Very true

I speak for myself..I learned this very on when I first got out of beauty  college.  I was trying to build a clientele

 I was was just taking anyone..even when I had a negative vibe about the person.  One time this girl came in and I got knots in my stomach. I dont remember all that I did but I was with her for along time. I was naive while I was doing her hair..I remember she had THICK hair…my energy was out of whack with her.. I didn’t feel at ease. When I was done she claimed she did not have change. She said she was going to cross the street and go get some. My gut told me she wasn’t going to come back. I stared at her out the window and saw her slowly walk and strut out like a masculine gangster.  She never came to pay me. I was embarrassed, afraid and shocked that someone would be so bold to get a free service..and walk out like that. Poof be gone!

 I charged her $50 that was a lot 30 years ago. I’m sure I was supposed to charge her more, but no not I. I  started the “I Feel Sorry For People  Cheap Prices Foundation..early in my career ..LOL…

I’ve gotten better with my prices but I listen to my gut now. If I feel weird about someone I don’t book them. They will have to beg me until I feel it. When I go against my gut intuition  90% of the it’s a nitemare.


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