Tales Of The Chair

My mom just texted me this morning.  She told me that her cousin’s apartment in New Jersey caught on fire after her cousin used a hair dryer that sparked flames. I remember my sister getting electrocuted with a old curl iron I had. I heard her scream, when I went to run to her to see if she was ok she blurted “That was an electrifying experience!! We busted out laughing but threw the curling iron away. Please be careful, get rid of cheap old hair tools. Beauty is not worth you getting fried. My mother’s cousin stayed in a motel last night until her sister came to the rescue her, she lost everything. If I remember correctly the red cross gave her $1000 to help her out. Don’t quote me on that. I just remember my mother telling me that someone gave her cousin money to help her….
I’m so hungry ..I can’t go eat. My client is on her way…ttyl 👋


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