Potassium update

It’s been 20 days since I’ve been taking my prescribed potassium religiously. Here are some of the positive benefits I noticed in my health.

1) I know longer feel like I’m about to have a heart attack.

2) I’m not anxious.

3) I don’t get irritable easily.

4) I can’t stay upset.

5) I don’t hear my bones cracking. I can get out of bed without feeling like I need to crawl out. 

6) I don’t get naseus.

7) I don’t have to hold on to a wall from dizzy spells.

8) My upper chest doesn’t hurt.

9)  I still feel really   tired sometimes …I take it that I need a couple of more weeks for my body to adjust to it.

Who would of thought that these little tiny potassium pills would change my life. I’m so happy I figured what was wrong with me. Thanks for Christina and Rosa two of my clients that happen to be RN nurses. They gave me the run down and dangers of playing with medication. I’m blessed to be alive. I’m so thankful. My sister calls me Dr. Zeus..because I’m always sending her information on vitamins and medicine😅😅…I figure if I’m going to.be on the internet I might as well market and hustle myself and spread informative information instead of posting pictures of my body parts like these thirsty girls  do.  The thirst is real out there. I understand women are desperate looking for a mate but trying to be the next Kardashian may not work for you. You need a backup plan like some real skills.


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