I did it!

I got the courage to put a down payment on my own studio after much consideration. I had been praying about it for a while.  I outgrew the salon where I work. The rent is going to be higher but at least I can charge what I’m worth. I’m self employed and I  pay my rent weekly whether I had a good week or not. When you rent a chair from a salon owner some start acting strange..you get bombarded with questions like what time did you leave or come on? Where are you going? Why did you charge her that much? Look you are not my mate.  Don’t question me with personal guestions, just be happy that you are getting paid every Saturday. My rent is cheaper where I work but I let go of my appearance, everything is old I don’t have the

desire to fix myself .

..I’ve been super patient for 10 years now it’s time to move.  I don’t have to worry about my clients getting asthma attacks from the burning incents to Buddha..3 times a day. I don’t have stress about working late and given a deposition as to why my client showed up late. I don’t have to worry about accidentally bumping


into the elderly. I love the elderly but it makes me anxious when there are 10 in the shop at the same time and I have to run to rinse a bleach job. I’m afraid I will trip and knock one down. I feel happy with my choice to move..my gut told me it was time. The vibe is energetic and stylish. I was inspired by the other stylists working in their suites today! They all looked so pretty with their makeup and hair done. I can’t  wait to start doing more for me. I start in two weeks. I have to get the room painted…I pick the colors tomorrow and I have to do some paper work before I start. I have my key, I’m so excited!!


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