So many colors to choose from for the Studio suite. You can pick one or two colors, you can mix and match them. I picked two colors that I will be showing you later on. I just want to blog about my day for now. I did not get far with Chase bank as far as getting my money back from the fraudulent check that was stolen from me. Chase insists that they are not going to give me my money because I shouldn’t have had my checks in my purse. I hardly ever use my business checking account checks…I keep them home or in my purse once in a while. I haven’t had time to scope out a different bank since I’ve been on Uber the last 2 days. Life is very difficult in California when you don’t have a car. The bus rides are terrifying!! Honestly I’m more afraid to go on a bus ride than I do walking in front of  gangsters.  Stay away from Crenshaw and Slauson route…the riders are dangerous. I’ve seen some  crazy things. 
Thank goodness for my amazing clients Marla and Steve for taking me to the new shop to help me move some of my stuff  in. It saved me a lot time and Uber expense. I may have 99 problems but good friends isn’t one of them. I’ve always been blessed with good people in my corner. They live complete opposite of me yet took the time to give me a ride home as well. I havent had the time or the guts to tell the owner of the shop where I work that tomorrow is my last day. Between trying to figure out what I’m doing to do with my totaled car and stolen money from the bank it’s enough to have a heart attack. Good grief! Don’t know if I told you the thieve that stole my car crashed into a pole. There is never a good time to have your car stolen but it’s not nice when they steal it in the middle of you switching shops.😓


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