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Not the only one

I’m not the only one who lost hair. Jada lost hers from stress. I finally got an appointment to see my doctor. He didnt check my blood or nothing. He straight referred me to a dermatologist ..ummmm….I need more than a dermatologist…In the mean time my appointment with the dermatologist is not till July. For now I will keep sporting my $36 dollar wig 😉😊

20 ways to go bald

So let me tell you how you can loose all your hair and have to sport a wig. But first met me just say I am an open here on wordpress…they say to keep a mystery. True it it’s not like filming in the restroom…I have some things I don’t my body parts 🤣..undone pedicures etc…on the serious side. I like to be raw and real here. If my experiences can help teach or help someone than its all worth it. I will keep blogging until I find someone who wants to publish my book….ok enough chatting here are 20 ways to loose all your hair.

1) Stress

2) Poor blood circulation

3) Glue hair extensions

4) Vitamin deficiencies

5) Tight braids

6) Menapause

7) Being Codependent

8) A bad break up

9) Living in the streets

10) Financial problems

11) Divorce

12) New born

13) Family member with mental illness

14) Back stabbing friends

15) Post traumatic stress

16) Holding everything inside

17) Identity theft

18) Humiliation

19) A combination of some of the things I listed.

20) Life.

Check and monitor your thoughts and speech for it will create your future. You are in control of your life. It’s all cause and effect. Put out positive vibes do good to others and don’t kill your mind worrying about things that haven’t happened, things you can’t control, people you can’t control. Control yourself control your mind you are the master of your today. ❤💕

Raw and Real

This is what happens when you don’t take care of yourself and being a workaholic does to you. You loose the most important thing in tour life. Your health. I got my first diabetes kit yesterday at my doctor’s insistence. Something about word press it allows me to be raw and real. The followers are silent readers and there is no drama. I blog so that you get know the lives of some of us hairstylists. I can’t speak for all but I will speak for myself. I now have to check my blood levels 3 times a day. Tonight was my first night checking myself. My blood levels are good..yay! I use to be a thin chick…I got big when I worked in a Hairsalon that had vending machines…I was in my thirties and had this energy of a bunny. I would work from morning till night like I’ve always had. I would be so booked working on three people at a time and not taking lunch breaks, whenever I would get hungry I would just get a Snickers candy bar and a soda. I was making a lot of money at the time and happy hour became my friend. Always treating others and others treating me. It was a way of life. Little by little my clothes started getting smaller and smaller on me. I didn’t really care..I was a proud independent woman who supported herself and needed no one to support me. I carried on like that for 19 years or more… I was Beyonce before Beyonce sung about independent women..😄😄 as long as I was independent and not begging men to pay my rent I was cool with how Iooked….On the positive side I’m glad my doctors sincerely care about me, all 3 of them…at least I feel that way. Their kind words and sometimes brutal honesty has helped me redirect my attention to start taking care of me. I’m slowly healing myself, I’m loosing weight, my hair is growing back, some of my clients are paying me more without hesitation. It all starts in your thoughts and what you believe your worth is. Surround yourself with people who want the best for you. Take care of yourself and stay away from sodas. Don’t work yourself to death it’s NOT worth it. If a client wants to get a nasty attitude because you can’t squeeze them in at the last min just tell em “By Felicia.”😉