I just did this before and after makeover on my friend..I’ve always wanted to do more makeup but it’s so expensive and tedious…the reward is worth it when you see the big smile on the client’s face.😍



This is what eyelashes extensions are supposed to look like. Not like glued tarantulas. This is my client Rosa she got her eyelashes done by one of the girls that works in one of the suites across from me. Rosa is a single mother who I really respect. She is a mother of three. She put herself through nursing school…she is one on the nurses who schooled me on Potassium.  Remember the drama,  my hair fell out from deficiency. BTW my hair is growing back I take my prescribed potassium religiously…dont mess around with your medication. I want to get my lashes done as well..but I have to take care of some things first. Fix yourself inside and out. Your body is your temple. Rest, eat right and the best that you can be.💙

Hello makeup 

Hello long time. I’m chasing life. I started taking fish oil about a month ago after my potasium defiency fiasco. My skin was dull dry and it looked ashy like I had been smoking a pack of cigarettes. I bought Mac liquid foundation and have been really good about using a skin lightner on my uneven skin patches. This is the results. I’m slowly looking better. My nephew did my makeup yesterday he always says auntie you do it wrong. He goes in and blends it for me so I dont look like a Cabbage Patch kid. I got my first compliment on my skin since I started using the fish oil. The girl at the beauty supply store told me that I looked like I had a glow.
I got my car back after it had been stolen and crashes into a pole. A week later some guy fell asleep behind the wheel and smashed my side rearview mirrow and broke it. It was so stressfull driving to work on the 91 fwy not being able to see. Later on that day I went to the 99 cent store bought a hand mirrow broke the handle and taped it up. It’s drivable. I still havent been reimbursed the money that was stolen from my bank. It has set me finacially in the dark. I opened a hair salon with no money. It all went to getting my  car back and running. I’m chasing life trying to maneuver how I’m going to go about it. I cant turn around. I’ve come too far I must be strong and keep the faith that I will succeed. Failure isnt an option.  We fall but we must get back up with all your fears, worries, stresses that come our ways. Emotions will always be there but time waits for no one.


I’m so excited and thankful my cousin  is making a webiste for me for my new shop. She asked me if I wanted a blog. I said no. I want to keep blogging here. You guys have been listening to me since before I got my lil salon. I’m  not going to leave and blog somwhere’ve been with me through my journey since day one. I owe it to my wordpress followers 💕🖤💕

Braided beard

I had a interesting experience today. My client referred me this nice man to me. Let’s call him Kevin, I can’t remember his name 🤔…when he walked in he looked  a little some kind of biker from the midwest. He is from California and he’s a RN nurse and a supervisor for the intensive care at the hospital he works. He told me he needed to make his beard look neat because his higher ups keep telling him that his beard looks unkept. You should of seen what he looked like when when walked in! We decided to braid his beard, trim his mustache and give him a hair cut. Tada!! This is the after look. He’s a nurse and so you know I had to talk to him about potassium LOL!!!..I told him about my hair loss and how sick I was from not taking it. His eyes got big and bulged. He told me that potassium deficiency not only causes heart problems it causes other problems in your organs…he told me he’s surprised I’m doing better,  lack of potassium is a serious.  Those were his last words about the matter and then we went on trying to get ideas on how to make his facial hair look neater. This is what we came up with. He doesn’t want to get rid of his beard. He wants it longer. I suggested that he keeps braiding it and keep his mustache trimmed. 
My clientel is so diversed. I wouldn’t trade my career for another one unless I had too. I have the best conversations, I laugh and most of all I learn a lot. I learned don’t judge people. Kevin is a nurse you would never guess by looking at him..don’t be afraid of all men with beards they might save your life…
Ok..I better go to sleep eyes are shutting down. Good night everyone. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzz😴😴


Color retouch and highlites. Her hair is black but now it’s gray. She doesn’t want people to know that she’s naturaly black.  You ain’t heard it from me😂😂’s took me a while to get it like this. This doesn’t happen over nite. Patience. Patience.

Skin products 

Let me tell you, about 13 years ago my skin got ruined with microdermabrassion. 

I’m not one to be in the sun I work too much. I go in early and come out at nite. I wore sunscreen but not religiously every single day. I noticed by the third week after getting the forehead developed this dark big ugly patch. It looked like I had the Canadian map on my forehead.  It’s been an on going battle I’ve tried everything. A client told me to try cocoa butter. She has beautiful skin and I figured why not he skin looks good! I did not spend a lot of money..I’ve been wearing it for about 4 the third week I noticed my skin was getting darker and strange looking.  I remember a few people telling me that sometimes skin patches get darker before it lightens up. We’ll today I went to my skin doctor that keeps me young if you know what I mean. 😁😁  the receptionist took some pictures of me and she compared my pictures to one’s I had taken 3 months earlier. She blurted out “Your skin is getting lighter!! I did notice it but I don’t want to get too excited..she asked me what I’ve been using and I told her….I saw the pictures and noticed a big difference..soon after my doctor showed up and I got my rejuvenating shots. That’s a better way for me to describe it..LOL!!! I left happy like always and headed to work. I will post pictures later of the products I’ve been using..hopefully they will help you as well. Remember change doesn’t happen over nite. These things take a looong time.
 I better charge my cell now…I want to keep blogging but I must sleep now.😴😴  

Hasta la vista!!


When I post hair pictures of my work on Instagram I sometimes hash tag #fixyourself, that can mean anything from your hair, attitude, relationships self growth, you name it. This is me today after  Sunday service. I took my time doing my make up.. I was a little frustrated that I couldn’t find some of my brushes.  It’s okay it gives me an excuse to go back to the makeup store. I colored my grays last night..tried to go to bed early.  You know the best filter for pictures is taking care of your health and skin…but most of all taking care of your emotional being. Stress and sadness can age you rapidly especially. When you get dumped, don’t turn to drinking alcohol, smoking and letting yourself go. That is the time to love yourself more than ever. Join the gym, do soul searching and work on your inner beauty even when others don’t see the changes, eventually someone will notice your virtues, integrity and goodness, you will attract positive people and continue to grow. No matter what your going through take the time to #Fixyourself.


Experience tells me when a new person walks in and tells me that she’s never been happy with the way six different hairstylists did her hair I know that she’s not going to be happy with me either. Sometimes people are just unhappy people, it doesn’t matter who does their hair they will never be satisfied. They have internal issues. Save yourself the time and drama and just tell them you can’t do it.