When I started to drop toxic people like hot potatos my life started to change for the better.  People can be toxic without realizing it. Some people know they are toxic but don’t look inside themselves to change. I’ve changed tremendously in the last year. I always knew what I needed to work on but kind of left it in the back burner.  When you are going through a trial it all comes up to the surface. I had an epiphany and was forced to change. I learned from my mistakes. I learned to be extremely picky with who I associate with in my personal life. Things started to just flow in motion for me when I got rid of  toxic friends. When you grow spiritualy and emotionally you start to attract a different crowd. I got rid of my haters, the ones who put you down in a funny jokingly way…the ones who gave me strange gut vibes, the ones who tell everyone’s secrets know who they are. ..I don’t think I can look back even if I wanted to. I have too many good things ahead of me. People can’t live with them can’t live without them.


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