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Limit yourself to folks who are micro managing your weaknesses and exploiting your faults. Clients included. Money isn’t everything. Its not worth loosing your mind or getting sick with stress by them. Surround yourself with those that bring out the best in you. Avoid dysfunction as much as possible.

Busy Busy Busy


I’ve been so busy.. But I haven’t forgotten you guys. Between clients, traffic, paying bills and staying up till almost 2am two nights ago untangling my mated hair extension after I shampooed them..LOL!! It doesn’t matter if I spend hundreds on hair extensions they aren’t as good as the package claims to be. It’s all lie…

Crazy story yesterday.  I can tell you about it because my client told me to to write a book after we fell out laughing. She goes on to tell me that her former doctor has been calling her leaving her messages where she felt was innapropiate…she knows his wife..and they have been friends for 30 something  years. She meets him for a cup of coffee to tell him to not leave her those messages because he’s  married and she’s not a LA homewrecker. She’s from back east. ..they dont play..anyhoo as she’s telling me the story I realize that I know the couple she is talking about. I was shocked. When I told her I knew them..we busted out laughing out of embarassment. I told told her don’t worry I have won’t tell the wife but that we had to go out for a drink and laugh about the whole thing. You know what I learned don’t judge people when you see a married man having a cup a coffee with a lady other than his wife. You don’t know if she’s tell him off. If someone who knew them saw them they would of thought that they were on romantic date. That was never the case.  My dignified client wanted to meet him to tell him to back off. Now when I see the married couple I have to act all clueless. Why tell the wife? Why ruin 30 year old friendships. The wife aint going to believe you anyways. I’ve seen this happen sooooooo many times. We both agreed not tell wifey to keep the peace.Let them live happily ever after❤ names will not be used on this story *Tales of the chair* to protect the innocent😂😁💇

Let me get out of bed now and hit the grind. Back to hustling and chasing after the wind before my one week vacation. Can you believe I am taking a vacation???!!!! The last time I took a vacation was when I was 21 years old and 18 years after that when I went to visit my father in Sacramento before he passed away from cancer. I can’t  see how people take vacations every 3 months. I don’t know how they can hold a job. Well I’ve seen two get fired so far. Vacation time is available but when you abuse  vacation time, karma comes around the corner. I have to keep hustling for the next two weeks because I don’t want think about hair when I’m blogging no sneaking on Facebook, no Pinterest,  no Instagram. My poor Lil thumbs will get a typing rest. Hehe.  Bye guys👋😂💇😁💃



I did this today. She has cancer and asked me not to act differently with her. And so we did celebrity gossip instead. She’s been a loyal client for years.

I broke my diet and drank wine..(feeling bueno) I have to go find a doctor tomorrow to make sure  I make an appointment to test me to see that I don’t have the *C* word illness. The thought of having to deal with my ghetto insurance will make anyone drink.  Insurance, doctors, everyone and their momma gives me the run around. #forreal when it comes to making doctor’s appt.

I am sick, might as well make the best  of it with humor and a good buzz❤💇💝👌



Okay I better get out bed and face the world. I thought I’d leave you with this funny meme. My sister and I text each other funny stuff to make our days go by smoother..humor is the only way to survive this jungle out here.😂😁:D😅

Thank you!!


I want to thank my loyal followers here on wordpress out of all me apps I use to hustle and market my work I am more fond of WordPress. You are my diary. You don’t say much but I know your listening. Its like a secret/public world back here. I don’t have the stress and drama that goes on Facebook. Something good and big is going to come out WordPress for me. You put up with my ups and downs and show support. I sincerely appreciate you all

BTW I love to sleep. My life has the tendacy to fall apart when I’m awake but I will wake up to blog for you guys..agape💕

Love your life. Feeling thoughtful today


Lessoned learned this month. Love your life and complain less. Who cares where you live, what kind of car you drive..chasing happiness thinking that someone else is responsible for it is elusive. Be thankful for the good and the bad. The bigger the pain the bigger the lesson. The faster we learn from our mistakes and move on the happier you will be. Don’t sweat the small stuff, you don’t know peoples’ demons and battles within. Sometimes the ones with the biggest smile are hurting the most. Don’t be jealous and envious  of smiley folks. Respect them for putting up an appearance.  Don’t take what you have at this momment for granted. It may all be gone tomorrow. Count your blessing including your toes. Fall in love with your life and then people will fall for you💕