Tales Of The Chair 

If there is one thing I learned this last month  is not to depend on people and not everyone you put on a pedestal are  what you think. 1 ) My assistant/adopted daughter hasnt been to work in a while. This happens when she meets a  new boy. Ok I understand we dont like to be lonely but that doesnt mean you throw your life away for a person who hasn’t put a ring on it. I decided to give her a another chance. She was suppposed to be at work at 10 but showed  up late because she was rescuing  a baby possum. Seriously? I had to sit her down and give a tough love lip service. I told her this is the real world.  You would of gotten fired long ago. Your excuses in life are getting too.  Honestly I dont know how this new generation are going to be in their 30s. It’s  a lazy generation. Folks feel like life  owes them something. I’m  not throwing her under the bus as she is very well aware that when it comes to laziness I dont play and she’s very vocal about her mistakes. She’s human. She comes from a laxed family who have no ambitions or goals. They allow her to do whatever she wants. I dont know if its a culteral thing. There is no way in the world my mother was going to let any of us not graduate highschool and be bumbs. She would embarrasse the life out of me..chasing me looking for me. Yelling screaming  acting nuts for me to go to school and get  it together. I wouldn’t say she  encouraged me the right way but it definitely got the job done. We are products of our environment but if someone is willing to stick their neck out to help you dont  just sit there. Meet them half way. Those are  blessings that may not come around again. 


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