I thought my hair fell out for some other reason but it is many reasons.  I haven’t been taking my potassium pills that my doctor prescribed me. It all makes sense, my my bald spot on the side of my head is growing back like a turtle and my hair falls out in globs when I shampoo it. I promised myself and my two clients that are nurses that as of Saturday when I last saw them that I would take all my medications like I am supposed to daily!!..Potassium deficiency is no joke. Your whole body aches, depression, chest pains, loss of hair insomnia..I don’t nag  about it unless I’m here or someone is ready to listen to me  😃😎
I feel sick every day. I can’t wait for my body to adjust in 6 weeks and I feel better.

I’m fixated on Potassium this week. I will keep you posted when I find out more information on it. I now have hope that one day I won’t spend hundreds on clipons hair extensions yay!


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