Press and curl

Today’s work. I had to eat lunch in between. I was hungry..hehe…


Tales of the chair

My heart just jumped out of my blouse. My coworker had to bring her father with dementia to work today. She had no one to care for him today. Earlier in the day I went to the employee’s kitchen where we also do our laundry..I noticed her father eating chicken near the looked like he was trying to place the chicken in the dryer. He thought it was a microwave. I ran out the employee room, my client showed up and I went about my routine coloring hair. I forgot about him eating chicken looking lost near the dryers. I went to Bible class came back to the shop to come get my towels out the dryer to fold them. As I start taking the towels out I see pieces of meat coming out the dryer as I pulled the towels out. My heart sunk..I pulled out a leg…I thought it was a fetus a baby or something..the more I pulled out the towels the more I heard sharp noises in the dryer…I got so scared!!! Then it dawned on me it was the chicken my coworker’s father was eating earlier….I have to wash the towels again…the thought of dried cooked chicken on my towels is freaking me out 😆😆🤣….this is the stuff that goes on behind the scenes at the salon🖤


I’m really enjoying the challenge of doing makeup. Its a complete different world…I understand why makeup artists charge so much. You could never have enough makeup. Everyone’s skin is so different, shape of face, eyelids etc…..Here is the airbrush makeup I did last gives you a smooth look like your face has been filtered. It was a little hard trying to get the hang of it but once I got it I took off🤣 how does she look? Do you guys like it? It was my first time airbrushing makeup.❤

Before and after

Hi, so this is the before and after airbrush makeup I did last night…I love the airbrush look it gives the face a filtered dewy glow look! I will pod5 more pictures later the first time I tried it on her it looked so blotchy. I had to make sure I kept moving in circular motion…its not as easy as they claim it is but I like the challange. ❤


I have such a generous loving clientel..I’ve been telling them that I’m slowly getting into makeup and they’ve been so supportive. My client Angell gavr me this brand new airbrushing kit that she’s never used. My friend is on her way and I’m going to try it on her tonight……I will post pictures later tonight or be continued…