You know what I love about being a stylist is that everyday I learn something new from my clients. I’ve been on a alkaline water and spinach kick for a month. I lost 4 pounds, my new adorable Persian doctor told me to loose weight and date younger guys. She said it’s good for my health 😅😅….anyways today I learned one secret for avoiding the flu. I learned that staying hydrated is good for avoiding the flu. I must say I did not get the flu this year winter since I switched to alkaline water. I also learned that eating too much vegatables in a unbalanced manner can cause you to get sick from all the metal in the ground. I learned that from my last client of the day today Maggie. We were having a conversation about Steve Jobs and She told me how he was a picky eater and only liked to eat salads….she believes he didn’t balanced meals and all that metal on the vegatables could of caused him to get cancer. That makes sense to me. But then sickness is caused from imperfection and so many other factors. For example stress. I’m sure he wad stressed with the whole McIntosh Appple drama he went through. Bottom line, live a balanced life with lots of laugh in the middle of each episode.😇🤗

Today’s lunch at work. My spinach salad creation. 💓💓💓


Men’s fade haircut

I’m enjoying  getting into men’s fade haircuts. I would say fading is by far harder than hair coloring. I guess it’s because hair coloring is my background. You can always fix a hair COLOR  but it’s harder to fix a fade if you left a hole on someone’s head or you made the fade crooked. Start off with good tools. Take barber lessons, watch lots of YouTube videos and keep practicing till you get it is a before and after picture on Joseph…I did this about two two weeks ago…his hair was a little challenge because it’s curly but when you brush it it lays straight..we had good conversations about food and cultures. He is my friend’s son. He’s Puerto Rican. He was telling me how in Puerto Rico there are Chinese people who cook Puerto Rican food and how the mixture of the two foods is so delicious!! Yum!. Can I get some fried Chinese plantains with Arroz con Pollo haha.. I think that’s how it goes..m

Evy’s quotes


I’ve always wanted to be a quote lady, in fact I want to be many things 😃….
What doesn’t kill you refines you into a diamond💎 if you open up your heart and learn lessons from it. The bigger the pain the bigger the lesson. Don’t stay bitter. Don’t be a quitter,  keep trying till you get it right 🙌🏿

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Thank you!


I don’t have time to respond

to each of your comments. But I have time to thank you all for supporting my blog💖 I’m such a busy girl even my sleep at night is rushed.. you all..  Xoxo

. Later..(waves left hand)

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Out of all the links I have to hustle and promote to get new clients I am the most fond of wordpress. I have, let’s see, Instagram, Pineterest, WhatsApp, Facebook and now twitter which I don’t understand.. LOL that’s a weird spot. Its like your ghost following folks. It’s just a sloppy twitter tweaking kind of place with lots of celebrity drama that I can’t ignore:D😂😂😂 I am not counting how many  people follow me anywhere. I just want the right kinds of people that matter, who will hear me out and connect with me, not 100% but find some common struggle and make light and humor with out of it. Going back to the Drake biracial thing. If your mixed it’s like neither side wants to take you serious unless your bringing in hundreds of millions. Even then your never good enough. Humans are weird. Its okay, I’m his fan. He’s not singing mysonistic songs, he doesnt come from a dysfunctional home and his mom loves him. Give him  credit for treating the ladies right. Not calling us hoes and such…. I got off topic, Anyhoo I love wordpress my public secret dairy where I can be me and not be judged, and if I am I wouldn’t know because you guys aren’t loud in your opinions. I know your there because I feel your energy and you
accept my rants and let me be…xoxo

Got my braces tightened yesterday. I’m in pain😂😂😂 I couldn’t sleep last night. Hope I can tonight… Whoa its 2:39am I better hush now and try and go to bed. Looooong day at work tomorrow… Yikes..muah!!

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Limit yourself to folks who are micro managing your weaknesses and exploiting your faults. Clients included. Money isn’t everything. Its not worth loosing your mind or getting sick with stress by them. Surround yourself with those that bring out the best in you. Avoid dysfunction as much as possible.