I’m so excited and thankful my cousin  is making a webiste for me for my new shop. She asked me if I wanted a blog. I said no. I want to keep blogging here. You guys have been listening to me since before I got my lil salon. I’m  not going to leave and blog somwhere’ve been with me through my journey since day one. I owe it to my wordpress followers 💕🖤💕

Kenra metalics

This a Holly’s hair in the outdoor lighting. Hair color looks completely different in outdoor and indoor lighting. Let  me tell you taking hair pictures of hair is so much harder than doing the actual hair. There is no justice unless you use filters. I don’t like using filters on my hair color pictures as I feel like I’m cheating. Holly’s hair looked awesome when I was done but again you can’t tell the true colors on here. I’m going for the silver metalic hair color look on her. It’s the best color to blend your grays so when her hair grows out you don’t see the heavy line of demarcation. Non the less we were both happy with the hair color results..

Ps) Holly is my facial girl. She takes good care of my skin..we barter. Bartering is the best for service that are not in your budget😍

Braided beard

I had a interesting experience today. My client referred me this nice man to me. Let’s call him Kevin, I can’t remember his name 🤔…when he walked in he looked  a little some kind of biker from the midwest. He is from California and he’s a RN nurse and a supervisor for the intensive care at the hospital he works. He told me he needed to make his beard look neat because his higher ups keep telling him that his beard looks unkept. You should of seen what he looked like when when walked in! We decided to braid his beard, trim his mustache and give him a hair cut. Tada!! This is the after look. He’s a nurse and so you know I had to talk to him about potassium LOL!!!..I told him about my hair loss and how sick I was from not taking it. His eyes got big and bulged. He told me that potassium deficiency not only causes heart problems it causes other problems in your organs…he told me he’s surprised I’m doing better,  lack of potassium is a serious.  Those were his last words about the matter and then we went on trying to get ideas on how to make his facial hair look neater. This is what we came up with. He doesn’t want to get rid of his beard. He wants it longer. I suggested that he keeps braiding it and keep his mustache trimmed. 
My clientel is so diversed. I wouldn’t trade my career for another one unless I had too. I have the best conversations, I laugh and most of all I learn a lot. I learned don’t judge people. Kevin is a nurse you would never guess by looking at him..don’t be afraid of all men with beards they might save your life…
Ok..I better go to sleep eyes are shutting down. Good night everyone. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzz😴😴

It’s all about the hair.

This is Michael and Giselle they are the ones who sold me hair extensions a couple of months ago. Remember I told you about Michael.  This is his girlfriend Giselle.  I love these too, they really take pride in their products  (hair extensions) and sales. They were so happy to see me. I told them about my new move to my own suite  they were  genuinely excited for me. I told Michael I needed more hair to make it look thicker as I want to start my new buisness adventure looking my best. I told him that more hair was going to make me feel good and that it would help me at the studio to attract more new clients . He stopped me and said “No!! Feeling good about yourself has nothing to do with hair it’s how you feel in the inside!! I agreed…and still do. I reasoned that if I get new hair I will look better and looking better will make me feel better on the inside. He agreed. See we agreed with each other’s views on feeling good. 😍

Michael told me he had the highest sales ever today. I  asked Michael if sales were higher today because Giselle is wearing hair extensions, they both agreed yes. Sales were SUPER high.  I told him it was the hair extensions  Giselle is wearing ..LOL …we laughed and agreed. It’s all about the hair.

They gave me a slice of pizza and told me that I was their favorite customer..that made my night💕💕 they are supporting my move to salon studio and even offered to both go and help me clip the hair on. My heart melted. These are good people.  They also told me that they noticed my hair is looking thicker since from the first time they met me. I told them I’ve been taking my potassium 😊…I forgot to mention I started taking the biotin my friend from my congregation gave me. She’s on chemo pills and she’s convinced that biotin shampoo and biotin vitamins are making her hair thicker. I can’t argue with that. Biotin works!!

I’m getting sleepy and delirious…but I want to keep blogging I want to tell you more stuff.

I did it!

I got the courage to put a down payment on my own studio after much consideration. I had been praying about it for a while.  I outgrew the salon where I work. The rent is going to be higher but at least I can charge what I’m worth. I’m self employed and I  pay my rent weekly whether I had a good week or not. When you rent a chair from a salon owner some start acting get bombarded with questions like what time did you leave or come on? Where are you going? Why did you charge her that much? Look you are not my mate.  Don’t question me with personal guestions, just be happy that you are getting paid every Saturday. My rent is cheaper where I work but I let go of my appearance, everything is old I don’t have the

desire to fix myself .

..I’ve been super patient for 10 years now it’s time to move.  I don’t have to worry about my clients getting asthma attacks from the burning incents to Buddha..3 times a day. I don’t have stress about working late and given a deposition as to why my client showed up late. I don’t have to worry about accidentally bumping


into the elderly. I love the elderly but it makes me anxious when there are 10 in the shop at the same time and I have to run to rinse a bleach job. I’m afraid I will trip and knock one down. I feel happy with my choice to gut told me it was time. The vibe is energetic and stylish. I was inspired by the other stylists working in their suites today! They all looked so pretty with their makeup and hair done. I can’t  wait to start doing more for me. I start in two weeks. I have to get the room painted…I pick the colors tomorrow and I have to do some paper work before I start. I have my key, I’m so excited!!

Before and after hair color 

I did this bleach color yesterday I toned it with Pm Shines level 9. When it comes to hair color it’s not as easy as it looks or sound. I can apply the same hair color on 5 different people and it will come out completely different on all 5. It all depends on the porosity and texture of the hair. Some clients don’t remember when  they last colored their hair, if the hair has five different prior  color jobs it will come out different  as well. If you are wanting to go blonder make sure that you take good care of you hair with protein and good moisturizing treatments before your next hair appointment. Do not use cheap hair products, invest in your hair it’s your crown and glory☺