The struggle 😂



The talk at the shop this week is Usher.  People are coming up 5 years later after being with him that he gave them herpes. One of the girls suing says she tested negative. I was believing the girl’s story first until I got fixated watching the TMZ videos.  I did research on herpes and it says it takes up to 20 after you’ve been infected to get an outbreak. How can you sue someone 5 years later? I’m sure she’s been with more people since then. This is when I thank God that I’m not famous. I can’t imagine what he’s going through.  People will sale their soul to Satan just to be able to sue someone for money.  

Baby names 

Congratulations on the healthy babies. I’m going on a rant Beyonce named her baby Sir? Why are celebrities naming their babies these outrages names like  Saint, King, Possum, North? Poor kids have to live up to their names. One thing is to have ego another is to project it on to your kids. Your fame will fade but your kid is stuck with names that draw undo attention. I hope they are home schooling their kids. And why does everything have to be so theatrical with Beyonce. Can’t you just take a normal selfie with your babies on the sofa with your hair on a bun? She did a performance like she was mother God of her twins. What happened to grace amd humility? We cant live up to these standards. Unless of course you have a good filter app on your cell can live up to almost anything😉