Hair design

Small world. Dana use to work at Regis Hairstyles at the Galleria mall in Redondo Beach 20 years ago a month before I started.  I heard nothing but good things about her. Here it is 20 years later I finally got to meet her at Sola Salons where I work. She shares a studio with another #stylist.  She invited me to dinner a few weeks ago and after we started talking I figured out who she was. I like her so much. She is so positive and vibrant…I miss her when she isnt at work. 
She asked me to shave the back of her hair.  I decided to do a hair design.  This isnt the finshed work.  Her client showed up and I didnt get a chance to take a picture of the finished work….

Hello makeup 

Hello long time. I’m chasing life. I started taking fish oil about a month ago after my potasium defiency fiasco. My skin was dull dry and it looked ashy like I had been smoking a pack of cigarettes. I bought Mac liquid foundation and have been really good about using a skin lightner on my uneven skin patches. This is the results. I’m slowly looking better. My nephew did my makeup yesterday he always says auntie you do it wrong. He goes in and blends it for me so I dont look like a Cabbage Patch kid. I got my first compliment on my skin since I started using the fish oil. The girl at the beauty supply store told me that I looked like I had a glow.
I got my car back after it had been stolen and crashes into a pole. A week later some guy fell asleep behind the wheel and smashed my side rearview mirrow and broke it. It was so stressfull driving to work on the 91 fwy not being able to see. Later on that day I went to the 99 cent store bought a hand mirrow broke the handle and taped it up. It’s drivable. I still havent been reimbursed the money that was stolen from my bank. It has set me finacially in the dark. I opened a hair salon with no money. It all went to getting my  car back and running. I’m chasing life trying to maneuver how I’m going to go about it. I cant turn around. I’ve come too far I must be strong and keep the faith that I will succeed. Failure isnt an option.  We fall but we must get back up with all your fears, worries, stresses that come our ways. Emotions will always be there but time waits for no one.

Boss Babe

Chase your dreams. Learn to have faith in yourself, trust your intuition, limit your association with haters who are envious and jealous of you, count your blessings, pray, write down your goals, give without the intention to recieve, force yourself to forgive someone who has caused you deep pain, stay focussed, whatever you do do your best at doing it.  One day you will reach your took me 30 years  to have something to show for all my hard work as a hairstylist but I finally did it. I have my own Sola Salon Studio. This is one of the best things that could of ever happened to me. My work performance has gone up, I dont have to deal with gossipy coworkers in my buisness..I can work until whenever I want. I can color my gray hairs in privacy, listen to my choice of music, charge what I want. My dream doesnt end here. I still have to take the time to meet celebrity hairstylist Nick Chavez. We’ve been wanting to meet but we have busy life schedules. I thank all the instagram famous hairstylists like Larrisa Love, Nick Chavez, Guy Tang, Bescene and many more for inspiring me to leave the former salon I worked at. I still have to perfect taking hair pictures #thestruggleisreal. Its not easy taking hair pictures its harder than doing hair…but I’m improving. Thank you WordPress followers for reading my blog. Thank you for liking my pictures. Thank you for popping up in my modifications…because of you you’ve helped me to become a Boss BabeđŸ˜‰đŸ–€

Hair extensions 

This is the difference between cheap hair extensions and expensive hair extensions.  They have both been shampoo notice how the one in the left looks like two birds got in a fight at a birds nest and the one on the right is smoother. The hair on the right is by the brand named SHE, when it comes to hair it’s best to spend good money and get the best than to spend  $110 every month or two on the cheaper brand. Do your research and ask lots of questions.

Potassium update

Hello here is the latest on my two week update since I started taking my prescribed potassium.

1) I haven’t cried in two weeks  ….low potassium makes you feel depressed. I was crying everyday.

2) I haven’t had the killer Charlie Horse cramp on my legs. I don’t wake up in excruciating pain in the middle of the night holding my legs for dear life. 
3) My anxiety is slowly going away. 
4) I haven’t had a restless leg syndrome. Your leg or body my jump out of nowhere when I’m  sleeping. 
5) I’ve been education and learning  lot from clients and friends. A dear friend of mine was a pharmacist for years, she’s retired now. She taught me a lot today. The one thing in common everyone has told is me is don’t play or mess around with your medication. Take them and ask your doctor questions!! If you don’t feel well maybe your medicine needs to be adjusted.

Before and after hair color 

I did this bleach color yesterday I toned it with Pm Shines level 9. When it comes to hair color it’s not as easy as it looks or sound. I can apply the same hair color on 5 different people and it will come out completely different on all 5. It all depends on the porosity and texture of the hair. Some clients don’t remember when  they last colored their hair, if the hair has five different prior  color jobs it will come out different  as well. If you are wanting to go blonder make sure that you take good care of you hair with protein and good moisturizing treatments before your next hair appointment. Do not use cheap hair products, invest in your hair it’s your crown and gloryâ˜ș  

Hair loss potassium deficiency 

I want to educate anyone who will listen of the dangers of playing and not taking your prescribed medication..I was prescribed Potassium to go along with my diuretic pills. For some reason in my mind I thought my potassium pills were the diuretic pills..I wouldn’t take them because I felt it wasn’t necessary. Well two years here I am. I am sick nauseas every day tired, weak, moody depressed. .can’t get out of bed my body aches all  over. My skin is super dried  out.  I look in the mirror and I’ve aged over nite. People don’t noticed but I do. I hide it well with makeup. I dehydrated myself with the diuretics. I feel my two clients on Saturday were heaven sent. I listened intently to their medication speech,  everything they said made sense and it added up.  I was stubborn by not following my doctor’s instructions..I thought he was just pushing drugs on me. I was going to prove myself that I could do it my way. There is a reason doctors go to school for 12 years and nurses are just as educated. They know more than me.   I live by a rule I made up for myself, that if 3 different people who don’t know each other tell me the same thing Jehovah God is trying to tell me something. My mom, assistant and clients would randomly ask me “Are you taking your medications?!!…Now here I am bald from potassium deficiency. I’ve been doing intense research and learning about the body as I go along. I’m a little upset about my hair but it doesn’t  consume my thoughts.  I have other more important things to worry about. I can’t dwell and have a pitty party. It is what it is. At least now I know what’s going on. My body did not ache so much today. (I STARTED TAKING MY POTASSIUM THIS PAST SATURDAY) I’m going to take my medications faithfully and go from there. I will post another hair picture 6 weeks from now and compare the hair growth difference 💕

 I better get up and clean the shop now before I leave.  I can’t wait to go home and just sleep. Who knows maybe I will come back and post from under the comforter..I have so much to say😂😂😃😃