Joico k-pak color therapy

This conditioner is amazing. It’s perfect for course thick bleached or colored hair. If your hair is feeling crispy and dry this is the conditioner for you. I dont recommend you apply too much on the crown root area as it might be too heavy. Use the conditioner a day or two before your bleach blonding sessions. If you have a hair dryer that  you can sit under it will be perfect, if not you can just leave it in your hair for 45 min and then rinse it in cool water.

Blond Latina 

This did not happen over nite her hair is black. I like to take my time and blonde people out. Yes it’s possible to do it over nite but I like to pay attention to how the hair is going to react with the #bleach.  I recommend that you do a deep conditioner at home or in the salon if you can a day or two before your blonding sessions. Keep your ends trimmed and take lots of vitamins. Dont forget to drink lots of water as well. 

Purple ombre

I don’t know if I posted this picture or not, just got done with work. Long day. I did this last nite..I love when my clients send me selfies. I enjoy doing all the fun colors..I feel like  a kid playing with playdo.ūüėÄ

Hairdresser problems 

This is a perfect example at how you get treated when you don’t charge your worth and you give people discounts. I charged her $90 for a $350 dollar job. She wants platinum blond and her hair is black. These things take time. Cut the story short its never blond enough for her she comes in once a year. You need consistency on your blond sesions. I offered to do one session free next week. We got into a uncomfortable text message feud  today and that was her last text to me. Good riddence!!ūü§£ūü§£ I’m glad I’m releasing negative vibes out of my life.  I need to take a past due vacation I can’t do it giving discounts.

Hardest glue ever

This is the strongest hardest glue I’ve ever used in my hair. I shampooed my hair, gelled it back into a ponytail with this and it lasted me for four days. I had to shampoo the gel out before I could do my color retouch. I did not have to worry about combing my hair for those four days. This is a good way to grow my hair out and give it a  break from flatironing it. I also stopped using no lye relaxers I learned that it breaks the hair off!! That explains a lot. I started using regular no base relaxers again.