Today’s conversation.



I’m not against botox if you need it in your 40s,  Kim started way too young.  She use to be so beautiful now she’s starting to look like a salamander…I’m scared to see her face when she turns 49. Her butt already looks like she’s carrying a load of laundry. Ladies do your thing but keep it in moderating. Touch ups are meant to enhance your look not make you look like a science project.

Men’s haircut Evy’s Hairstyles 

Typical laughing day at the shop.

Tadd: Evy what you been up to.

Me: Oh nothing paying off dept so I can take a vacation one day. 

Tadd: Where you want to go?

Me: I don’t know England, Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic where my parents are from.

Tadd: I didn’t know you were Dominican.

Me: Really where did you think I was from?

Tadd: (Thinks for a while)…hummm I dont know the hood.

We both laughed so hard I think my eyelashes flew off.
Ps) He’s one of my best clients. In 15 years I’ve been doing his hair I’ve never heard him speak bad about anyone.🖤

Comb twist coils

I did my cousin’s son’s hair yesterday..he was sporting a short afro but wanted something fresh and different. I sprayed warm water with a little bit of hair conditioner and  avocado oil…I also used hair pomade and that hard cement gel called (Got 2 be glued)…I sprayed his hair with the warm water bottle and took small sections of his hair and twisted his hair into coil twists. It was very important for me to see his hair looking shinny and smooth there is nothing sadder looking than dry brittle broom looking hair. I know it’s the style but I can’t have my clients walking around like a crusty brillo pad. …..anyhoo it was so good to see DJ…he’s grown into a mature nice gentleman. His  rap album is dropping on January 16th. He’s a good rapper just a little concerned with all the foul language. I’m sure the radio is going to edit it. Funny how his music is not representing his kind gentle side..I guess you have to face and cave in into what the kids are into nowadays, trap music.  None the less I’m hoping him and Drake can do a song together..a cute song about how they think ladies are queens and we deserve  to be treated like crystal glass ….is that too mushy?🤣

If you are into trap music you can follow my adorable DJ’S Instagram page at @vince_2turnt or check him out at Sound Cloud.  I can’t get into the new music but I can support my family’s dreams💜🖤

Ps) The name of the album is Black Out.

#platanopower 😉 #lovemyfamilia