Uber experience

Today was my first day ever getting a ride with Uber. I think I used 4 different drivers. The first driver had snacks in the back for his passengers. He had chips, mints,  candies and water. They were very punctual and super nice. I told them about put my stolen car and how someone wrote a fraudulent check of $1,124 dollars..Chase bank is NOT going to give me my money because they said it’s my fault for keeping my checks in my purse. Ummm what?? I’ve never heard of such a ludicrous thing in my life. First of all they were the ones who alerted me and told me that someone did fraud on my account. I went last week in person to file a claim and now they are washing their hands clean..and don’t want to pay up. Even the banker noticed that it wasn’t my handwriting. We live a corrupt system.  It’s a jungle out here. Only the strong survive. On top of that I have to go and meet with the manager of the Sola Salon suites to pick out the color that I want for the studio tomorrow .  I haven’t told the owner of the shop where I work that on leaving.  I start my new location on Monday. Let’s hope and pray I get my car back by then. I don’t know how long I will be ridding Uber but for now it’s ok. I’d rather pay my fee…and not make anyone feel weird for helping me and I get to cry in the back seat of the Uber cars  as much as I want. And how was your day? 


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