I’m back

Sorry I’v been neglecting my blog.I got caught trying to catch up with life and trying to take care of my health. I have extreme fatigue. This past week I’ve been falling asleep in my car when I’m off work and I dont wake up till 2 or 3 in the morning. I dont know if I’m burnt out from all that car drama I had going on and switching shops. On the positive side I went on my first real date.My first proper date…I had the best week of my life. I was running away from this person he had been trying for the longest time to get me to get to know him. Funny how women are (me) I didnt notice him until I saw a picture of him on his facebook wall with a lady friend..LOL..all of a sudden he became interesting.We met for mexican food. I had to wait an hour for him to get there..he was stuck in traffic visiting from Hawaii. I had prayed the nite before and same day we met that the man for me would buy me flowers, as I sat there eating chips and salsa I looked up and he’s walking in with a bouquet of flowers!! I got up from the table and ran to him like a bachelorette contestant. We hugged like we knew each other for many years. We talked and talked and ate and talk. I will tell you more about it later. I’m taking a facebook break. I am on a project of disciplining my emotions. I dont want to start blowing up his cell with text or calls. I want my experience with him to marinate and go with the flow…to be continued….

Hair design

Small world. Dana use to work at Regis Hairstyles at the Galleria mall in Redondo Beach 20 years ago a month before I started.  I heard nothing but good things about her. Here it is 20 years later I finally got to meet her at Sola Salons where I work. She shares a studio with another #stylist.  She invited me to dinner a few weeks ago and after we started talking I figured out who she was. I like her so much. She is so positive and vibrant…I miss her when she isnt at work. 
She asked me to shave the back of her hair.  I decided to do a hair design.  This isnt the finshed work.  Her client showed up and I didnt get a chance to take a picture of the finished work….

Hello makeup 

Hello long time. I’m chasing life. I started taking fish oil about a month ago after my potasium defiency fiasco. My skin was dull dry and it looked ashy like I had been smoking a pack of cigarettes. I bought Mac liquid foundation and have been really good about using a skin lightner on my uneven skin patches. This is the results. I’m slowly looking better. My nephew did my makeup yesterday he always says auntie you do it wrong. He goes in and blends it for me so I dont look like a Cabbage Patch kid. I got my first compliment on my skin since I started using the fish oil. The girl at the beauty supply store told me that I looked like I had a glow.
I got my car back after it had been stolen and crashes into a pole. A week later some guy fell asleep behind the wheel and smashed my side rearview mirrow and broke it. It was so stressfull driving to work on the 91 fwy not being able to see. Later on that day I went to the 99 cent store bought a hand mirrow broke the handle and taped it up. It’s drivable. I still havent been reimbursed the money that was stolen from my bank. It has set me finacially in the dark. I opened a hair salon with no money. It all went to getting my  car back and running. I’m chasing life trying to maneuver how I’m going to go about it. I cant turn around. I’ve come too far I must be strong and keep the faith that I will succeed. Failure isnt an option.  We fall but we must get back up with all your fears, worries, stresses that come our ways. Emotions will always be there but time waits for no one.


I’m so excited and thankful my cousin  is making a webiste for me for my new shop. She asked me if I wanted a blog. I said no. I want to keep blogging here. You guys have been listening to me since before I got my lil salon. I’m  not going to leave and blog somwhere else..you’ve been with me through my journey since day one. I owe it to my wordpress followers 💕🖤💕

See Jane Go….

I finally got my car back..its been a month since it got stolen. I’ve spent at least minimum $500 on UBER and LYFT. It served it’s purpose but it’s not something I choose to spend my money on. I got home safe and to my other destinations. I’ve met amazing Uber drivers and some shaddy looking ones.Here’s the thing.  One day you will take Uber and it will cost you $7 and the next day you take a Uber to the same location and hey will charge you $21. How in the world does the price jump so hi!! They say you have to pay more if its during the time that its busy. Umm shouldn’t it be cheaper?? If ten people want to ride Uber at a certain time why are they jacking up the prices? I didnt miss any work days. Most of my clients had no idea I was carless. I wanted them to focuss on the new shop and not hear any of my Debbie Downer stories.  That is why I blog instead..LOL!!
I was introduced to See Jane Go car rides by my last Uber driver this past Sunday. Its different thab Uber. It’s all female drivers picking females only. If a male wants a  ride he must come along with a lady..girlfriend, mom etc…I love this concept. The Uber driver told me crazy stories of drunk women getting raped by UBER male drivers. 1) How dumb can you be you are going to jail. 2) Why are you rapping helpless drunk women? If you want to have sex I’m sure you will gladly find someone to go home with you at a Happy Hour bar. I dont understand people..I was just about to buy maze or pepper spray for my nex Uber ride. Im sure strong firm hair spray in the eyes will get the job done as well. Thank goodness I got my car back. I get to see some of the money  I make from now on. A few times my clients drove me back home after getting their hair done. I’m blessed with an amazing clientele! They are loyal and ready to jump to help me whenever I need them. 
Strive to be good to others. Whatever you put out you will get back. Stay humble and be thankful. Life has a funny way of reaping  what you sow. Im glad this car nitemare is almost over…