Same day blonding from black to blond today . It took me 5 hours. Drink alkaline water for good hair hydration, take vitamins and good quality hair products like Joico or It’s a Ten shampoo and conditioners. She wouldn’t allow me to give her a much needed trim. People dont realize that trims on damaged ends is needed. I can’t force I can only suggest. I enjoyed taking on this big task today. I used the mesh papers instead of foils to blond it out faster..I gave her foil highlites on the top of her crown area to give her contrast and demention. I want her to come back in two months so that l could perfect the color. It’s perfect for her. Her family and her love it I’m neurotica when it comes to my blonding sessions. I’m looking for a professional photographer I can barter with to take good pictures of my work. You must do good work but you must also give out a good presentation 😍


Good info

Good info to share and pass around. Many clients pull cash out the ATM for their hair services. Tell a friend.

Choppy Bangs

She wanted a whole different look she wanted to go darker with choppy bangs. I like it. It reminds me of the 60s. I did this last night. I pulled the color through the ends the last 5 minutes to tone down the ends but yet keeping it lighter. Than her root area. How does it look?😊