Hair care


It’s been a while…

Sorry I’ve been neglecting my blog. I’ve been so busy with life trying to catch my breath. My mom’s cleaning lady passed away and I had both of my license plates stolen on the same day Dolores passed away. I’ve been coming over to my mom’s to clean and dealing with car drama. I’m trying to keep even though I want to light a match and blow up my car. I swear as soon as I pay it off I’m getting rid of it. I’ve never had so much drama with a car in my life. I’ve been told its unforseen occurrences. No. That car is controlled by demons.

1) Stolen crashed into a pole.

2) Crashed into it again by some guy that fell asleep behind the wheel.

3) Door flew open while I was driving. (Recall)

4) Got broken into a couple of months ago at work and they threw my ministry magazines on the side walk.

5) Both of license plates have been stolen.

6) I was sleep deprived and a bumped into a woman with a OLD car..she got a tiny hairline scratch and she wants $639 dollars.

I’m tempted to buy a scooter!🤣🤣…..warning don’t buy a Ford foccuss!!! In the meantime I dance so I won’t go insane.

Hall and Oates

Just got back from the Hall and Oates concert..I had a blast! My client bought me tickets. It’s so crazy to see Daryl Hall and John Oates older and still rocking. I’m so inspired by them!! They has so much energy…no lip singing, no cursing, just clean wholesome entertainment. My client bought me the tickets a couple of months ago..I’m so thankful! I have the best clientel in the world. I took my nephew, thank goodness we got there super early. Train opened up for them and also a new girl named Kandence Springs? I forgot her name but she she was amazing as well. Everyone was!!…You must see your favorite singers and bands in concerts. The radio makes no justice. They sound better in person and you get to hear them sing the high notes you don’t hear on the radio version. I needed this concert it rewined my mind back in time when life was simple and music was fun, cute and not infected with all the vulgarity that’s floating around. I’m so looking foward to another concert next year.❤🙌😃

From black to this

I did a bleach out on Brooke today #transforming her to platinum blond one session at a time. This was her second session. I used a violet booster on the toner and it turned it into a light Rosie color. She loves it. It will fade after a couple of shampoos and fade to a light blond.


Sorry I havent been posting hair stuff lately. I lost myself in Lesandro’s death. I want to give up hair and talk teens out of joining a gang. His story took a toll on me.