Demonic humans

I become passionate with stories that break me down. This story is gut wrenching. This young 15 years old kid was caught on camara being butchered…by 5 or more grown men. What is just as disturbing is folks record the incident but do nothing to help him go to the hospital, help stop the bleeding, scream for help or anything. Poor Lesandro is seen trying to save himself by running to the hospital…even as he was dying folks are recording him in has most vulnerable state of pain. It seems like most are loosing their conscious. Human decency is vanishing. The 5 guilty animals are on the run hidding. I don’t understand why the family members are not turning them in to the police….the lead gang member supposedly apologized like what is that going to do? Are you going to stop the violence? Are you going to stop degrading Dominican’s reputation and image. Are you going to throw your machetes away? Your apology means nothing if you don’t turn around and repent. The gang involved are called Trinitarios…their motto is Love, God, and seriously what God are you serving that makes you act like a demonic human? There is NOTHING manly or cool about bullying and slaughtering a 15 year old kid. We cannot change the world for the better it’s not in our power but you can be a good samaritan, put your cell phone down and drive a person in need to the hospital, you can stop supporting rappers and artists that glorify violence in there lyrics..there are so many things you can do besides sit there and record Demonic Humans.



Hello Summer🍹🦄🌴🌼…..When all else fails get your nails done you’d be surprised the difference it makes in appearance. People notice the simplest things especially if you are in the beauty business self care is a must. #yellowmellow


My assistant is a very good organizer. She sets my tools like I’m about to do brain surgery 😀….Sorry I haven’t been around I am suffering burn out. Too many clients not enough time for me. I’ve been leaving the shop late going to bed at 3:30. Not healthy, not good.