Awareness (warning disturbing story)

One of my clients who comes in for a regular trims yesterday sat in my chair crying her eyes out. She just cried…I don’t remember ever seeing her cry. She comes across as a strong independent I can handle everything kind of chick but not yesterday. She told me a horrific story about a lady that she would walk with to exercise. Her lady friend told her she divorced her husband when she found out that he was taking her 3 little boys to be used for Sex by perverts while she traveled on her buisness trips.  I had to stop  cutting her hair as I envisioned myself punching him in the face. The story was so insane and demonic!!!!  He started off watching phonography and it led him to the dark side of Satanic evil. It escalated to child phonography….I guess it wasn’t enough for him and he had to act his sickness out .  The boys started to get distressed when the mother would leave on the trips they would beg her not to go. Women are blessed with a gut instinct…she went through his computer and found all kinds of garbage on it. The kids told her that he would take a place where there were other little kids and teenagers some of the teen girls had babies. The boys would have to take off their clothes and only wear a T- shirt. After their sick.father  would abuse them them then he would send them into different rooms and pass them around to other sick men. One day one of the little boys 7 years old told his mom as they drove by a truck blurted “I’ve seen that girl!!!! She lives where daddy takes us!!! The girl he mentioned was on in add on a truck for missing children… heart sunk as my client told me the gory story. The 3 boys and mother are now in therapy and the father is in jail. Here is the thing human trafficking is not just in third world countries. It’s happening here in the California beautiful cities. People are afraid of Compton you should be afraid of the man who gives you goose bumps in the nice well to do homes. Human trafficking is worse than you think. I won’t tell you more of the gory details as it makes me physically sick. But I will tell you this, the mother of the 3 boys went to a detective to share her  concerns about her husband’s child phonography and he  acted like he didn’t care. He became immune and desensitized, he’s heard and seen too much. Human trafficking is so out of control there isn’t much that cops can do. My client told me that when she first met the boy’s father her stomach turned her lady friend told her she wasn’t the first person to say that. If you have a bad vibe about a woman or a man pay attention to your gut…remember sugar looks like salt. People can be very deceiving.  Report suspicious activities!! The father let’s just call him Ryan is probably in jail being beat and tortured by inmates. Even harden prisoners know that you do not mess with innocent children. What is wrong with people? Who does that to their own children?!😢



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