Blond Latina 

This did not happen over nite her hair is black. I like to take my time and blonde people out. Yes it’s possible to do it over nite but I like to pay attention to how the hair is going to react with the #bleach.  I recommend that you do a deep conditioner at home or in the salon if you can a day or two before your blonding sessions. Keep your ends trimmed and take lots of vitamins. Dont forget to drink lots of water as well. 


 The Best

You may not be where you want to be but it doesnt mean that you cant do what you need to do. Take the word try out of your vocabulary and just do what you can in your circumstances. No one is going to rescue you. You are responsible for your life.  You are the captain of your ship. Be the best that you can be and all else will follow. 
It’s 4am. I think I better go to bed now. I’ll talk you to all later..nite nite..😴😴😴 

 I’m back

Sorry I’v been neglecting my blog.I got caught trying to catch up with life and trying to take care of my health. I have extreme fatigue. This past week I’ve been falling asleep in my car when I’m off work and I dont wake up till 2 or 3 in the morning. I dont know if I’m burnt out from all that car drama I had going on and switching shops. On the positive side I went on my first real date.My first proper date…I had the best week of my life. I was running away from this person he had been trying for the longest time to get me to get to know him. Funny how women are (me) I didnt notice him until I saw a picture of him on his facebook wall with a lady friend..LOL..all of a sudden he became interesting.We met for mexican food. I had to wait an hour for him to get there..he was stuck in traffic visiting from Hawaii. I had prayed the nite before and same day we met that the man for me would buy me flowers, as I sat there eating chips and salsa I looked up and he’s walking in with a bouquet of flowers!! I got up from the table and ran to him like a bachelorette contestant. We hugged like we knew each other for many years. We talked and talked and ate and talk. I will tell you more about it later. I’m taking a facebook break. I am on a project of disciplining my emotions. I dont want to start blowing up his cell with text or calls. I want my experience with him to marinate and go with the flow…to be continued….

Yes indeed 

This is a true fact. I just want to blog and speak with my  three friends. Think twice before you express yourself to people who don’t  know you or are envious of you. It can backfire 360 degrees. Learn from your mistakes and work very hard at not repeating them.



This is Michael we went to beauty college at Flavios together  in Gardena 29 years ago. I have a special spot in my heart for him. I stopped by the JC  Penneys salon  just now to say hello to my ol coworkers. I worked  at JC Pennys for a short time. Michael and I were just reminiscing our beauty  college  days. I’m sure our teachers are sleeping in death. We had a Japanese  teacher named Miss Amy..who was like 5ft tall. She use to wear big plat form shoes a burnt looking afro perm and would color her hair a brassy orange color with these spider fake lookin eyelashes. She looked like a cartoon. Mrs Brown was older. She use to always tell me over and over again  if your not going to do it right don’t it at all. Profound words of wisdom. I use be so impatient  and keep checking my perm rods right after I saturated the hair with the nasty smelling perm solution.  Can’t  they make those things smell better! LOL…Michael went straight from beauty  college  to JC Pennys. It’s the one and only salon he’s ever worked  at. He’s set  with a good retirement plan and benefits when he leaves. I on the other hand have worked in 9 different  hair salons. Was young  and not too stable.  I could never find the perfect salon that catered to my diversed clientele.  The black salons would be mean  to my white and Hispanic clients. The Hispanic  salons weren’t too friendly to my black and white clients. The white salon  owner named Debra would make my black clients pay first. It was a hot mess! I finally ended in a Chinese  hair salon. No drama  no racial issues just straight up buisness  just like I like it. May the salon owner treats  ALL my clients equal. I’m blessed to have found the perfect spot for me. I wish the whole world would be like  nice like May💛

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Unless it’s WordPress 😍 seriously  be careful don’t do it. Think very hard who you are going to vent to its  better not to say too much,  talking to the wrong person  can backfire. 1) They can bring up the conversation in front of others at the wrong place in front of others 2) You will forget what you vented about and they wont. They will resent the person you vented about after you’ve already made the peace with the one you vented about. 3) You don’t want to come off as a Debbie Downer 4) Don’t vent about a guy you like. It will draw attention to him and next thing you know
your friend is super extra  friendly to him. 5) Some people really don’t care about you. They just want to be nosy. 6) Don’t always  trust old ladies. Some aren’t as innocent as they look. They still have feelings and fall for guys 30 years younger than them and will  ruin your  reputation so he won’t get a chance to get to know you. 7) Not all coworkers are cool whatever you tell them in confidence  they will rat you out to your boss if it means your going to get a raise or a higher  position. 8) Some people are like crabs..they will pull you down when the water gets hot.  9) Get a handful of trusted friends and even better if they live out of state. 10) Don’t ask nosy personal questions. The less you know the better.

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