Nothing much 

Hello everyone nothing much is going on ..I am sick again😣 the good thing is my whole body doesn’t ache like I’ve been hit with  a skillet since I started taking my potassium pills religiously on Saturday. I’ve been working while feeling weak and tired. I did my friend’s extensions yesterday. I felt like I was dying. All I do is sleep on my free time. 
Nothing much is going on except me being fixated on the trial in Russia banning my brothers and sisters from meeting together for worship. They claim we are a terrorist extremist  cult. Number 1 ) I don’t like firecrackers, violence, gory movies or bloodshed. The only thing I’m extreme about this month is me educating my clients, family and friends about medicine and health. I don’t want anyone to go through what I’m going through. I don’t wish this on anyone. 2) Cult? Hummm no.  I don’t hide, I work, I pay HIGH taxes. I have friends and people I know from all walks of life everything from millionaires to brain dead folks. I chose to be  Witness no  gun was  to my head. I love living with morals and having order in my life. I love it!!💝💕
 These are my six letters I mailed out to government officials to Russia including Putin. When I was writing the letters it was surreal. Never in  a million years I thought I would be writting a president a letter. My letters are respectful and kind. He will be receiving over 48 million letters from my brothers and sisters around the world. We love and help each other like that. My heart aches at the persecution my friends have been through for years, everything from being electrocuted to  being beat where their eyes are shut. Love people try to understand their fears and forgive. Life is too short. I hope to one day take a vacation maybe Russia  I’m s ure it’s  beautiful country. For now I’ll keep daydreaming and sleeping until I get my energy back again. I’m soooo.tired. ZzzzzZzzzzzzzz 😪😴🤕🤒😷..


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