Forensic Files

I’ve seen way too many Forensic Files episodes in the past to recognize fraud. Chase bank alerted me last week that someone wrote a fraudulent check on my account. They waited  two weeks to send me the notification. Normally when there is suspicious fraud activities you get a text alert the same day or the next. Hummm I wonder why they waited so long to tell me?🤔
1) Two different bankers at different chase banks showed me the checks and they both said that it is obvious that it is not my handwriting. The top check is the fake check.
2) My last name is Carrillo you can tell in my signature at the bottom right hand of the check that the last letter I wrote is a O.
3) Pay attention to the top check’s signature. It’s looks like the last name is Chavez something close to it  Do you notice the difference in signature?
4) Now pay attention to both copies of the checks my check at the bottom has lines going across it and the top check is clear.
5) Look at the way Luis the scammer wrote the letter E in the second line when he wrote the word Eleven in comparison as to how I write my E in my signature at the bottom check on the right. I can go on and on and on and on finding discrepancies in the fraud check. It is obvious that I did not write Luis the wicked a check for $1,124 dollars.
Chase bank claims it’s my fault that my check was stolen because I shouldn’t keep my checks in my purse. I’ve never heard of such a ludicrous thing in my life. They also claim that they did a investigation and that both of my name  signatures match perfect. Do both signatures match perfect to you? I am going tell everyone and their momma my story with Chase bank so that no one has to endure this stressful painful experience. I will file a police report even though they cannot do much, but at least Luis the wicked will be in the system.  Everything is so much harder when you don’t have a car. I’d rather blog about my situation here than to talk about this drama to my clients at the new shop. I don’t want to bring negativity to the new salon. I cannot even enjoy my new life endeavor of having my own studio..with this message going on.
#thestruggleisreal #thestrugglecontinues 


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