New hair

I couldn’t wait to come home and blog!! It was a interesting long day. I went and got my retail license to sell products.  The manager that runs the Sola Studios recommended that I sell hair products to help compensate the rent. A lady named Angelina with the sharpest hair due helped me on the computer to fill out the application at the office   I learned a valuable lesson today. I learned that being patient with people brings out  the best in them. Angelina was sooooo patient with me. You see I don’t own a computer.  I’m like Fred Flintstone…I’m old school I understand that technology is needed. I have a stubborn streak when it comes to computers.  I want some things to stay organic like letter writing with a pen and paper  and human contact. Everything is on line now. I feel like I’m in a Matrix movie. Anyhoo…I was a little nervous I kept messing up but Angelina would kindly help me with the mouse. I finally relaxed. I picked up her calm energy and I was able to finish the application.  I got my retail license today!..


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