Sew in track extensions 

I do the old school track see in extensions. I did her hair a couple of weeks ago. She gets her own hair at Pauline’s in Bellflower  (they sale the best human hair there) it’s so crazy I went in to go check out their hair yesterday and the have to buzz you in the store. Stealing hair is the new thing.  It gets so expensive. I’ve yet to find a company that sales good quality clip on hair extensions. Real good hair comes in bundles or wefts but not on clipons go figure. My friend here in this picture spends about $300 on a bundle of hair and it will last her forever…I re-use the hair for about a year…before she has to go buy more. It’s worth the price. Unlike me I spend  money every two or three months buying cheap clipons. 


Comb twist coils

I did my cousin’s son’s hair yesterday..he was sporting a short afro but wanted something fresh and different. I sprayed warm water with a little bit of hair conditioner and  avocado oil…I also used hair pomade and that hard cement gel called (Got 2 be glued)…I sprayed his hair with the warm water bottle and took small sections of his hair and twisted his hair into coil twists. It was very important for me to see his hair looking shinny and smooth there is nothing sadder looking than dry brittle broom looking hair. I know it’s the style but I can’t have my clients walking around like a crusty brillo pad. …..anyhoo it was so good to see DJ…he’s grown into a mature nice gentleman. His  rap album is dropping on January 16th. He’s a good rapper just a little concerned with all the foul language. I’m sure the radio is going to edit it. Funny how his music is not representing his kind gentle side..I guess you have to face and cave in into what the kids are into nowadays, trap music.  None the less I’m hoping him and Drake can do a song together..a cute song about how they think ladies are queens and we deserve  to be treated like crystal glass ….is that too mushy?🤣

If you are into trap music you can follow my adorable DJ’S Instagram page at @vince_2turnt or check him out at Sound Cloud.  I can’t get into the new music but I can support my family’s dreams💜🖤

Ps) The name of the album is Black Out.

#platanopower 😉 #lovemyfamilia


I just did this before and after makeover on my friend..I’ve always wanted to do more makeup but it’s so expensive and tedious…the reward is worth it when you see the big smile on the client’s face.😍


The talk at the shop this week is Usher.  People are coming up 5 years later after being with him that he gave them herpes. One of the girls suing says she tested negative. I was believing the girl’s story first until I got fixated watching the TMZ videos.  I did research on herpes and it says it takes up to 20 after you’ve been infected to get an outbreak. How can you sue someone 5 years later? I’m sure she’s been with more people since then. This is when I thank God that I’m not famous. I can’t imagine what he’s going through.  People will sale their soul to Satan just to be able to sue someone for money.  


I did not watch the grammys but I heard all the talk about  Adele wanting Beyonce to win. So let me get this straight,  Adele makes an album hoping that Beyonce wins? This ain’t the Beyonce show.  You can’t win everything. Adele is a better singer, has a better album. Adele were you trying to come off as being modest hoping someone else would win? These shows are getting stranger by the year. Beyonce is a performer. But how many mechanical gyrating moves can you do. It’s the same thing over and over again. I get it you have a nice weave and thighs but it’s time to sit down and pass the torch. ..I’m not hating on Beyonce I’m just keeping it real. I personally like Rhianna’s music more diversed. She’s not stuck in the cookie cutter production. ..this is the stuff my clientele and I talk about. Music, fashion,and food. It makes the hair appointment more entertaining…😊😎😉


I don’t know what it is about me that I get blocked from wanna be celebrities.  Very Stiviano blocked me from  Instagram and now Amber Rose blocked me. You know what’s crazy people call them the worse vile names. I don’t curse them out but something about my replies or  questions must hit a nerve. Amber Rose calls herself a certified vile name. She promotes promiscuity, her memes are dirty vulgar. . I DON’T KNOW OF ANY MAN OR RAPPER WHO TALKS AS DIRTY AS HER. She posted a meme a couple of weeks ago saying that she is not ashamed to be called the vile name she uses for herself. 

( Not the exact words) I replied to her and told her that she is trying to use reverse psychology  by calling herself the vile name to make it seem like she is empowered. But that she’s not empowered because she knows deep inside people know that she is the vile name she calls herself. Next thing I know she blocked me. My clients laugh and cheer me on. They think I should be a talk show host. I hit nerves. I ask questions. I read em deep.😉 

I feel if you are in a position to have young lost girls look up to you you should  use it your advantage and teach them  self respect. Teach them to stay in school and not twerk their way to strip clubs. Teach them not to sleep around, to get a degree, read a book. I mean Amber has a son. I don’t think she cares about the psychological damage she can cause on her son. I would be mortified dead if my mom was behaving like her. But then again it’s the industry. You have to sale your soul to  the devil for 15 minutes of fame.

What do you mean


I’ve been caught up in the Justin Bieber drama. What do you mean he can’t post pictures of Sofie Richie on his social media without getting bullied and harrassed. His ex Selena Gomez jumped in on  the drama and stirred the pot sad since I like her.  Justin ended deleting his Twitter account. I don’t understand what was so bad about him asking his fans to be respectful to his friend Sofia Richie. You know I had to stick for her. I grew up listening to Sofia’s father Lionel Richie..Hello🤗😍… He was the last good generation of singers who didn’t  sing about sex tapes, twerking, and all this #ratchetness  that’s going on😂. .. Oh my, I have two more weeks before I go back to work from my recovery. I miss my clients so much.  I can’t wait to touch their hair.  My anxiety is starting to come back. Back to the grind. ..LOL 😁😂

I miss blogging 😁😁😁

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