Lil Ceasars pizza

Remember I told you guys a few weeks back that Lil Ceasar’s pizza brings brings in a different type of crowd. My clients that work there are beyond stressed. It’s hard for them to quit and find other jobs …I took this picture of my client last nite. Some ghetto chick kicked her and pushed her against the oven because she didn’t like her pizza. The police told my client she is fortunate the oven wasn’t on when the violent act happened. I will not support Lil Ceasars pizza…they over work their employees for little pay they don’t have security in the stores…and the pizza is not even all that great. It’s super greasy….there are hundreds of videos circulating of customers in different Ceasars Pizza parlor attacking employees because they donr like the pizza. This world is beyond demonic humans are acting worse than animals …It’s becoming harder to please people..folks are like walking time bombs…be kind to pizza makers if you don’t like your pizza simply walk out the store and make your own. My client is so stressed we drank wine while I did her hair last nite…my lil shop has become a hidding refuge place..where we vent and support each other’s emotional trials.

Welcome to Tales Of The Chair.


One comment

  1. Sean Mungin · April 9

    That’s horrible 😔


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