Blac Chyna

I dont have time to watch tv..I get notidications on my cell when certain news pops up. Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian were a topic of conversation at the salon yesterday.  The whole story is bizzar. She sends him a video of making out with some guy who was wearing Rob’s robe. She hangs around vulgar Amber Rose. She admitted to purposely getting pregnant to get revenge on her ex. She treated Rob like dirt on their reality show. Now she is a victim? She’s a user. Who’s to say she set him up so the could become popular like Kim Kardashian.  And why arent his sisters there to support him for anything? This is going to be a ugly situation. The one who suffers is tbe baby. Chyna hangs around a questionable group of people.  I could just see them smoking weed in her living room at 3am talking real loud eating Popeye’s chicken while baby Dream is crying in the back ground. 

Blac Chyna is NOT the kind of girl you get pregnant. You leave them at the club…. 


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