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Limit yourself to folks who are micro managing your weaknesses and exploiting your faults. Clients included. Money isn’t everything. Its not worth loosing your mind or getting sick with stress by them. Surround yourself with those that bring out the best in you. Avoid dysfunction as much as possible.



I did this today. She has cancer and asked me not to act differently with her. And so we did celebrity gossip instead. She’s been a loyal client for years.

I broke my diet and drank wine..(feeling bueno) I have to go find a doctor tomorrow to make sure  I make an appointment to test me to see that I don’t have the *C* word illness. The thought of having to deal with my ghetto insurance will make anyone drink.  Insurance, doctors, everyone and their momma gives me the run around. #forreal when it comes to making doctor’s appt.

I am sick, might as well make the best  of it with humor and a good buzz❤💇💝👌



Okay I better get out bed and face the world. I thought I’d leave you with this funny meme. My sister and I text each other funny stuff to make our days go by smoother..humor is the only way to survive this jungle out here.😂😁:D😅

Thank you!!


I want to thank my loyal followers here on wordpress out of all me apps I use to hustle and market my work I am more fond of WordPress. You are my diary. You don’t say much but I know your listening. Its like a secret/public world back here. I don’t have the stress and drama that goes on Facebook. Something good and big is going to come out WordPress for me. You put up with my ups and downs and show support. I sincerely appreciate you all

BTW I love to sleep. My life has the tendacy to fall apart when I’m awake but I will wake up to blog for you guys..agape💕

Love your life. Feeling thoughtful today


Lessoned learned this month. Love your life and complain less. Who cares where you live, what kind of car you drive..chasing happiness thinking that someone else is responsible for it is elusive. Be thankful for the good and the bad. The bigger the pain the bigger the lesson. The faster we learn from our mistakes and move on the happier you will be. Don’t sweat the small stuff, you don’t know peoples’ demons and battles within. Sometimes the ones with the biggest smile are hurting the most. Don’t be jealous and envious  of smiley folks. Respect them for putting up an appearance.  Don’t take what you have at this momment for granted. It may all be gone tomorrow. Count your blessing including your toes. Fall in love with your life and then people will fall for you💕

The hottest


Sade is the hottest woman I know in her 50s. I’ve been to many concerts, she’s the only one I know who who doesn’t act ratchet. She’s like the classiest artist left. She doesn’t have to twerk and show all her body and uterus. She is a class act. Her music has help me through some of  my darkest momments.The older she gets the sexier she becomes. I enjoy her at work, traffic, and depressed days etc..😁😂😂

Codesending and sarcastic folks


You’d be amazed at how blessings and miracles start to happen for you when you get rid of secret haters. I was in a emotional abusive friendship with a woman who I use to barter with. She would give me real good facials and wax me and I would hook up her hair. She likes to drink her glasses of wine everyday. That’s cool. Who’s judging. In those days I was into drinking myself. Wine gives me migraines. I like the hard stuff,  give me a tequila shot anytime. Perfect for the flu😆 anyways. I noticed I would have to have a drink before I would go get my waxes or facials. I would talk the whole time out of nervousness because I didn’t want to give her a chance to say something with a jab or sharp knife. One day we were discussing how lil boys don’t like to take baths and how I would have to go in  and help my nephew scrub (he was about 8 years old…she goes on to tell me that I am turning my nephew gay…and gave me the longest lecture. She went as far as to have her son  speak to me on the phone and counsel me for about 45 minuted telling me how I’m making my nephew gay. I was made to feel like I was a gay maker. That is just a small incident. I could never be around her unless I was tipsy. Until one day my client  told me: ” Evy if you have to drink to be in her presence that is not healthy.  You are being emotional abuse. I light bulb went off!! She was right. I always felt worse after leaving her presence. She would tell me how by breast were too hugh and disgusting, how there was never no way that I could of ever been skinny before,  she would get a bad attitude with me if she knew I was busy at work and her buisnesss was slow. She hated my Jehovah Witness faith…and made the most degraging remarks towards me. I stuck around because I wanted to show her how that her slander wasn’t true, 8 or 10 years later of her wearing me down came to an end when she was again sarcastically rude to my friends. Mess with me but dont mess with my family or friends. One time I gave my friend a give certificate for a facial. Her husband had died and I wanted to do something nice because she was real depressed. The woman that is what I call her because her name makes me cringe gave her the facial. Then after her face was done my friends started to vent about loosing her husband to cancer. After about 20 min of her venting she left. Wanna know what the woman said? Why would any man marry her, she is so ugly!!!  She did not care that my friend’s husband died, she didn’t care that she could of been a continual customer. I thought to myself wow!!! I spent money on a gift certificate to bring her clients and that is how cold she is towards them??!!! Thank goodness she didn’t say that in front of my friend. She said it as soon as the left. She hated the fact that my black friend was married to a white man. Who in the world cares????!!!!!!!

I must say she gives the best Brazilian waxes..and her facials were amazing even though she sometimes took a whole semester. After I dropped her like a hot potato my self esteem went up…business is booming, I’m looking good. There is a potential mate that likes me and I like him..(blushing) things started to changed immediately over night for the better.

Get rid of your secret haters they sabotage your dreams. If you need a drink, get tense, migraines, back aches and feel emotionally drained and feel worse about yourself after being in the presence of a so called friend..drop them immediately!!!!!.. I could have not not done it on my own had it not been for the project my former therapist told me to do..she gave me two weeks to get rid of the woman. It took me like two months to do it. I know her hair doesn’t look good and she has to pay lots of $$$$$ to get it done. That is not my problem anymore. I finally stopped missing her and I found a better place to get my facials done. I now barter with another close friend who she doesn’t abuse me. She works at Burke Williams and I get treated like Princess Dianna…I’m supposed to be getting a facial next week. Can’t wait, life doesn’t get better than this for me ..I am very thankful for the goodness that I have at this point, this second, at this hour💕👌💕👌💕👌