Salon drama 

I forgive her in the other texts she called me a dirty skank…but I’m not setting myself up for more leeches.


La Modelo

I love this new Cardi B song with Ozuna. It’s her only Rated PG song  that I can sing😂😂 she actually has a beautiful singing voice. I hope this song becomes a hit. I’m so burnt out. Ive been so busy at work thank God❤. ..I ended the nite at work singing and dancing like always😀

I’m a new Ozuna fan. He sings cute!

Silver Hair 

I added a violet booster and it came out more silver instead of platinum the last time I did it.  She’s not feeling. It took three sessions to get it like this. I suggest using the booster when the hair isn’t as white after you bleach it when the color is still more brassy. This look is popular with the younger girls not so much wirh the older women who are trying to get away from having white hair.