Makeup product review

This is the can of spray that I’ve been using the past couple of weeks. I’ve been getting so many compliments on my makeup. I like it because I just spray it on. I really don’t have that kind of time to be blending my foundations. I spray it all over and dab extra product off with a tissue. Now let me tell you it doesn’t smell good at all. I can smell all the chemicals in the can. Make sure your mouth is closed while your holding your breath as you spray it on😊. ..I give this Sephora can spray a A-.


Respect #makeup

I have to give Kim Kardashian credit where credit is due. She makes a living posting selfies all day. Let me tell you…makeup is no joke doing good make take lots of practice and patience, on top of that you have to get the perfect pose and filter it just right. Pictures don’t do justice. Practice makes perfect but sleep and hydration makes your makeup look even better💕 I respect Kim’s makeup selfies. The ones with her clothes on that is 😅


I only had one client today and so I decided to do my makeup. Doing makeup and taking pictures after is so draining🤣🤣 goodness gracious how does Kim Kardashian do this aaaaaaall day. It’s not becoming me. Maybe the more I do it the more I will get into it.


I’m really enjoying the challenge of doing makeup. Its a complete different world…I understand why makeup artists charge so much. You could never have enough makeup. Everyone’s skin is so different, shape of face, eyelids etc…..Here is the airbrush makeup I did last gives you a smooth look like your face has been filtered. It was a little hard trying to get the hang of it but once I got it I took off🤣 how does she look? Do you guys like it? It was my first time airbrushing makeup.❤

Before and after

Hi, so this is the before and after airbrush makeup I did last night…I love the airbrush look it gives the face a filtered dewy glow look! I will pod5 more pictures later the first time I tried it on her it looked so blotchy. I had to make sure I kept moving in circular motion…its not as easy as they claim it is but I like the challange. ❤


I have such a generous loving clientel..I’ve been telling them that I’m slowly getting into makeup and they’ve been so supportive. My client Angell gavr me this brand new airbrushing kit that she’s never used. My friend is on her way and I’m going to try it on her tonight……I will post pictures later tonight or be continued…