Deep thoughts tonight

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Changing my thought pattern one hour at a time

Love life

If you are not to sure about someone you are interested in just observe their Facebook activity for a few days. A person can only hide who they are for so long. I was getting to a know a person a few years back .  He came on strong had his kids write me letters claimed himself to be holier the tho.  You know us women we have that sixth sense Spider Man sense thing going on. I wake up one night and one of our mutual friend had posted pictures of herself in lingerie in the middle of the night. There was Big Head country boy slobbering all over her pictures. I asked him about it and you know what he said the typical answer “Oh we are just friends.” About three months later he got caught by a harem of women who started to suspect his playboy ways. We  all started messaging each other and found out how he was pimping us all. He was playing the me oh my I’m a single dad story.  He has seven kids by three different women. His two oldest children want nothing to do with him they believe he killed their sick mother. He ended up marrying one of the girls on his fb friends list. She has two boys and got pregnant and had a baby with him. They now have seven kids and teenagers living together supposedly happily ever after like the Brady Bunch family. Ummm I think not .  She use to throw jabs at me on her wall and say that he picked her over me because she wasn’t easy. Excuse me,  I never kissed the man. They live somewhere in Texas in a tiny town now. She’s from Chicago their kid must be 4 years old by now. I’m glad she married him. I dodged a bullet. Better her than me. I don’t want to be married to a man who’s ex in-laws accuse him of poisoning his first wife. Hold up  this story is not over. I spoke to one of his victims on the phone for like 5 hours one day and she told me she was dating him and that she found it odd and strange that he would call her upset because he couldn’t get a hold of her daughter. She had a beautiful daughter very exotic looking she is half black and white….things never added up with him. I would catch him in little lies. …I’m sure his new wifey doesn’t know how he was lusting a teen girl when he was courting her…listen ladies and gentlemen listen  to your gut  if something doesn’t  feel right it’s because it’s not. Don’t settle out of loneliness, pray in specific details about what it is that you are  looking for in a person. Write what you want and stick to it, it’s ok  if they don’t  match your perfect list,  2 or 3 things can be are not going to find the perfect person but at least  you know what you can and can’t tolerate on your list.

Ben Affleck

I never understood why a man would leave his own kids to take up living with a woman to raise her kids. It upsets me to see how his wife Jennifer stood by him through all his demons and he just gets up and leaves to shack up with some chick in NY. The new girl gets the new improved Ben while Jennifer is left raising her kids on her own. Something about this breakup haa turned me off with Ben Affleck. I don’t be watching his movies any time soon.

Hair extensions 

I did my child friend’s hair extensions today.  No glue or the other new techniques that pulls the hair out. I do it the old school sew in tracks. It lasts her about two months before she has to come in and redo them. She is one of the most confident people I know. Love her 🖤

2018 men’s hairstyles 

This is my nephew Emmanuel. I get a kick out of him. He calls me out and puts me in place, I love it coming from him. He’s twenty years old has been around me enough to know me more than I know myself. He had been going to another stylist because he says I don’t listen to him.. didn’t bother me..I’m glad he went..the stylist did  his hair pretty good. I don’t like to talk bad about other people’s work.  He came to me yesterday..I bleached his hair then applied the red. He was very happy with it. I did not get to blend his #fadecut like I wanted to since my client showed up and  I needed to start with her. He made an agreement to come at least once a month so that I could touch up his red again.. he was happy indeed. Here’s one of our typical conversations we had yesterday. 

Me: I look ugly today.  

Emmanuel: Ummm Hummm who you tellin..