzzZzzzzzzzz..