Potassium update

Hello here is the latest on my two week update since I started taking my prescribed potassium.

1) I haven’t cried in two weeks  ….low potassium makes you feel depressed. I was crying everyday.

2) I haven’t had the killer Charlie Horse cramp on my legs. I don’t wake up in excruciating pain in the middle of the night holding my legs for dear life. 
3) My anxiety is slowly going away. 
4) I haven’t had a restless leg syndrome. Your leg or body my jump out of nowhere when I’m  sleeping. 
5) I’ve been education and learning  lot from clients and friends. A dear friend of mine was a pharmacist for years, she’s retired now. She taught me a lot today. The one thing in common everyone has told is me is don’t play or mess around with your medication. Take them and ask your doctor questions!! If you don’t feel well maybe your medicine needs to be adjusted.


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