Verbal abuse

Verbal abuse is one of the most damaging abuse by far. The other day I was talking to my client who happens to be a therapist noticed that I started to scratch all over when I was confessing to her how I get anxiety when I’m about to pay a bill..and how I would drink a glass of wine when it came to figuring out my finances and writting checks. I told one other person years ago and they thought I was weird. My client told me I have PTS…something I knew all along …She would love to have me as a patient but she said she can’t because it’s unethical. I’m not angry or bitter at my past..since some have it worse than me. Years of being told that I was too stupid to manage my money manifested in my adult life…my story is NOT going to end like this. I will come up even if I do so crawling…I charged a client $300 on Monday for a color correction. It took me 6 hours and I’m still not finished with her.. (black box dye to blond) 😣 I’m learning to value my worth, my time and my hair experience. If this appointment came last year I would of charged the client $85 and I would of been resentful…and broke. It all starts with controlling one negative thought and ridding the thought out while forcing yourself to do something positive no matter how scared and anxious you are….I’m the product of a schizophrenic and bipolar mother…my mother is not at fault for her illness and I’m learning not to continue to be a victim no matter how anxious and shaky I get when I pay a bill.


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