Mermaid hair on Lauren.  I did this yesterday.


 The Best

You may not be where you want to be but it doesnt mean that you cant do what you need to do. Take the word try out of your vocabulary and just do what you can in your circumstances. No one is going to rescue you. You are responsible for your life.  You are the captain of your ship. Be the best that you can be and all else will follow. 
It’s 4am. I think I better go to bed now. I’ll talk you to all later..nite nite..😴😴😴 

Hair color

I darkened Jenna’s haircolor..I lost a bag full of brand new haircolors. I think I left it in a Uber car. I’m really liking the new salon where I work but my back is killing from all the stress of Chase bank not reimbursing me my  $1,124 fraudulent check and my car being stolen and crashed into a pole. Jehovah God is good to me, one of my elders from my old congregation gave me a thousand dollars to help me out. I’m happy that I finally got my own private studio salon but I’m also in a state of shock of all that I’ve been going through.  It took me 5 hours on Saturday to move my stuff from the old shop and rearrange everything.  Mind you I don’t have much.  Everyone at Sola’s salon is so pleasant helpful and nice!! The girls dress pretty, wear make up and take care of their appearance.  I love the energy and vibe. Everyone is happy when you are not in each other’s face all day 😂🤣 the private studios makes it all the better. You don’t have burning incents all day. I can eat in peace without bumping into anyone while I’m trying to mix my hair color,.the list goes on..I’m happy. I hope that May finds a awesome person to rent the space where I was at, she says she’s leaving it open for me to come back..I can’t go back. May is the nicest salon owner I’ve ever worked at. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I outgrew replace. I felt like I was working in a convelesent hospital. There would be like 4 walkers in the way when I would  try to rinse my client’s highlights..I’m so hyper I feared the worse. I felt like I would bump into one of those fragile seniors and make them fall. Maybe one day when I retire I will give free hair services to the elderly. That would be nice. For now  this is a new beginning a new chapter of Tales  Of The Chair.

Before and after hair color 

I did this bleach color yesterday I toned it with Pm Shines level 9. When it comes to hair color it’s not as easy as it looks or sound. I can apply the same hair color on 5 different people and it will come out completely different on all 5. It all depends on the porosity and texture of the hair. Some clients don’t remember when  they last colored their hair, if the hair has five different prior  color jobs it will come out different  as well. If you are wanting to go blonder make sure that you take good care of you hair with protein and good moisturizing treatments before your next hair appointment. Do not use cheap hair products, invest in your hair it’s your crown and glory☺  

Glamour Girls 

I found this old buisness card of a buisness my coworker and I were trying to start. I think it lasted a month? The plan was for Vida and I to gather a bunch of girls and give makeovers  in their homes. This is before Instagram and filters. The first party we did was a introduction to our plan. I got some of my clients including my sister and we had the makeover party at a client’s home. I will call her Peggy. Vida and I went to Peggy’s home a few nights before and the night before to clean and scrub Peggy’s home. We wanted to show gratitude for her hospitality.  We got snacks and drinks and set things up early the next day. I was so happy that my clients showed up to support my party!!! It turned out to be a nitemare.  Peggy was tripping on some sort of drug. She was paranoid of my clients going into the kitchen or restroom. She was talking a mile a minute following my clients  around. Vida was under a lot of stress and did not pay attention to what she was applying on the face. She was supposed to use a foundation but used an oily moisturizer..the girl’s make up and faces looked liked grease monkeys🙈😭. We took pictures and made the best of it while Peggy was rushing us to leave her home. Mind you she knew we were having the makeup party a month and a half before we had it. Thank goodness I have the best clientele in the universe they went along with the flow and did not complain.  I remember my blood boiling inside at Peggy.  She was rude to some of my girls …it was awful for me. I was so upset I decided to just call the whole buisness off and gave up after that first experience. I no longer do Peggy’s hair. .she was a toxic friend.. she would ruin my game whenever she noticed a guy interested in new she would come  between us and talk their heads off. It got to the point when they would see her they would hide.  I love her personality  but got burnt out on doing her hair  extensions for  cheap. She pulled a good one on me the last time I saw her.  She paid  me some money for her hair then had me on a wild goose chase trying to get the rest of it. I told her to keep her money and to get her hair done  somewhere else.  I didn’t help that she was in the newspaper for associating herself with some crazy friend of hers that was selling or making bombs on the internet. She got caught up in a raid by some cops that were dressed like  gangsters. They were working undercover.  She went to jail for a day. I don’t remember the details but it was enough for me to cut off my friendship with her. We all make mistakes but that was too much for me to take in at the time. I miss her. I hope she’s doing well. At one time she was homeless but she survived and got a job as a caretaker. I must say. She’s an amazing caretaker. She loves taking care of the elderly.  She does a beautiful job. I’m wondering who’s doing her hair extensions and what it looks like. I’m to afraid to find out. That is a can of beans I don’t want to ever open again with her.

Just never know.

This lady friend of mine has become one of my best therapists ever. I was paying  $140 for 45 min. The therapist I was going to was simply amazing but I ran out of money.  I needed a car and a place to move too…life took a turn for the worst last year for me but somehow I managed and recovered. I am blessed with good friends. Normally people sit on my chair and let me have it. They drop all their problems on me. Thats.fine but I need to be heard too..sometimes you hold everything in because the feedback you get is worse than the problem you are venting about. We did not become friends over night. It took like 10 years. I won’t go into the details but I’m glad her tenacious persistent on being kind and trying to get a hair appointment with me paid off. She didn’t try for 10 years straight but  every now and then when she did I  didn’t make an effort to book went from a rocky start to one of the best women I know.  Give people  chance but follow your gut. I have nothing but love and respect for her. My gut tells me I let my guard down at the right time.  Today I did her color retouch we laughed I cried and cried some more. She brought me organic eggs from her chickens, flowers and Lemons all from her back yard. I was flattered.  Organic eggs wow!! I love my job😍🤗🤗🤗..I’m at the gym..I better pay attention to my work out..gotta go!!🙌

Urgent Care

I had to cancel clients today do to a killer earache I’ve had for two days. I noticed since I’ve been on all kinds of medication I feel worse. My client a nurse told me that high blood pressure medication can cause chest pains which I have ….I also remember her saying something about liquid in the lungs that can travel to the ears. Again I don’t remember her exact words but what she said makes sense or I could just have a infection for no reason.  Who knows?
I was fillling the paper work here at Urgent Care and it asked me what is my race and ethnicity.  In one of the questions I asked why? Does it make a difference what I am? My ear hurts bad I need help. I’m in pain hungry and irritable and I’m  stressin that I could not see my clients today. Thank goodness I have an awsome clientele who is loving and amazing ..I can’t wait to feel better soon  so that I can get my hands on their heads😍


This new client found me on Yelp the other day. I don’t do Yelp. My doctor has the worse reviews ever and she’s the best doctor I’ve ever had. I have good reviews but when some new clients come in the shop they make strange faces. The salon I work in is pretty old..the decor is old fashion ..they turn up their noses make a a rude comment and don’t come back. That’s fine with me. I can do your hair in the alley, homeless shelter or a Beverly Hills Penthouse. It’s not the location it’s my skills. Don’t judge people by the appearance of where they work. Judge them by the service they provide. 


Let me tell you remember last year when I disappeared and I didn’t blog. Well I was in survivor mode. I was homeless in my car for two months. Steve Jobs, Harvey and Carmen Electra were homeless too at one time in their lives.  I don’t feel like a victim I feel  humbled and very greatful for ALL that I have. I won’t go into details on how I ended in the’s too long of a twisted story. At the time I was sick..I had cancer in the lining of my uterus but I still managed to come to work make my clients laugh and smiled like I always do. I didn’t miss my Christian meetings I missed 3 times the most. I did my makeup, payed bills etc. Some people knew others didn’t. Sometimes I would sneak a load of laundry in the back room at work and my coworkers would find a missing sock and ask me if it was mine ..LOL.  I would just smile and say “Oh! And  grab the sock and stick it in my purse. I would take showers at the gym, do my makeup at Sephora or mac. I was very tired from the lack of sleep. It’s not comfortable sleeping in a small Ford Focus…I knew Jehovah wasn’t going to leave me in the streets forever..I prayed, I cried, I was angry..but at the end he came through for me like he always does.. my childhood friend took me in and left me her apartment fully  furnished, clean, good hot water,comfortable bed. I can’t ask for anything more. I tell my story now because I survived the storm. I look at how pretty Carmen Electra is, how funny and successful Steve Harvey is and all that Jobs accomplished and I’m in awe. You see its not what happens to us but how thankful we are when our circumstances change. Are we going to make the best of it and keep pushing forward towards our dream or are we going to give up? The choice is yours. Be be very thankful for ALL that you have you never know when your coworkers are going to find your socks in the lunchroom 😊😇🤗