Watch “Core hydration water” on YouTube

My second video on my water fixation😎 I hope you enjoy.



I take pride not only in trying to make my clients look good but to educate them about their scalp and health care. You can use the best dandruff shampoo but once you stop using it your dandruff will reappear. Many issues with our bodys is because of a vitamin deficiency or your ph balance is off. In order to notice a difference in your scalp condition with the dandruff you have to take the vitamin regulary every single for at least 3 months once it starts to work dont stop taking it…make sure if you are on medication you do research to see if it’s ok for you to take vitamin A. I don’t see why there would be a problem since most of our foods are filled with junk chemicals..we probably only get 20% of the intended nutrients…its better to take care of yourself now. Don’t wait until you start getting sick. You never know when you are going to loose your health insurance. I’ve taken Vitamin A before and I must say yes it works.  I remember I stopped taken it as I felt it was making me more hungry. But then again I’m always hungry 😀

Alkaline water review

I’m going to switch my water up every two months and see what happens

Day 1 just bought a bottle now at 711 its 4am. Can’t sleep. I am drinking it in my car as I type this. It quenches my thirst much better…it taste crispy fresh and my insides feel hydrated. I forgot I got burned last month it taste so refreshing.

Good morning 

I’m blogging on my way to work. Uber is very expensive at 8am. The rates tripple.  The Uber driver told me about her friend who is also a driver and how the freaks come out at night. Her friend picked up a lady who was trying to seduce the Uber driver to have sex with him. She got our the car and lifted her skirt. What’s wrong with people.  She needs Jesus..LOL..

I’m so not a morning person. I dread being at work at 9am. I must hustle to pay the rent and get my car out of the body shop..I also want to decorate my cute salon..I can’t wait!!

Braided beard

I had a interesting experience today. My client referred me this nice man to me. Let’s call him Kevin, I can’t remember his name 🤔…when he walked in he looked  a little some kind of biker from the midwest. He is from California and he’s a RN nurse and a supervisor for the intensive care at the hospital he works. He told me he needed to make his beard look neat because his higher ups keep telling him that his beard looks unkept. You should of seen what he looked like when when walked in! We decided to braid his beard, trim his mustache and give him a hair cut. Tada!! This is the after look. He’s a nurse and so you know I had to talk to him about potassium LOL!!!..I told him about my hair loss and how sick I was from not taking it. His eyes got big and bulged. He told me that potassium deficiency not only causes heart problems it causes other problems in your organs…he told me he’s surprised I’m doing better,  lack of potassium is a serious.  Those were his last words about the matter and then we went on trying to get ideas on how to make his facial hair look neater. This is what we came up with. He doesn’t want to get rid of his beard. He wants it longer. I suggested that he keeps braiding it and keep his mustache trimmed. 
My clientel is so diversed. I wouldn’t trade my career for another one unless I had too. I have the best conversations, I laugh and most of all I learn a lot. I learned don’t judge people. Kevin is a nurse you would never guess by looking at him..don’t be afraid of all men with beards they might save your life…
Ok..I better go to sleep eyes are shutting down. Good night everyone. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzz😴😴

Potassium update

It’s been 20 days since I’ve been taking my prescribed potassium religiously. Here are some of the positive benefits I noticed in my health.

1) I know longer feel like I’m about to have a heart attack.

2) I’m not anxious.

3) I don’t get irritable easily.

4) I can’t stay upset.

5) I don’t hear my bones cracking. I can get out of bed without feeling like I need to crawl out. 

6) I don’t get naseus.

7) I don’t have to hold on to a wall from dizzy spells.

8) My upper chest doesn’t hurt.

9)  I still feel really   tired sometimes …I take it that I need a couple of more weeks for my body to adjust to it.

Who would of thought that these little tiny potassium pills would change my life. I’m so happy I figured what was wrong with me. Thanks for Christina and Rosa two of my clients that happen to be RN nurses. They gave me the run down and dangers of playing with medication. I’m blessed to be alive. I’m so thankful. My sister calls me Dr. Zeus..because I’m always sending her information on vitamins and medicine😅😅…I figure if I’m going on the internet I might as well market and hustle myself and spread informative information instead of posting pictures of my body parts like these thirsty girls  do.  The thirst is real out there. I understand women are desperate looking for a mate but trying to be the next Kardashian may not work for you. You need a backup plan like some real skills.

Potassium update

Hello here is the latest on my two week update since I started taking my prescribed potassium.

1) I haven’t cried in two weeks  ….low potassium makes you feel depressed. I was crying everyday.

2) I haven’t had the killer Charlie Horse cramp on my legs. I don’t wake up in excruciating pain in the middle of the night holding my legs for dear life. 
3) My anxiety is slowly going away. 
4) I haven’t had a restless leg syndrome. Your leg or body my jump out of nowhere when I’m  sleeping. 
5) I’ve been education and learning  lot from clients and friends. A dear friend of mine was a pharmacist for years, she’s retired now. She taught me a lot today. The one thing in common everyone has told is me is don’t play or mess around with your medication. Take them and ask your doctor questions!! If you don’t feel well maybe your medicine needs to be adjusted.

Feeling Better

I’m feeling better slowly each day since I started taking my potassium on Saturday. I noticed my body doesn’t have the numbing tingling feeling on my arms and legs. Slow process. Today was a good day at work…lots of laughter especially with the Dominican memes. We live like we are in a musical.. as soon as merengue comes on my family and I just start dancing.  We jump out of beds, dance with brooms and just dance. Music affects your moods. Make sure you are listening to some good stuff. . Ps ) I sent my mom this picture via text and she said yeah that’s how we are! I can hear her thick Spanish cute accent through her texts.  I just laugh…