I’m here at the studio. I brought my sister so that she can help me with ideas. She told me to get rid of the gray walls, she said she feels like she’s in a prison..the gray feels depressing and dull..I noticed my skin looks dull as well. I took this picture to test and see what hair color would look like against the gray wall. I’m not feeling the hair color. It looks nothing like it does in person..I think I’m going to pick a warm base color to make the place look cozy. I just did my sister’s hair at the other shop. I felt bad walking out as I haven’t told the owner that one  I am leaving.

I’m sure she’s going to be stressed about trying to cover the rent now that I won’t be there. Sometimes in life you have to say good byes and continue on a different journey.  You outgrow people and situations, you get the urge to move forward, it’s a little scary but you must hope for the best. Life is about growing. You cannot stay stuck in ruts. You get what you feel you deserve.  I deserve peace, tranquility and a safe environment for my client. Just last year a girl got shot on the Plaza outside where I work. She died. It was due to road rage, some say it was gang related. Who knows. There is really no place to hide. The world has turned into one big ghetto..not even the best neighborhoods are safe from hanious crimes. For now I feel safe in my small studio. I’m still trying to process my oncoming move…it’s like a dream…

Well I better get ready for the gym New Salon, new body…..BTW that is my funny sister in this picture. I call her Becky with the good hair..haha…you can throw her in the pool and her hair still looks pretty 💜💇😎


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