I cannot get the sounds of Lesdandro’s screams when he was being slaughtered by these evil men. I’ve been upset for days. The men in here used machetes to take him out. Who in the world is running around with machetes in the city like you are stuck in a plantation? Everyone let Lesandro down, the violent rap culture, the store owner, the girl in the video who claimed she was rapped then denied it, the neighbors, the people recording his death on their cellphones. The stupid low life gangs. I’m so embarrsed to say I’m Dominican right now. I don’t know how long it will take me to get over his death. I want to scream and yell. I will use social media as my platform to vent and try to reach or touch one person’s heart. Gangsters you are not hard or cool when you jump on a kid and slaughter him. It took 5-7 of you to take him down. Lesandro was unarmed he was 15 years old. How is that being a hard gangster? In fact you are weak. Being a strong man is controlling your evil thoughts and not acting out on them. If we all acted on our bad thoughts we would ALL be dead killing each other. I had no idea the Trinitarios gang were savages. I did a lil research on them and couldn’t continue I was so disturbed. Like seriously. The gang leader supposedly kicked these fools out the gang. Like duh what is that supposed to do? They are locked up now they are useless puppets for the gang leader. There are many who are blood guilty of his death. It wasn’t just the lowlives involved it was a piece of everything that permeated into this. There is NO excuse to do this to anyone. Gangsters never win. The harm you cause to someone is the harm you are causing to yourself.

Demonic humans

I become passionate with stories that break me down. This story is gut wrenching. This young 15 years old kid was caught on camara being butchered…by 5 or more grown men. What is just as disturbing is folks record the incident but do nothing to help him go to the hospital, help stop the bleeding, scream for help or anything. Poor Lesandro is seen trying to save himself by running to the hospital…even as he was dying folks are recording him in has most vulnerable state of pain. It seems like most are loosing their conscious. Human decency is vanishing. The 5 guilty animals are on the run hidding. I don’t understand why the family members are not turning them in to the police….the lead gang member supposedly apologized like what is that going to do? Are you going to stop the violence? Are you going to stop degrading Dominican’s reputation and image. Are you going to throw your machetes away? Your apology means nothing if you don’t turn around and repent. The gang involved are called Trinitarios…their motto is Love, God, and seriously what God are you serving that makes you act like a demonic human? There is NOTHING manly or cool about bullying and slaughtering a 15 year old kid. We cannot change the world for the better it’s not in our power but you can be a good samaritan, put your cell phone down and drive a person in need to the hospital, you can stop supporting rappers and artists that glorify violence in there lyrics..there are so many things you can do besides sit there and record Demonic Humans.

Lesandro Guzman

This story made me sick. I won’t be able to sleep tonight. Humanity is at the bottom of the garbage disposal. We have to live on prayers just to get to work or go to the store and come back alive. There goes my weekened 😭😢

Verbal abuse

Verbal abuse is one of the most damaging abuse by far. The other day I was talking to my client who happens to be a therapist noticed that I started to scratch all over when I was confessing to her how I get anxiety when I’m about to pay a bill..and how I would drink a glass of wine when it came to figuring out my finances and writting checks. I told one other person years ago and they thought I was weird. My client told me I have PTS…something I knew all along …She would love to have me as a patient but she said she can’t because it’s unethical. I’m not angry or bitter at my past..since some have it worse than me. Years of being told that I was too stupid to manage my money manifested in my adult life…my story is NOT going to end like this. I will come up even if I do so crawling…I charged a client $300 on Monday for a color correction. It took me 6 hours and I’m still not finished with her.. (black box dye to blond) 😣 I’m learning to value my worth, my time and my hair experience. If this appointment came last year I would of charged the client $85 and I would of been resentful…and broke. It all starts with controlling one negative thought and ridding the thought out while forcing yourself to do something positive no matter how scared and anxious you are….I’m the product of a schizophrenic and bipolar mother…my mother is not at fault for her illness and I’m learning not to continue to be a victim no matter how anxious and shaky I get when I pay a bill.