Dominicans be like

I thought my mom was unique until I realized the truth about Dominicans. It’s true that Vicks is the cure all for everything  in the DR😂 …but hey it work!!!

This was our text to each other yesterday 😂


I’m so sorry for my typos. I blog in between clients rushing while I’m in the back mixing color, I’m  in my car after I’ve done a deposit at the  bank, doctor’s office, you name it..with foggy glasses😁


I don’t do politics.  I do funnies…my sister travels to Washington for work. She hasn’t been able to come to get her hair color done because we are both so busy and our schedules collied. We text each other almost daily.. we crack each other up all day with funny memes or just being hilarious.  This is one of our typical conversations today😂😂

Ps) Roots means that her hair has grown out and she has to touch up the regrowth to match the blond that has grown out.  

Humor keeps us alive😍😂😍..LOL..

Sorry for the typos

I blog and do everything from my cellphone. I can’t always see..hehe..

Little details 

I couldn’t spot a fake purse before but I’m learning now..I’m excited about my new purse might last three months then I’m off into something else, in the mean time I want to share  the differences..I will post more beautiful purse in a few minutes. 

Pomp hair cut

I cut Raymond’s this past Saturday. I’ve known him since he was a little kid. We had a good conversation about my new Interest in luxury purses. I was telling  him the history of Louis Vuitton and how it all started. What to look for in a fake purse and such. We talked about BMW cars..and some other stuff. He taught me something and I taught him too. He was shocked when I told him that hair scissors can go up to $2,000 dollars or more. The best cutting Scissors are Japanese. When you are using good scissors you don’t hear any sound when you snip. They are silent like a thief in the nite. You cut faster and if they are real sharp you cut your fingers too.