From black to blond


Rap battle

This week the topic in my salon was been the rap battle between Eminen and MGK. It has my clients and I on the edge of our seats. This is better than any UFC or boxing match. You see you can go around punching and beating people up. .there is no art in that. There is something to be said about thinking of words and creating a storyline and rapping about it fast and making it understandable. Here is my take on the beef between these two. Eminem is the best rapper there has been. I cant deny that. I’ve been a fan forever. Six years ago one of his fans named MGK made a comment about Hailey Eminem’s daughter. She was 20 at the time and MGK was 21..he said she was hot, good looking etc and went on to finish his comment by saying that he complimented her with all due respect to Eminem. Eminem finds out about the comment about his daughter YEARS later and goes on a warpath. Okay, It’s not like MGK was a 52 year old man lusting for Hailey who was 20 years old at the time. MGK was only a year older. 21. Heck I myself think Hailey is stunning. She grew up to be a hot beautiful lady. Somehow it started a rap battle. MGK made a diss song and shook the hip hop scene. He’s the ONLY kid I know that was brave enough to go toe to toe with Eminem. He made some good points and called Eminen a grouch..hehe. Eminem came back with two diss songs. Everyone is saying that he killed MGK’S career. How so? Why can’t there be room for both artists? The universe has no limits, there is room for both to shine. MGK looks like he’s on drugs. Sad. But he sounds genuinely sincere about his respect for Eminem and how he’s idolized Em since he was a kid growing up. He went from being a fan to being Eminem’s fuel of anger. I’m torn between the two. They are both extremely talented in their unique special way. Eminem raps faster, he’s more refined and has grown into a man despite his poppin pills addiction. These two have so many things in common, they come from dysfunctional homes. They come from ghetto neighborhoods. They’ve been bullied for their skin color. ( I hate bulllies). They both have daughters and they are both AMAZING fathers/rappers. MGK is on tour now. I’ve grown to like him. He loves his daughter Cassie and sometimes brings her on stage at his concerts. He seems like a really good father. I just hope someone intervenes about his partying ways. The music industry is created to blow you up and have demon influences to encourage you to keep drinking, try new drug, smoke more weed get as high as possible and kill you. Unless you have a strong group of GOOD REAL friends in your circle you’re just prey to the Devil in the industry. I’m hoping these two continue their battle in a respectful manner and not let it turn into hate. Eminem need anger issues classes and MGK needs to party less. In the meantime…I’m waiting to hear what MGK second diss song has to say…I’ll keep you updated on the saga.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜…