Hello everyone, miss you guys I’ve been busy like always. I did this two days ago. She wants to go platinum but I hadn’t seen her since November and so the root area is darker. It’s good to come every two months. The longer you wait the more regrowth you have and the darker the crown area will be.. non the less Emily and I were happy with the results. 

Baby names 

Congratulations on the healthy babies. I’m going on a rant Beyonce named her baby Sir? Why are celebrities naming their babies these outrages names like  Saint, King, Possum, North? Poor kids have to live up to their names. One thing is to have ego another is to project it on to your kids. Your fame will fade but your kid is stuck with names that draw undo attention. I hope they are home schooling their kids. And why does everything have to be so theatrical with Beyonce. Can’t you just take a normal selfie with your babies on the sofa with your hair on a bun? She did a performance like she was mother God of her twins. What happened to grace amd humility? We cant live up to these standards. Unless of course you have a good filter app on your cell can live up to almost anything😉

Racism and skin color 

These are my sisters in faith. I want to show you how skin and looks has nothing to do with who or what you are. My friend Trish on the left with the blue eyes has black in her. He mother was biracial black and Irish and her father 100% German. She showed me pictures of her mother. Her mother definitely looked like a mixed woman.  Her hair gave it away big time. You could tell she could of used a realaxer or a press and curl. She was a littke darker than me. The point I’m making is this, people are so caught up in stirring racism hatred. Its the dumbest thing ever. You dont know what people are based on their looks. Judge people individually not by what the news stirs up. Instead of ridding the racism train talk to people get to know their background..let go of the baggage. Just let that mess go!

Love yourself 

Love yourself enough to take a break from users, freeloaders, indecisive mate potentials, toxix friends and haters.  You have no power to control anyone or any situation when you do things implode in your face. The only person you have control over us yourself.


Sorry I’ve been away. I rotate between Instagram Pinterest and Facebook.  Ive also been sick AGAIN Its to the point that my clients are noticing the frequency. I’ve been doing hair for 30 years. I’ve never been known to be a sickly person. I took pride in my health. I would say the past 3 years or so my body just crashed and burned.  Smelling hair color all day stressfull life situations will cause your body to breakdown later in life. We all go through things, family drama, relationship breakups, financial woes etc. The key is to control your thoughts and dont let it get the best of you for too long.  Write down ten things you like about yourself and 10 things you are greatful for. Pick three people who make you cringe when you think of them and pray for them. Forgive whatever pain they triggered. Do this daily pray for them. Do this assignment for three months daily and watch your life transform. Take vitamins go to sleep early, avoid drama, toxix people and you will see how your life will slowly transform for the better.


This is what eyelashes extensions are supposed to look like. Not like glued tarantulas. This is my client Rosa she got her eyelashes done by one of the girls that works in one of the suites across from me. Rosa is a single mother who I really respect. She is a mother of three. She put herself through nursing school…she is one on the nurses who schooled me on Potassium.  Remember the drama,  my hair fell out from deficiency. BTW my hair is growing back I take my prescribed potassium religiously…dont mess around with your medication. I want to get my lashes done as well..but I have to take care of some things first. Fix yourself inside and out. Your body is your temple. Rest, eat right and the best that you can be.💙

Blac Chyna

I dont have time to watch tv..I get notidications on my cell when certain news pops up. Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian were a topic of conversation at the salon yesterday.  The whole story is bizzar. She sends him a video of making out with some guy who was wearing Rob’s robe. She hangs around vulgar Amber Rose. She admitted to purposely getting pregnant to get revenge on her ex. She treated Rob like dirt on their reality show. Now she is a victim? She’s a user. Who’s to say she set him up so the could become popular like Kim Kardashian.  And why arent his sisters there to support him for anything? This is going to be a ugly situation. The one who suffers is tbe baby. Chyna hangs around a questionable group of people.  I could just see them smoking weed in her living room at 3am talking real loud eating Popeye’s chicken while baby Dream is crying in the back ground. 

Blac Chyna is NOT the kind of girl you get pregnant. You leave them at the club…. 

 The Best

You may not be where you want to be but it doesnt mean that you cant do what you need to do. Take the word try out of your vocabulary and just do what you can in your circumstances. No one is going to rescue you. You are responsible for your life.  You are the captain of your ship. Be the best that you can be and all else will follow. 
It’s 4am. I think I better go to bed now. I’ll talk you to all later..nite nite..😴😴😴