I decided to add a watermark to my pictures…I have so much to blog about but I’m so busy getting adjusted to the new shop. I did this hair color two daus ago

 I love my Sola Salons studio..everyone is so genuinely nice!!! This is the best thing ever.

Metalic hair color

I used kenra metalic colors buy Guy Tang. I did high and low lights with bleach highlights on Dana and used level 7 metalic as the low lights. I shampooed it with the lavender Viral shampoo.  Here is what it looks like in different lighting. I’m pleasee with the results. It doesnt look orange.

Blond Bob Cut

This is today’s work. Her hair is naturally black. My friend here allowed me to do whatever I wanted, a couple of years later I made her blond..she doesn’t  mind..hehe…

Kenra metalics

This a Holly’s hair in the outdoor lighting. Hair color looks completely different in outdoor and indoor lighting. Let  me tell you taking hair pictures of hair is so much harder than doing the actual hair. There is no justice unless you use filters. I don’t like using filters on my hair color pictures as I feel like I’m cheating. Holly’s hair looked awesome when I was done but again you can’t tell the true colors on here. I’m going for the silver metalic hair color look on her. It’s the best color to blend your grays so when her hair grows out you don’t see the heavy line of demarcation. Non the less we were both happy with the hair color results..

Ps) Holly is my facial girl. She takes good care of my skin..we barter. Bartering is the best for service that are not in your budgetūüėć

Kenra metalics

This is what Holly’s hair color looks like inside the shop..I did high and low lights and a trim. She has lots of gray hairs and so I use Guy Tang’s metalic hair colors so it will blend with her gray hairs.  
I will post a outdoor picture in a few minutes.