Hair loss potassium deficiency 

I want to educate anyone who will listen of the dangers of playing and not taking your prescribed medication..I was prescribed Potassium to go along with my diuretic pills. For some reason in my mind I thought my potassium pills were the diuretic pills..I wouldn’t take them because I felt it wasn’t necessary. Well two years here I am. I am sick nauseas every day tired, weak, moody depressed. .can’t get out of bed my body aches all  over. My skin is super dried  out.  I look in the mirror and I’ve aged over nite. People don’t noticed but I do. I hide it well with makeup. I dehydrated myself with the diuretics. I feel my two clients on Saturday were heaven sent. I listened intently to their medication speech,  everything they said made sense and it added up.  I was stubborn by not following my doctor’s instructions..I thought he was just pushing drugs on me. I was going to prove myself that I could do it my way. There is a reason doctors go to school for 12 years and nurses are just as educated. They know more than me.   I live by a rule I made up for myself, that if 3 different people who don’t know each other tell me the same thing Jehovah God is trying to tell me something. My mom, assistant and clients would randomly ask me “Are you taking your medications?!!…Now here I am bald from potassium deficiency. I’ve been doing intense research and learning about the body as I go along. I’m a little upset about my hair but it doesn’t  consume my thoughts.  I have other more important things to worry about. I can’t dwell and have a pitty party. It is what it is. At least now I know what’s going on. My body did not ache so much today. (I STARTED TAKING MY POTASSIUM THIS PAST SATURDAY) I’m going to take my medications faithfully and go from there. I will post another hair picture 6 weeks from now and compare the hair growth difference 💕

 I better get up and clean the shop now before I leave.  I can’t wait to go home and just sleep. Who knows maybe I will come back and post from under the comforter..I have so much to say😂😂😃😃            


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