City of Bellflower 

Here is what my crashed car looks like. It was stolen and crashed into a pole. I had to pay  $631 dollars to get it out the towing place. According to the deputy he says there is no indication or proof that it was stolen. 
1) Why  would I have a breakdown in the street when I couldn’t find my car.

2) Why would I report the Bellflower police station crying that my car was stolen.

3) My client’s boyfriend told me that he’s heard of people shaving keys down to fit into cars. 

4)  During my drama I was told by a neighborhood that where I park across from the TRAVEL INN  HOTEL theres is nothing but tweekers aka meth addicts. I did notice a lot of guys staying in that hotel. I never see them in the day time just at night. It makes sense why the cops are alway there.

5) Lesson learned never park near hotels or motels. Don’t park your car in the city of Bellflower on Lakewood Blvd. In fact Bellflower is the so called city that Suge Knight made his transactions to put the hit on Biggie Small. I learned that in a documentary… This world is getting more corrupt by the your back.


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