Sorry I’ve been away. I rotate between Instagram Pinterest and Facebook.  Ive also been sick AGAIN Its to the point that my clients are noticing the frequency. I’ve been doing hair for 30 years. I’ve never been known to be a sickly person. I took pride in my health. I would say the past 3 years or so my body just crashed and burned.  Smelling hair color all day stressfull life situations will cause your body to breakdown later in life. We all go through things, family drama, relationship breakups, financial woes etc. The key is to control your thoughts and dont let it get the best of you for too long.  Write down ten things you like about yourself and 10 things you are greatful for. Pick three people who make you cringe when you think of them and pray for them. Forgive whatever pain they triggered. Do this daily pray for them. Do this assignment for three months daily and watch your life transform. Take vitamins go to sleep early, avoid drama, toxix people and you will see how your life will slowly transform for the better.


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  1. Sean Mungin · July 18, 2017

    AMEN 🙏🏽


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