Before and After 

Three hours later before and after tonight. I need to get a chandelier with natural lights. I’m still having the same problem here with the  flourescent lights.  You can’t see the true color. Oh well.




Before and after 

Ladies please do not color your hair black then decide you want it light a few months later. Black is difficult to get out..this was the first session..its going to take me a couple of times to get the color the client and I both want.

Before and after hair color

It took 3 hours to get it like this.  It’s a lot of work. This is $200 job but she gave me $140..I.told her  $150 but she was short on cash. I’m following my first gut instinct to charge what the job is worth instead of charging cheap and then walking around all resentful. Charge your worth. At the end of the day if you are late to an appointment they will drop kick you and go somewhere else.

Purple ombre

I don’t know if I posted this picture or not, just got done with work. Long day. I did this last nite..I love when my clients send me selfies. I enjoy doing all the fun colors..I feel like  a kid playing with playdo.😀

Hairdresser problems 

This is a perfect example at how you get treated when you don’t charge your worth and you give people discounts. I charged her $90 for a $350 dollar job. She wants platinum blond and her hair is black. These things take time. Cut the story short its never blond enough for her she comes in once a year. You need consistency on your blond sesions. I offered to do one session free next week. We got into a uncomfortable text message feud  today and that was her last text to me. Good riddence!!🤣🤣 I’m glad I’m releasing negative vibes out of my life.  I need to take a past due vacation I can’t do it giving discounts.

Hair color

I darkened Jenna’s haircolor..I lost a bag full of brand new haircolors. I think I left it in a Uber car. I’m really liking the new salon where I work but my back is killing from all the stress of Chase bank not reimbursing me my  $1,124 fraudulent check and my car being stolen and crashed into a pole. Jehovah God is good to me, one of my elders from my old congregation gave me a thousand dollars to help me out. I’m happy that I finally got my own private studio salon but I’m also in a state of shock of all that I’ve been going through.  It took me 5 hours on Saturday to move my stuff from the old shop and rearrange everything.  Mind you I don’t have much.  Everyone at Sola’s salon is so pleasant helpful and nice!! The girls dress pretty, wear make up and take care of their appearance.  I love the energy and vibe. Everyone is happy when you are not in each other’s face all day 😂🤣 the private studios makes it all the better. You don’t have burning incents all day. I can eat in peace without bumping into anyone while I’m trying to mix my hair color,.the list goes on..I’m happy. I hope that May finds a awesome person to rent the space where I was at, she says she’s leaving it open for me to come back..I can’t go back. May is the nicest salon owner I’ve ever worked at. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I outgrew replace. I felt like I was working in a convelesent hospital. There would be like 4 walkers in the way when I would  try to rinse my client’s highlights..I’m so hyper I feared the worse. I felt like I would bump into one of those fragile seniors and make them fall. Maybe one day when I retire I will give free hair services to the elderly. That would be nice. For now  this is a new beginning a new chapter of Tales  Of The Chair.