Racism and skin color 

These are my sisters in faith. I want to show you how skin and looks has nothing to do with who or what you are. My friend Trish on the left with the blue eyes has black in her. He mother was biracial black and Irish and her father 100% German. She showed me pictures of her mother. Her mother definitely looked like a mixed woman.  Her hair gave it away big time. You could tell she could of used a realaxer or a press and curl. She was a littke darker than me. The point I’m making is this, people are so caught up in stirring racism hatred. Its the dumbest thing ever. You dont know what people are based on their looks. Judge people individually not by what the news stirs up. Instead of ridding the racism train talk to people get to know their background..let go of the baggage. Just let that mess go!

Love yourself 

Love yourself enough to take a break from users, freeloaders, indecisive mate potentials, toxix friends and haters.  You have no power to control anyone or any situation when you do things implode in your face. The only person you have control over us yourself.

Urgent Care

I had to cancel clients today do to a killer earache I’ve had for two days. I noticed since I’ve been on all kinds of medication I feel worse. My client who.is a nurse told me that high blood pressure medication can cause chest pains which I have ….I also remember her saying something about liquid in the lungs that can travel to the ears. Again I don’t remember her exact words but what she said makes sense or I could just have a infection for no reason.  Who knows?
I was fillling the paper work here at Urgent Care and it asked me what is my race and ethnicity.  In one of the questions I asked why? Does it make a difference what I am? My ear hurts bad I need help. I’m in pain hungry and irritable and I’m  stressin that I could not see my clients today. Thank goodness I have an awsome clientele who is loving and amazing ..I can’t wait to feel better soon  so that I can get my hands on their heads😍

Think about this

Many people are secret racists some just are bold and more upfront about it. I don’t understand it. I was raised in middle class all black neighborhood with the crips. Black girls were very mean to me growing up. They would call me a wetback. My back wasnt wet I was born in new Jersey and never heard that term before. In high-school my Latino friends would get irritated if I hung out with the blacks vice versa. My mother told me this story of when I was a baby and she took me to the beach and another little white baby wanted to play with me. The mother grabbed her baby so fast as if she didn’t want my skin to rub off on her baby. I’ve been burned and hurt by MANY races. My question is this do I hate them all because if what they did to me? No! I would have to move to the mountains and hide and become a hermit. People hurt people out of ignorance and evil hearts. Another thing many families have half brothers or Sisters of a different races. You can’t even tell they are related.  Siblings  move to other countries and states  and marry out of their race, which means that we  have family around the world. When you get a blood transfusion do you ask the doctor if the blood was donated by a black, Japanese or a white? It doesn’t matter to you right because you are so desperate to to live another 5 years.  Think about this, life is very stressful, the struggle is real. Why add anxiety about  not liking someone from another country? Why carry that baggage? I do believe there is a lot of truths in stereo types but I’ve also learned to give each individual the benefit of the doubt. I wouldn’t be a diversed hairstylist if I my mother taught me to hate. My clientel is so diversed I love it!! I can do a relaxer on one client and bleach the next one. You know the one thing my clients and I talk about?  We all talk about is the weather, celebrities, family drama, work etc. At the end of the day humans have more things in common but we tend to dwell on our 2% differences. That is where ignorance, hate, torture and killings come from. Let go of the baggage. Pray for your enemies forgive and move on. We are all brothers and sisters. Expand your horizons and eat some fried bananas, Thai and Korea food. You don’t know what you’re missing😊

How can you go to church and claim to love a God you can’t see if you hate his children that you can see?  We are made in his image meaning we have the emotions that he has. Love, jealousy, empathy etc. 
Matthew 22:39 “Your must love your neighbor as yourself.”
Let go of that negative baggage!!  The only bag you should be carrying on your back is a Louis Vuitton 😍😂👜👛🤗😘